Friday, April 11, 2008


Katie tried to help me out yesterday. By doing dishes. As her form of "crawling" ( I may just start calling it crawling without quotation marks soon...just as long as you all realize it's not traditional "on hands and knees" crawling) gets faster she's definitely going more places. She is very curious about the dishwasher. I can't wait to train her how to use it. =)
I actually even closed the pocket door to the back stairs and landing yesterday, as soon as I saw her give a curious look in that direction. We will be buying gates this weekend.

Spring is arriving! I know Grandma Mary had crocuses up a few weeks ago, and judging by the length of these:
...we might have had these growing a few weeks ago too and I've only just noticed them. I think they are tulips or daffodils...can't remember what they are from last year. Notice the extension cord? the Christmas lights. I think it may finally be warm enough this weekend to take them down. I've heard predicted highs or 20C on Sunday. Wooeee...I'm looking forward to that. And I could swear I heard the radio announcer this morning say 19C for today, but when I checked the TV to confirm, it only said 10C. I think I'm crazy ready for spring, aren't you?

This morning, Katie, who was super adorable and lovely yesterday, appears to want to continue the trend today and looked super adorable in her green elephant PJs.
The big elephants are a bit fuzzy. Nice springy green pjs!
Hope you have a great weekend...ours is packed...we are officially busy Saturday day and night, and Sunday lunch and dinner. What are we doing? We'll tell you on Monday!

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