Thursday, May 31, 2007

Five Weeks

Katie is 5 weeks old today and so I thought I could possibly come up with 5 reasons I love her so much. (in random order)

1. She smells adorable (except her bum sometimes!)
2. Her smiles...I swear they're real and not just gas...she smiles more and more everyday
3. The amazing perfection of all her teeny tiny features...lips, nose, toes, fingers etcetcetc.
4. Her eyes when she looks at us and I just know she recognizes us as special people in her life.
5. When she falls asleep on me...her breathing, regular and irregular...her dreamy facial expressions...her warmth...her "nightmare" startles.
There are and will be many more reasons to love her, but for 5 weeks, this is what you get.

Today's adventures included a leisurely sleep in, which Ben so kindly captured on film:

Please excuse the nursing bra peeking out and note that we don't sleep with her in bed full time, just usually after the last feed at night, early in the morning (for those that find this controversial...I don't). When we woke up we walked to Ben's school to pick up the car and drove to Home Depot to buy some Weed Hounds (the best thing for pesky dandelions I've ever seen...Thanks Dad!). They didn't have them at the South Common location, so we had some put on hold at Strathcona. Then off to Costco where we didn't buy too much, good thing! It's nice going on the middle of the mega lineups like on weekends. From there we went to Superstore and finally to get the weed hounds. By the time we got home it was mid afternoon and HOT...we we both glad to be out of the car.

We also paid a quick visit at Grandma and Grandpa Cheryl and Ken's tonight for a quick visit with uncle Steve and Grandma...Uncle Steve had yet to see sweet Katie and of course thought she was adorable. Good Night, we'll see what tomorrow brings!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Return of the Camera

Yay, we got the camera back. Must remember not to leave it anywhere again...we've missed almost a week of documenting her growth...I'm sure you'll notice a difference!

Last Thursday, we went to visit Great Grandma Mary:

Doesn't she look proud of her greatgranddaughter?

Yesterday Katie and I had a busy day...walked Dad to work and took the long way home for an hour total walk time. Then we had a great nap for a coupld of hours, had a milk snack when Jo Anne called and invited us out to walk with her and her twins. Claire and Gracie are about 7 months old and super cute. Great friends of ours...will get pics next time!

When we got home and had a nap for a bit we made arrangements to meet the girls from Student Counselling at U of A where I used to work. One was in town from Ottawa and none of them had met Katie yet anyway, so it was a good opportunity to introduce her.

We then came home just to head out again. We went to our friend Michael's house for steak, potatoes and salad. We stayed until the bugs could not be tolerated no more.

We then headed to Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken's house for our last visit of the day. Got home around 9 ish and where in bed by 11 ish. Had a pretty good sleep.

Today was a beautiful day. Ben took the afternoon off and we went to Earls for lunch on the patio. It was nice to be just the two of us, but we both missed Katie.

That's it for now.

Heather, Ben and Katie

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ladies who lunch

Sorry folks, no pictures today, the camera is still at Great Grandma Mary's.

We had a busy weekend Chez Katie...breakfast and crossword, first time at church (Katie likes the music!) on Saturday.

Sunday a visit from Jon and Shelly (Jon has the magic touch to keep her sleeping...we'll be sure to drop by at 3am when necessary...and Katers loves being held and loved by Shelly too!)
Great Uncle Ray and Great Auntie Jen stopped by for a visit too, but Katie was pretty hungry and spent most of the visit eating...hungry girl!

Then Birthday dinner at my mom and dads (Happy 60th Dad!) Sunday night. And with Ben having grad it was a busy weekend for all of us.

Today Grandma Cheryl took Katie and I out for lunch at The Upper Crust which was super yummy and lovely! Katie slept through most of it and was kind enough to wait until after dessert (coconut cupcakes!) to start crying. And I do mean I've never quite seen her do in public before. Even trying to feed didn't work. So I ran out in a hurry and left grandma to pay the bill. Luckily, it was qutie noisy in the restaurant so I'm hoping everyone else's chatter was louder than her screaming.

Nice and sunny today if very windy. It's supposed to be nice all week...more walks for mom and Katie!

That's it for now, hopefully we go get our camera back soon!
Lots of love,

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Happy Weekend to All.

I was just at my schools commencement ceremony last night and it hit me that eventually(in the not to distant future) Katie will be graduating high school as well. Hopefully she will not be wearing as low cut or as short a dress as some of the grads were last night....I am sure she will look great though.

It also struck me how a lot (not all of the kids) are unable to sit for a long period of time without being entertained with some form of technology. A lot of them were Ipoding and texting all night long. I mean it was a long ceremony (almost four hours long) but still I wonder how many of them have ever been on a long car ride or a long trip without there blessed phone or Ipod. Anyway it made me think and hope that Katers can survive for four hours without Texting.

It is a beautiful day today and Dad and I might try and get our garden rototilled, so that we can plant some vegetables in it this year. For the past two years all we have been growing back there are weeds.

Special K is doing great and seems to be sleeping better and better as each day passes. Today she is one month old. Hard to believe I know.

I am also trying to come up with a play list of music that she likes. Here is what Heather and I have come up with so far and would welcome any suggestions.

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The Hawaiian Guy

Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon

Don't Get Your Back Up - Sarah Harmer

Heaven - Live

That's it for today.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mosquito Lasagna

Happy Thursday everyone,

This is Dad's (Ben's) first post. It is a beautiful May day in Edmonton Alberta....which translates into 14 degrees, cloud and mosquitoes. I just cut the grass and boy did I get chased around the yard.

On tap for supper is a lasagna that was given to us by Heather's friend Julie.

Today my girls walked me to work and then stopped by Tim Horton's for a breakfast coffee and a muffin. They then headed off to Great Grandma Mary's for lunch.

Katie has been sleeping pretty good the last couple of nights and her weight is up to 8 pounds 11 ounces....that's a gain of 11 ounces in one week...the nurses at the health center was very impressed. We are very proud of her, especially last night as she slept through our favorite show Lost. It was the season finale and it was great...can't wait until next season.

That's all for now, all the best and have a great sleep everyone...we hope to.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 2.

Katie's sleeping a bit which is good.

Mom's just listening to CBC radio...Dad phoned and gave me a heads up that they're talking about babies today. Interesting stuff!

We walked to work this morning all three of us...nicest part of our day. I thought about going by Tim Hortons on the way back for a treat...but decided to save it for another day!

This afternoon Katie and I will head to the post office and possibly to the local health clinic to get weighed...just to see how we're doing.

Hope you have a good afternoon!

Monday, May 21, 2007

First Post!

Hey everyone,

Here's the inaugural post...Ben and I are going to be trying to blog about what's going on with our little Katie-Pie to share with family and friends who aren't as close and local as we'd like.

Today we bought a swing...It's pretty cool...happens to match a bouncy chair that we have for her as well. We decided after last night (a Not So Good Night...NSGN...we don't have to many of those thank goodness!) that we had to have a swing. Arms get SO tired swinging her for an hour. Plus we realize now we might actually be able to have dinner together.

Katie is now about 3 and a half weeks old. Born on April 26th, '07. The first week was probably the toughest...just getting used to things. Everyday ets better...we understand her better and are more "scheduled", if you can call what we do scheduled.

Apologies in advance for typos do understand that some of this is one handed typing, yes?

Tonight we have my parents and sister coming for dinner...frozen pasticcio...yum! G-parents ned their Katie fix...their Daily Katie.

Thanks for watching, stay tuned!