Monday, May 28, 2007

Ladies who lunch

Sorry folks, no pictures today, the camera is still at Great Grandma Mary's.

We had a busy weekend Chez Katie...breakfast and crossword, first time at church (Katie likes the music!) on Saturday.

Sunday a visit from Jon and Shelly (Jon has the magic touch to keep her sleeping...we'll be sure to drop by at 3am when necessary...and Katers loves being held and loved by Shelly too!)
Great Uncle Ray and Great Auntie Jen stopped by for a visit too, but Katie was pretty hungry and spent most of the visit eating...hungry girl!

Then Birthday dinner at my mom and dads (Happy 60th Dad!) Sunday night. And with Ben having grad it was a busy weekend for all of us.

Today Grandma Cheryl took Katie and I out for lunch at The Upper Crust which was super yummy and lovely! Katie slept through most of it and was kind enough to wait until after dessert (coconut cupcakes!) to start crying. And I do mean I've never quite seen her do in public before. Even trying to feed didn't work. So I ran out in a hurry and left grandma to pay the bill. Luckily, it was qutie noisy in the restaurant so I'm hoping everyone else's chatter was louder than her screaming.

Nice and sunny today if very windy. It's supposed to be nice all week...more walks for mom and Katie!

That's it for now, hopefully we go get our camera back soon!
Lots of love,

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