Thursday, November 29, 2012

A quick note.

Just a quick overdue note explaining the absence from the blog.

1. We have lost the battery charger for the camera. Procrastinated and debated for a while and have decided to buy a new camera instead of another battery charger. The camera we have is about 5 years old anyway!

2. We have had a Nasty November. Sam got a stomach bug one weekend which was a little intense diabetes wise. High sugars and ketones etc. Took her longer to recover from as well. (longer than I would have thought normal). After that, whether it's related or not I don't know, we had a spat (and by spat, i mean a good 2 weeks) of incredibly bad bahaviour and tantrums from Sam. Worse than I have ever seen...I may have told a few people that it was my most trying parenting week EVER. Her sugars were insanely high for a good while (multiple 20's in a day, remember, we aim for 8) (and unfortunately, our clinic was extra busy that week and didn't get back to us with advice very quickly) so perhaps it was related. Also potty training has taken a step backwards as well. I keep digging, and that well of patience is necessarily getting deeper.

On the plus side...I didn't have to work as many extra days is month, Katie had a wonderful Demonstration of Learning for us (kind of like parent teacher interview but where she demonstrates some of her skills for us...cutting paper etc) and when Sam is good, she is very very good. The girls just learned to play Go Fish together...some modified rules, but it works. I have managed some good knitting and sewing time and Christmas will be here before you know it.

Lots of love and pictures to come again someday!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snow Day!

It snowed a ton today! I had planned on taking Sam on a little playdate this morning, but as soon as I heard CBC say "if you haven't gone out yet, don't go out..." I decided it was better to stay home.

The first thing she wanted to do was go out and play in the snow. So we shoveled at 9am. I shoveled twice more today. (Ben was impressed is evening when I showed of my bicep...i really think it's from all the shoveling!...I did all our walks and our neighbours front twice in the last week or so as well). (sorry there is no picture of my bicep...I know you would really like to see. Ha ha)

It was a lot of snow...! We had practically no snow at all on our front yard yesterday (the weather has been so warm lately that recent snow had melted). It was wet and heavy as the temp was pleasantly just around freezing.

We were having company for dinner, so after shoveling and playing inside for a bit, I asked Sam if we could clean up together and that way I could relax and knit while watching tv with the girls after lunch. It worked really well and it was great to have things tidy earlier in the day.

Katie's bus home was running late because of the snow. The bus people are great and have automated phone calls and emails to let us know about it. (this also works when the bus is late in the morning...only happened once, but it was so great to be notified.)

After shows, the girls and I did more shoveling and playing. They had snow pants on and new mitts that I made from an old wool blanket (which worked really well for on snow play!). We made snow angels and Katie made little tunnels and houses in the snow. Sam tried forever to shovel the heavy snow with our big grown up shovel. Giggling the whole time. It was so nice out that I was able to fit on the steps for a while and just listen to them play without being cold at all. New snow pants (yay Costco!) helped.

I only work Tuesday and Thursday this week and am already enjoying the freedom of having the other days off. I worked every day last week and it was fine, as I have afternoons off, obviously, but still felt rather busy.

The girls are good...Sam is doing so so well at school. She brought home a craft/colouring of hickory dickory dock that is just Perfectly Coloured. Like Katie, this is a strong area for her...way above many of the kids in her class, some who struggle to hold a crayon properly. I am just so proud of her and pleased with the beauty of her work.

Katie is still loving school. I still know very little of what actually goes on day to day as she's not a big talker in that regard. Loves library day...gets to pick one English book and one French book to take home for the entire week. Often things like Barbie or Princess (early readers) and Disney movie books (la belle et la bĂȘte this week).

Hope you had a good snow day. (also thanks to the weather...Ben's scheduled teacher parent interviews were postponed a week due to the snow, so he was home unexpectedly for dinner...yay snow!)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Finally Halloween is here!

I have been working on costumes for the kids for about a month (off and on).  I was inspired by a tutorial on a crafty blog to do My Little Pony costumes.  I did decide to do fabric hair instead of yarn (as a knitter, cutting all that yarn was a scary thought!).  In retrospect, while the hair is perfect looking, it is a bit heavier than yarn hair would have been.  Katie is Princess Celestia and Sam is Pinkie Pie.  
 I think both girls are very happy with the result, as am I.  The costumes are made out of fleece and very warm (good thing as I think they are calling for a windchill of about -16C tonight, yuck!).
Here are images of the actual ponies, so you can see, particularly with Katie's, the details that were included.  You can't tell in the photos, but Sam's pinkie pie hair even has stitching to mimic the curlicue lines in the cartoon.
As for the rest of halloween, we carved pumpkins last night (I will get a photo later!) and both girls drew their own pumpkin and Ben carved them.  We have a deal with the girls this year, influenced a bit by diabetes, but really just a healthy practice I think, to TRADE a large portion of their candy for a toy. Kids just get way too much candy for this holiday and its not necessary.  (yes, they probably have too many toys too, but that's another battle)  

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!
(ps...thanks to Gram and Papa for the photos...our camera batteries (yes both of them) are dead and I cannot cannot find the charger.  I'm getting very desperate to find it!)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Funny Faces

The girls and I did some craft work this week...we haven't really been as crafty since they do a lot at school and when the girls are home they are often happy just playing with toys and pretending etc. We did potato stamping and the girls loved it.

One day Katie say she wanted to look at her took me a startled minute to figure out that she meant this book. (and not another more well known Facebook)  This book has empty faces for colouring and putting stickers on to make funny faces.
Yesterday we had a special day...the local JDRF put on their KidsnUs conference...a conference for families facing Diabetes.  A chance to learn from sessions and connect with resources and families that also have diabetes.  It was a pretty interesting conference (some speakers were better than others) but the best part of all was that they provided child care ALL DAY for the kids.  Supervised by nurses and nursing students and put into age specific groups. The girls has SO MUCH FUN.  I can't even think of the last time they have had this much fun.  They did a bunch of colouring and other crafts, got balloon animals and face painting done by Shriners clowns and watched a movie in the late afternoon.  Ben and I did have to run down and test and provide insulin at snack times, but really, that wasn't a big deal.  There was also lunch provided and we all ate together.

We didn't really meet any other families like us...with a 3 yr old with diabetes...though I think they might have been there.  I would suggest that next year the conference do some more formal networking between similar families...its hard to exactly relate to all the families with teenagers.  But it was nice knowing that all those families know about living with diabetes...watching food, waking to do night testing etcetc.  And there was a very interesting heated discussion (at one of the concurrent sessions) from the government and school boards about diabetes in classrooms...and it seems that while there is no current legislation requiring certain care for students with diabetes, our city school boards are making a decent effort for accommodation.  I do feel for some of the parents in smaller cities, as it sounded like they weren't feeling very supported.  A good, if long, day overall!

And in other big news...I have agreed to start teaching in Sam's preschool classroom.  They had lost a teacher and were in need of someone and I was sitting in the hall the whole time anyway so I offered my services (no movement on them wanting to learn to test Sam).  There was some talk of moving Sam to the older class, three days a week (and we tried it and she did fine) as thats originally where the need was, but the head teacher has recognized that we would rather stay in the 3 year class (two days a week) and so we will.  It's an unexpected change for me...I wasn't really looking for work at this time, but I think that for various reasons, it will work out very well.  Sam seems to enjoy sharing her class time with me and isn't too clingy (which I think the teachers were worried about)...frankly, sometimes, (I was in class a few days this past week and the week before) I don't even get a chance to see her much during class.  This, plus the usual rush of getting Katie to school has kept us feeling pretty busy.  

Katie had an all day field trip last Friday to Prairie Gardens.  She had so much fun, even though it was a bit of a cold and rainy day.  I found it very very strange to have her away all day, but managed to survive.  

Winter is coming...we have had a bit of snow and the temperatures are CHILLY.  I'm not sure I'm quite ready for it.  Are we ever?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Things...Lunettes and Tires

It's only Wednesday and already we've had a busy week!  

Katie got her second pair of glasses yesterday.  They are colourful and have transitions lenses (turn into sunglasses when needed).  Funny that on the way to pick them up Katie was speculating how this would work..."Maybe there will be a button to push and the arms will get longer and the sunglasses will pop right out on top of the glasses!?"  I asked the lady at the store to explain it and she mentioned something about the lenses being "photochromatic"...I may need to google a video to explain that one to Katie!  These may be her "silly" glasses...don't you think?
 On Sunday, coming home from church we got a warning light that our tire pressure was low.  When we got home we could hear the tire leaking air thanks to a screw we had driven over.
 We learned a lot about changing tires...Ben has done one before (not on this vehicle) and I have never had to do one before.  (look at that dirty sits under the car and I bet that's years and years of dirt there.)
 Best of all, we barely argued while doing it!
Katie had a PD day and was off school on Monday so the girls and I were able to get in to Costco where they patched the tire and put the spare back and everything.  For free.  Happy day!

It has cooled off a ton since the weekend (glad we did the tire when it was warmer) and I was really happy to bake bread yesterday.  And happier still when Grandpa Ken came to help show us how to turn on the pilot light and get our furnace going again.  Welcome to Cozyville!  =)

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Quickly adding many to share but I'm only picking a few and I'll be as quick as I can because I am tired.

Katie got glasses!  Surprise!  I knew when I wrote the last post but wanted to keep it a secret until she had them.  We found out when we had an eye checkup, recommend as standard procedure when we got her immunized this summer.  Minor farsightedness.  She is thrilled.  Loves them.  Picked a very mature pair.  We also ordered another different pair (the store was having a back to school deal) with transitions lenses, for when we would normally want to have the option of sunglasses.  Thank goodness for Ben's benefits...for both pairs it only cost 50$ out of our pocket.  Phew.  

 Sam did a drawing of the four of us.  I love it!
 The weather has been Amazing this month.  Just nice gorgeous perfect fall weather.  I have lots of pics of other things we have done (playgrounds, Terry Fox run etc) but am sharing ones from this week of the girls playing in the leaves at Gram and Papa's.

 Sam agreed (apparently) to be buried.

School is going great for both girls.  Katie is picking up french so well, and with Ben and Gram Cheryl taking french classes, we will be having lots of fun french talk...Bien Sur!  =)

Sam is also doing well in school...chatting about how she knows the days of the week and singing songs from school.  I am still sitting in the hallway and have finished knitting a baby dress (for our goddaughter...Happy First Birthday Baby N!), 2 pairs of leg warmers and 2 pairs of slippers for the girls.  And now I have started a tunic style sweater for Katie.

And, you know what I love...(brag time)...both sets of teachers have already commented that the girls are doing so well in school and that they are wonderful role models for other students.  Specifically hat they often ask the other students to sit/listen/etc like Katie/ nice to hear.  Anyway.  I'll try to post again soon, I know I had a good few days and then got quiet's just school busy...Katie gets to the bus stop at 7:35 4 mornings a week.  And we have already had two evening events at the school.

But things are good...oh so good!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Katie's First Day of Kindergarten

Sam went to her second day of school on Thursday and though she didn't want to do the pose on the front steps, I managed to get this photo after school.  (sunny and bright) She is having a great time and talked all weekend about how she knows the days of the week now because of a song they sang in class.  (no crying this time!)
 The girls had a marker store and all the marker colours had funny pumpkin and bubbles...they should really go work for Crayola.
 They drew kittens.  These are all Katie's and the top one is surprised.
 This one is Sam's...I am so surprised and pleased with how her colouring has come along recently.  I was worried that while we did lots of free colouring with Katie, we were so much more into colouring books with Sam, and while her colouring-in is awesome, I haven't seen her do much free drawing.  Those are teeth coming to the mouth and lovely whiskers.
 Finally...after patiently waiting all week to start school (staggered start..a few kids went each day to see the class in a smaller groups, and let the teacher talk to parents in small groups too...) Katie got to go on Friday.  Though she is bussing to school, I did drive her on this day, as busses weren't going yet for Kindergarten.  The day was great...Katie had no trouble at all getting right into the classroom.  When we went to leave her, Sam was very upset and I had to carry her back to the car.  I'm really not sure if she missed Katie or wanted to stay and play at Kindergarten too.  Maybe a bit of both.  It got me going though...I wasn't planning on crying yet, figuring that with drop off and pick up, really, it's just like preschool.  But, my heart knows it was the beginning of "real" school.  And just knowing that is bittersweet...(like so many great moments in parenting)...she's smart and mature and ready for school.  We've prepared her enough and she is SO excited to go.  I got so sad thinking of how much I am going to miss her every morning.  Boo come more happy/sad tears. =)
 The apples are ready at Gram and Papa's...!
 We had a super nice weekend...went to IKEA for dinner Friday night (yay, they have carb info!) (not that fish and chips is particularly healthy but...!) and walked around just enough.

Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market downtown.  It was a bit chilly and windy but in a very nice "Ooo, it's September..." way.
 Sam hid and didn't really want to be in the picture.
 All the girls were happy...I got beets, kale, carrots and a super delicious "Fresco" cheese...kind of like ricotta and cream nice on a cracker!  The other girls got balloon wings...their favourites (though they were gleefully popped by 2 in the afternoon!)
We had our best glucose numbers since Sam got on the pump this numbers in a long time just felt SO good.  I don't think I even tested for keytones once on Saturday (we test for keytones every time the blood sugar is over 15.  Probably a bit conservative, but a safe practice for pumping.)  It just felt golden!  She had been super high (27 even) the mornings she had school, which is likely due to stress and should resolve with time.

On the potty front, the aggressive bribing is in full force...a sticker and an MnM every time she goes to the bathroom, and (after much deliberation on how to achieve the goal) with 5 stickers in a day, Sam gets to pick a prize from a bag of goodies from the dollar store.  (Katie is also scoring stickers for daily hair brushing and other random chores she completes..we may need more of a system with her.  As well, she gets the MnM any time Sam does...hoping for peer encouragement here.)  The first prize was a puppy/kitty in a little carrying cage...Katie got hers the day before Sam earned it and they are both in love.  Sam named the puppy Sweetie Heart and even drew a picture of her today.
This morning..our last big milestone of the school start season...BUS DAY.  Holy moley that's a big one.  Nerve wracking to try and make sure we get ready in time and just...the letting go...yikes.  I did check that the bus number was right and the driver confirmed the school.  Katie barely needed a hug goodbye...she was so excited to get going on her bus.  Honestly, I'm more worried about getting Sam ready to walk to the bus...she has a wee history of not always wanting to go when I need her to.  But she did talk me into a playground trip since we were there (the bus stop is just down the block from us, by the school, so playground is just behind) and I'm thinking that could be good incentive.  (as long as it's not -30!)
Katie made it home from school, dropped off safe and sound and happy, right in front of our house at noon.  Sam and I had a quiet but fun morning, reading and playing and chatting with a neighbour in the backyard.  We went shopping in the afternoon as the cool weather made me cancel our plan for BBQ pizza to chicken soup and I needed celery, AND Katie is desperate for some pants...I think hers are all a bit small and the cooler weather makes me hope we can find something to wear.  We didn't have much luck...ended up with a shirt instead.  (and briefly...I an so appalled at retail stores not providing bathrooms for a potty training toddler...I seriously, walked out of the Children's Place without the leggings we had selected because I think it's a terrible policy...this is the second time I've had such an experience in the last month and I'm hoping to find time and energy to email the companies because I'm so unimpressed.)

Ending on a good note, you know what impresses me?  (besides lots of things...)  Katie's spelling...Ben and I are thinking about taking up Pig Latin because she's picking up on all sorts of things we've been secretly spelling...Bummer, Wind, Get Rid Of, Problem...these are all words we have spelled recently and she has figured out.  Just something I wasn't expecting.  Good thing we tend not to even spell very questionable words...bummer is about as bad as we get!  Also, Ben told me that when I was out to yoga tonight, Katie was teaching Sam French...Non and Oui...I think the fun is just beginning!  =)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sam's First Day of School

It was Sam's very first day of preschool today!  But she wouldn't do my posed school day photo and stand/sit on the front steps.  Katie was all for it.  
 Overall, the morning went very well.  Today and Thursday are only 1 hour long classes.  Next week it is 2hr and 15 min.  I have spoken with the teachers, and given the challenges with diabetes and their unfamiliarity with it, I will sit in the hall during school time, to test her sugar before snack and any other necessary times.  It's not quite how I'd pictured things, but I'm sure that once they see how easy it is, they'll learn how and get more comfortable with the whole thing.  One thing that went really well, is when they offered the snack, a digestive cookie (18 carbs) and juice, Sam said "I only get juice when my blood sugar is low".  I know that she knows how things are, but it was good to hear her express it in a public setting without any prompt from us.  We should remember this when we wonder how she will handle being different as she grows up...sometimes we are just different and that's normal.

Sam DID cry and cling when I brought her into class...for some reason, I really wasn't expecting that.  But of course, it's not uncommon, and she did recover while a couple of kids cried pretty much the whole hour.  (I'm in the hall, I can hear it!)  She said on the way home though "I had a GREAT day at preschool mom!", so perhaps Thursday will be better.  =)

These are pictures from a visit to the park last week.  Enjoying the sunny weather while we still have it...there is something so abrupt about the creeping dark and the crisp air...fall has hit me like a ton of bricks this year...and the halloween books that we got from the library (which induced a batch of pumpkin pecan muffins this evening) make me feel fall-er than usual too.

The girls we doing some balancing...a la Olympics I think. 
 The girls have been playing really well together lately.  Like "I can get the whole kitchen clean and think about baking something" well.  Except when one of them doesn't want to play and wants privacy.  I talked to them about, for example, giving Katie some private time in her room and having Sam play in another room for maybe even just 10 min, and then maybe they would be ready to play together again.  I think Katie took the suggestion literally when she made this sign:

 I assume that's Sam, holding her Dolly in the big Don't sign.  (the girls are SO aware of Don't Signs...did I ever mention that?  What does that Don't Sign say?, what about this one? you know there's about 11 Don't Signs on the gas station at Costco?)

PS...we are thinking about bribing Sam for potty training...did you know that mini MnM's are so tiny, they don't even count as a carb individually?  It takes about a dozen to register as a gram on my scale, which actually equals only 0.67 carbs, not even one carb.  She could pee in the potty every 15 min and still get an MnM every time with barely a blip in glucose.  Who knew?  Handfuls for everyone, guilt free!  (I suspect this is what causes the increase in heart disease etc in diabetes..."It's fat, doesn't count!")

Sunday, September 2, 2012


After the girls had gone to bed tonight and were chit chatting....Ben and I were sitting in the living room and we overhead Katie say:

"O. K., hop in..."...and didn't sounds terribly enthusiastic about it.

The girls have slept in bed together a LOT this summer, I think starting on holidays. So much so that we pushed their beds together for a while at home. Katie tires of it sooner than Sam, but I kind of think it's because Sam takes a while to settle down sometimes and Katie would rather just go to sleep.

Next time I'll dig up the couple of super cute photos I have of them sleeping together...adorable, I promise.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Did It!

We did it!  We made it through our 2 week start of pump and can flex our eating amounts and times as well as run around as much as we want! was getting a little hard there in the end.  

Funnily...I now feel awkward about flexing the eating...we did have a later lunch at Gram and Papa's after class, but not by choice, just because we were running late.  It was nice not to panic about it.  We kept our meal carb targets the same for lunch, dinner and bedtime snack, but did add back in a 10 carb afternoon snack.  I am so used to aiming for a specific number...After 6 months or so, I'm not sure I remember how to let her eat whatever she wants.  We do still have to carb count accurately whenever we can, but it's permitted to estimate a carb number and adjust the insulin later.  Wow.  So much freedom that I don't know what to do with it!!  

So go ahead, invite us for dinner...we don't care if your meal is on time or if you serve any carbs at all!  (basic healthy eating rules apply, but we will make exceptions for dinners out).

We celebrated by going to the park after dinner.  We started by flying kites (after a quick cookie snack for play energy!).

Katie and Sam had a nice hug (I did ask them to hug for the photo...I should do that more often).  It was a gorgeous evening...just breezy enough for kites.  Jackets came off pretty quick once we all started running.  And can I mention how wonderful it is that the mosquitos are dying off?  SO GREAT.
 Katie flying the butterfly kite from Costco...this kite is flies so easily and we've had it for at least 2 summers and it's in great shape.  (though obviously, it's not used every day...still)
 It was such a relief to go to a playground...a great time killer and such good exercise for the girls.

 A few days ago, I went to yoga and came back to see the kids and Ben had been hanging out on the front step playing with chalk.  Ben took some great photos on his iPhone.

 Eventually, and I'm not sure how this happened, they started getting chalk all over their clothes and faces.  I will say I wasn't terribly pleased about it, but these lovely smiles and photos might make up for it.  Just as long as they know it's a Dad game.

 Also, earlier this week, Katie got in the mood for some cleaning/organizing (she might not get that from me) and made her bed and laid out hers and Sam's pyjamas.  Cute.
In other exciting news for this week, we all attended Katie's Bus School (First Riders) event put on by the school board's bus organizers to get kids familiar with taking the bus and bus safety.  It Was Great!!

They showed a video on a greyhound type bus, we learned about the "Danger Zone" around a school bus and how to take 5 GIANT steps away from the bus when you get off.  AND then the girls (yes, both Katie and Sam) rode a school bus...without Ben or I.  Just other kids and a strange bus driver.  They only went in a loop around the block (mind you, a big block, I could not always see the bus) for about 3-5 minutes, but Oh My Goodness was it ever a heavy moment for me.  My little ones are growing up...I'm so thrilled at the steps Katie has taken recently towards independence but I'm fully aware that I'm going to be holding back buckets of tears the first time I walk her to that bus stop and letting her go on her own.

Also, I should mention, fun things we have been listening to...Laura Ingalls book on tape "On the banks of Plum Creek".  Both girls, like it and Katie especially loves the scenes where Laura is in danger, specifically, drowning (almost) in the creek.  This happens twice in the first 2 disks.  Pioneer days eh?  It's written very intensely and read with just enough drama that you really get absorbed in it.  The set is from the library so has some scratches...the girls love when it skips.  =)

We have also been totally in LOVE with the 2 CD's of Elizabeth Mitchell that we got from the library...You Are My Flower and Sunny Day.  Some nice little folky sounding tunes...a slower pace than some of our other CD's we own. The girls know so many of the words and love to sing along in the car.  Even the tune sung in Japanese (noni to ka no sit shata de?...something like that, means under the Chestnut Tree or the liner notes if interested)  Also, she has a nice version of Jingle Bells, which we totally freaked Sam right out (it's her favourite song in particular) by singing (all 4 of us) at the top of our lungs in the car.  We all laughed ourselves silly that time.  And, can I mention one more?  Freight we love this one...the singers talk between verses and decide to go different places..."Brooklyn, ok lets go.  California...that's far we have to go faster...Visit Jojo in Africa?...that's really far, we have to go super fast..." and as they go faster, the tempo of the song picks up a bit.  And all of us listening move our arms like we are trains, faster and faster into Silliness.  Once at a red light, as we were doing this, I saw the guy in the car next to us laughing curiously, and so I rolled down my window and explained that it was a train song.  He laughed and said he thought we were running.

So much fun going on here...Just don't remind me that Ben starts school full time will I ever manage without him!?  Good thing I have a full day planned...playdate in the morning at a playground, meeting with Sam's preschool teachers, home for lunch, Pediatrition appt in the afternoon.  Maybe I won't notice that Ben is not around?  (doubt it.)  Wish us all luck with that!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keeping Busy

 We have been keeping busy, trying to avoid extra activity during this first two weeks of pump.  The girls are getting cabin fever a bit and Ben and I are missing playgrounds etc too.

To help keep busy, Ben bought some cheap craft for the kids at Superstore (they were on sale for about 2$ each!).  Presto Dots is a kind of playdough that uses a special tool to shape the dots and stick them together. We played with it for hours one morning. 
 Ben was really good and shows special artistic talent in this medium.
 Looks just like on the box!
 The girls made silly faces.
 This is Katie doing her "Mr. Bean Face"  (the kids saw his part of the Olympic opening ceremonies and thought it was Very Funny) 
 We did break down and go to a playground one evening after supper.  We took shovels hoping for more sand play but they did play other playground things...not too much though I hope..!  Ben and the girls are on a "spaceship".
 Twirling...we love twirling!

 The girls got haircuts last week and we visited Gram at work.  It was lots of fun...but I do hope that this isn't what Gram does every day at work. 
 And we brought out playdough another day...hours of play fun.  Katie made a cherry cake and it was delicious!
This weekend the girls also saw their very first in theatre movie!  The Arctic movie in the IMAX at the Science Centre.  It was a great movie and the girls really enjoyed it. Our friends C and G and their Dad, Mike, invited us and it was a really nice visit.

We also went to a party for my Auntie Dianne's 70th Birthday...apart from the challenge of keeping the activity down, the girls had a great time playing with their cousins.

August is definitely coming to an end...the mornings and bedtimes are getting darker, the nights are cooling off and we have school on the brain.  Ben goes back on Thursday this week.  Sam starts on September 4th and Katie, whose school does a staggered start, has her first day on the 7th.  We bought the girls (incredibly adorable) school shoes and a couple of new shirts.  I'm trying not to panic as I am bracing for the challenges of getting kids ready for school every day of the week...Will Sam wear pants this fall/winter?  Will Katie let me do cute things to keep the hair out  of her face?  Will my kids show their teachers how smart and funny I know they can be?  Only time will tell.  

This week we have a playdate planned on Tuesday morning and a "learn to ride school bus" event for Katie in the afternoon.  Really looking forward to that...Katie especially.  We have our 2 week followup at the diabetes clinic on Wednesday morning, where we learn the more about fine tuning insulin doses for changes in our schedule and lifestyle...should be interesting!