Thursday, May 31, 2007

Five Weeks

Katie is 5 weeks old today and so I thought I could possibly come up with 5 reasons I love her so much. (in random order)

1. She smells adorable (except her bum sometimes!)
2. Her smiles...I swear they're real and not just gas...she smiles more and more everyday
3. The amazing perfection of all her teeny tiny features...lips, nose, toes, fingers etcetcetc.
4. Her eyes when she looks at us and I just know she recognizes us as special people in her life.
5. When she falls asleep on me...her breathing, regular and irregular...her dreamy facial expressions...her warmth...her "nightmare" startles.
There are and will be many more reasons to love her, but for 5 weeks, this is what you get.

Today's adventures included a leisurely sleep in, which Ben so kindly captured on film:

Please excuse the nursing bra peeking out and note that we don't sleep with her in bed full time, just usually after the last feed at night, early in the morning (for those that find this controversial...I don't). When we woke up we walked to Ben's school to pick up the car and drove to Home Depot to buy some Weed Hounds (the best thing for pesky dandelions I've ever seen...Thanks Dad!). They didn't have them at the South Common location, so we had some put on hold at Strathcona. Then off to Costco where we didn't buy too much, good thing! It's nice going on the middle of the mega lineups like on weekends. From there we went to Superstore and finally to get the weed hounds. By the time we got home it was mid afternoon and HOT...we we both glad to be out of the car.

We also paid a quick visit at Grandma and Grandpa Cheryl and Ken's tonight for a quick visit with uncle Steve and Grandma...Uncle Steve had yet to see sweet Katie and of course thought she was adorable. Good Night, we'll see what tomorrow brings!

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