Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally (I'm blogging!) it's Friday!

Yes, it's been a while. Two kids has been a handful lately...add the blog and well, I had to choose to ignore one of the three and I chose you.

It's been a trying week or are definitely not exactly your sister (big surprise!). We're still learning to figure Sam out...a little more sensitive perhaps than what we are used to. Lots of crying and not as much sleeping as we'd like. (in the daytime...nighttime she is better, go figure!)

Anyway, the good thing is, we're getting some smiles now. Very rewarding. No pictures yet...working on it. I'm actually hoping for a video. Later.

Katie playing at Papa's last week.
Sam was there too.
We have discovered that Sam Loves the bouncy chair. An old favorite of ours. She gets all relaxed and peaceful looking when we turn on the vibrate button. Almost calmly smiling.
Tried it with the activity bar and that's a no go. Not yet anyway.
Grandpa has been practicing his latte art (this photo's for Alli...I promised to email it didn't I? Oops...well, you get it blogged.).

See, here's one of the peaceful, almost smiles. Katie has been helping me bake and cook. And visiting Dad's classroom (after hours).Look how little in that big classroom!Also, we had Sam weighed again this week and she'd now 10 pounds 11 ounces. No wonder me arms/shoulders hurt! I'll have gigantic biceps by summer I'm sure. =)

I know there's more to tell but I think I hit the important things. Remind me to blog about our sleep strategies with Sam and walking with the girls at the mall. Must do more walking...My goal was to be back at strollercize in another 2 weeks or so! (it would help if Mother Nature wasn't being such a big meany right now with all the snow and cold...the sun is helping but really, bring on the spring already.

Love ya!

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