Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun in Toddlerland

We are definitely living in Toddlerland these days. While it can be a bit trying some moments (please don't say "No" when I know you mean yes), overall I'm surprised at what a fun place it is. Katie is full of fun and laughs at silly things often. Which makes us laugh more...and who can't love that?

Last week we went to IKEA and had a bit of lunch. Katie enjoyed drinking her milk through a straw. Sam was in the Baby Bjorn and didn't have any milk (mine or otherwise!).
Sam did model this precious outfit for us...sadly, I don't think there's much time left on this one. While her weight taken at the Drs office this week was 11 pounds 12 ounces, at her immunization the next day she measured 12 pounds 2 ounces...I'm tempted to believe this measurement more, especially since the Drs office nurse said that their scale measures a bit light.
Toddler Katie ran off from us while getting ready for her bath. Naked Katie seems much faster than Clothed Katie. (don't worry, the chair cushion is fine) Speaking of...have I mentioned that while we are not "officially" potty training, we have a potty out and are reading a potty book quite a bit. Katie does ask now and again to sit on the potty but nothing really resembling appropriate potty usage has ocurred (if you catch my drift).

Katie was paying special attention to her baby doll one evening this week and put her baby in the bouncy chair:
And then in the swing:
And gave her baby a bath:Initially she was also trying to nurse her baby, but we didn't have the camera ready for that. I think that with these kind of skills, I may be hiring her for babysitting soon. =) (seriously, all of this behaviour was completely spontaneous and initiated by Katie herself.)

Thankfully, this toddler still loves to cuddle and read with her dad...that will be a sad day when she ever gets too old to cuddle and read. This week I also took some silly pictures using the camera on the's the most fun, easy way to take pictures ever. Sam was there too. Sam did well with her immunization, with no side effects apparent. She's also being an absolute darling and sleeping better for us during the day and night too. I LOVE sleep. =)

I did strollercize twice last week and the girls were already better in the Chariot the second time. Katie seems excited about strollercize too...I'm sure the 20 minutes beforehand playing in the indoor playground have nothing to do with it. I wasn't sore after Monday's class, but Friday had a bit more strength training and I'm definitely feeling it today...I think I have just enough strength left to carry the kids around.

This week is Spring Break for dad. There's no playgroup this week...not sure what we'll be up to, but I'll try and remember to take pictures and blog it.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Months!

Sam is two months old today! Yippee!

We had her two month checkup today and everything went well.

We can now give her her medicine right before she eats (twice a day) instead of 30 min before. We can take her swimming anytime. We can use a gentle unscented lotion on her skin if it seams dry (I'm a bit wary sometimes of using "products" on her unnecessarily). We shuold avoid rocking her to sleep if possible. Her head strength is good. She weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces. (!)

I can't think of what else he said (I have such trouble in remembering in appointments...that's why I bring in a list of questions!) but everything seems to be great.

Today you get a video of Sam where she's lying on her exersaucer mat (with the "entertainment bar" thingy and without the "exersaucer") really does entertain her now! She seems fascinated by it and smiles and makes noises. The video's a bit slow but I think it's a good look at Sam now. She is really seeming to be a happy baby...happier than a few weeks ago...her big smiles are absolutely precious.

Still working on getting a good smile and "talking" video...she really seems to notice the camera that gets in the way of my face. She'll get used to it. =) was taking forever to upload and mom needs her sleep...I'll edit this post tomorrow and add the video...Promise!
PPS...Here you go!

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some pictures

It snowed this morning. Will spring ever come? =) These pictures are so cute that they make me forget that spring's not here yet.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Exercise and growing up!

What's new? Katie's been stretching (and drinking water at the same time).Sam has been diligently practicing her tummy time (the cow's a mean trainer!).
And Mom managed to get out for her first post baby run yesterday (ouch...only 20 min and I'm sore today!).

Sam is getting older and bigger fast. She'll be 8 weeks already this Saturday. Here's a picture (notice I was trying to replicate my favorite Katie picture of all time...little bit tricky...I may just have to find my own favorite picture for Sam instead of copying something previously done.)
Doesn't Katie look older in this picture? Her hair is getting so long, I think we may get a trim sometime before her birthday at the end of April.
That day Katie was rocking out in mom's sunglasses (which were promptly replaced by Katie's own sunglasses...these are an old favorite andI'd prefer they not get broken.) We sure looked like twins that day eh?
We're still working on teaching Sam to sleep better during the day...tend to use car seat and bouncy shair a bit more than I'd like. Night sleeping is mostly good...although a bad night can really mess with you and make you think she'll never sleep (ask me how I know...but the next night is always better). She's smiling SO MUCH...and definitely doing some communicative cooing and other sounds...she makes a noise, you copy her, she smiles and makes another one back. Lovely! When we're consistent, we'll get a video and share. Her neck muscles are getting stronger and she can turn her head left and right while lying on the ground on her back.

Katie is adorable...toilet paper mishaps (still happening...if you see the fancy toilet paper rosettes on the back of my toilet, you'll know what happened) (from winding up Katie's unrolled and unused paper) book reading, potty interest and cheekyness all around here. Saying the cutest things these days though of course examples escape me at the moment. Playgroup is still lots of fun, especially her friend Emma. Their friendship is real and nothing I'd have expected from such young girls. Emma is about 5 maybe, preschool age. Loves to push Katie around in the toy cars at PG. Katie's face lights up when she sees her. They both smile and giggle and you can tell the friendship and fun go both ways. There are seriously no words to explain how my heart flutters when I see this kind of "first" friend relationship.

I have many more pictures but they are taking forever to upload so they may have stalled or something. Next time I may just post them with as few words as possible.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What it's like: Nursing Sam.

For those of you who've ever wondered what it's like nursing Sam, here's a taste! (not litereally)

Scene: Living room. Toys strewn everywhere. Katie (aka Toddler) is sitting on the floor eating strawberries. Mom picks up Sam, notices she seems hungry and it's about that time anyway (by time, I don't mean we're on a schedule, but that it's been a few hours since she last ate). Mom sits down on chair with Sam on her lap and adjusts shirt as necessary. Sam starts eating.

Mom: "Katie No! Don't do that. Coffee cups are for mom." (there's a coffee cup on the coffee table). "It's empty but you don't touch coffee cups. Please. Put it down. That's right...NO! I just said don't touch that!

Mom contorts her body to grab the cup while still nursing Sam, who is oblivious to all the talking. Puts coffee cup behind back (unconfortable but necessary) while thinking again at the brilliance that would be having random shelves, placed on every wall HIGH above the reach of any toddler.

Mom: "Katie, do you need a wipe? You're nose is running...go get a kleenex. Go...!....Kleenex...over there on the table. You were JUST playing with it. Please go get a kleenex so mom can wipe your nose. Katie, do you want a wipe?

Katie: "Yes!"

Mom: " Then go get some kleenex."

Katie does not go get the kleenex.

Mom: Hmm...(she thinks)...I remember Katie noticed the toilet paper earlier, lets try that. "Katie, go get the toilet paper from the bathroom. Mom will wipe your nose with that".

Katie, eagerly, runs (toddles) to the bathroom. Comes back with toilet paper...still attached to the roll. One LONG piece of toilet paper.

Mom: "Groan"..."Katie, rip a piece off...that's right, come here, Thank You..." (wipe wipe wipe).


What was I thinking? And this scene doesn't include the dozen requests to read X book and Y book. Thought I'd keep it brief-ish.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
PS...Seriously, Spring needs to come soon. -25 C in mid March is TOO COLD. My sanity depends on Spring coming asap. =)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally (I'm blogging!) it's Friday!

Yes, it's been a while. Two kids has been a handful lately...add the blog and well, I had to choose to ignore one of the three and I chose you.

It's been a trying week or are definitely not exactly your sister (big surprise!). We're still learning to figure Sam out...a little more sensitive perhaps than what we are used to. Lots of crying and not as much sleeping as we'd like. (in the daytime...nighttime she is better, go figure!)

Anyway, the good thing is, we're getting some smiles now. Very rewarding. No pictures yet...working on it. I'm actually hoping for a video. Later.

Katie playing at Papa's last week.
Sam was there too.
We have discovered that Sam Loves the bouncy chair. An old favorite of ours. She gets all relaxed and peaceful looking when we turn on the vibrate button. Almost calmly smiling.
Tried it with the activity bar and that's a no go. Not yet anyway.
Grandpa has been practicing his latte art (this photo's for Alli...I promised to email it didn't I? Oops...well, you get it blogged.).

See, here's one of the peaceful, almost smiles. Katie has been helping me bake and cook. And visiting Dad's classroom (after hours).Look how little in that big classroom!Also, we had Sam weighed again this week and she'd now 10 pounds 11 ounces. No wonder me arms/shoulders hurt! I'll have gigantic biceps by summer I'm sure. =)

I know there's more to tell but I think I hit the important things. Remind me to blog about our sleep strategies with Sam and walking with the girls at the mall. Must do more walking...My goal was to be back at strollercize in another 2 weeks or so! (it would help if Mother Nature wasn't being such a big meany right now with all the snow and cold...the sun is helping but really, bring on the spring already.

Love ya!