Monday, April 7, 2008

Because we washed the car

This is what happened because we washed the car last week. A big spring snowfall. I'd been meaning to take pictures and show how we had no more snow in our front yard. Different story now. Before the snow fell our back yard was almost free of snow...only the stuff close to the house was left...can you see the line where the snow was? (it's the pile from where we shovel off the back patio/sidewalk. Katie was with us for the car wash..I sat in the back with her for comfort. She looks a little worried, doesn't she?Dad was spraying her and trying to make her smile at the same time.
After the car wash, we met Grandpa Ken, Grandma Mary and Papa to do a little car shopping (now you understand why we had to wash the car...can't go looking scruffy!) Nothing was bought but fun was had for sure!
Friday evening we went to see Those _____ Girls to help celebrate Jo-Anne's birthday. The three girls hung out together.
And then the ones that can move ran away. I can tell you that Katie did not appear to take this personally. I'm sure she'd run off too if she could!
We had a great time celebrating...thanks for having us!Coreen and Micheal were also there (they are how we met Jo-Anne and Chad and the girls). Can you tell which one of these two just got her braces off? (Congratulations!)
Saturday night Ben and I dropped Katie off at Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken's for a sleepover. We were heading out to a fund raising dinner with Grandma Mary and Papa and Auntie Andrea. We did get a little dressed up for this...always fun to dress up!
Sunday, Ben had a relaxing nap on his last day of Spring Break.
Sunday evening we went to Great Grandma Lill's for dinner. Boo the puppy was quite excited to see Katie. Katie...was not so sure...barking can be scary!Ben's cousin Michelle was there too...celebrating her birthday! Happy Birthday! many April birthdays! (and many more to come...wink wink!)
Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

PS...Katie did lots of Pseudo-crawling this weekend...and she's getting quicker at moving around...Let's not get too excited...but we're excited!

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Auntie Alli said...

Well don't you two look lovely!!! Katie's mommy and daddy are hot stuff :)Hope you had nice evening out.