Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We survived!

The sky has cleared and we survived the storm...after Tuesday's post (and the laundry basket ride) we left the house to visit Grandma and Papa's (Can you say "taxes"?).

It was so windy that the snow had blown into a peak between the house an the looked so strange (photo taken from garage). That dry spot there isn't from melting, but from the snow being all wind blown.
It was so good to get out of the house. I was glad and Katie was glad see Papa.
And Grandma was helping Katie practice standing and playing with fridge magnets.
That was all was sunny and beautiful and about zero degrees. Lots of melting going on. Today felt like the weather was starting over...just like we did... surviving my first day back at work today! Papa dropped me off at work and Katie was sound asleep in her car seat. Work was like stepping into the Twillight Zone...I remembered both so much and nothing at the same time. Felt so comfortable and awkward at the same time. I definitely had fun seeing my co-workers. Tomorrow will be the real test...getting up and going bright and early. I'm looking forward to the morning coffee already!

Katie says "I'm going to love spending time with Papa (and sometimes Grandma Mary too)"!
Tomorrow...we say a BIG hello to Auntie Alli, who's arriving in town from LA...just in time for a special birthday...or two! =)

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