Monday, December 29, 2008

Frosty the Snow-Pants

Hello all and happy almost end of 2008...can you believe it? How does time go by that fast, seriously?

We're still enjoying family and holidays and hope you are too. We still officially only have one child in this family and the soon-to-arrive one seems to be doing well and hanging in there.

The wonderful Katie is providing us with endless entertainment...what a fun girl she is right now at this age. The latest funny story comes from last night. We were putting her in her PJ's and getting ready for bed and started singing (as we often do...she loves music and singing is almost always a good distraction, especially now that she can sort of sing along). We were singing "Frosty the Snowman", which, along with "Rudolph" and "Jingle Bells", she knows quite a few words to and can almost kind of sing the tune a bit too.

BUT...yesterday, our little funny girl decided to have some fun and honest to goodness, deliberately sang "Frosty the Snow (pause) PANTS!" and laughed along with us at the joke she had made. She honestly knew exactly what she was saying and was using her actual own un-coached sense of humour to make her very own joke. So neat. I still laugh when I think about it. (she does have a pair of snowpants, just so you know...I don't think a proper photo of her adorable snow pants and jacket have made it to the blog yet...remind me!)

She does actually show us her funny side on purpose a fair bit...whether it's laughing at the way we (ok, I) laugh or repeating a particular phrase that has made people laugh ("I don't know!" or "I'm not going to make you any deals..."). She and I have a little thing going with "Toast"...she asks if she can have some toast...she even acts whiny about it...but we both know she's either just eaten or for whatever reason doesn't really want any toast...and I say "NO" in all kinds of funny voices and she laughs hysterically.

One more thing that makes her laugh hysterically is riding her new "Big Bobby Car", which was a Christmas gift from Auntie Alli and Uncle Shannon. Here's a video:

K from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

And in fairness...Katie doesn't just love gifts from one aunt and uncle...she loves stuff from Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon too...the play food that she was given is a big hit...she walks around all day with either a play bottle of water, play ice cream cone, play pizza, doughnut, name it, something's always in her hands. Which funnily enough, makes it kind of hard for her to drive the Bobby car. =)
Here's a picture of all the new fruit and veg:
And just a few more random photos from the past few days:
Katie kissing her new baby doll...a gift from GG Mary.Katie took the pole from the road signs (that came with the Bobby Car) and was trying to put it up top of her sliding closet doors...Just like how Ben and I put the expandable shower curtain rods up so that she can't open the doors at night. She is SUCH a cute little smartiepants and saw the similarities between the two poles on her own. Smart girl. =)That's all for to you soon!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone... we've had a wonderful time so far this holiday season... only a few days in and lots of fun and family to be had.  Katie has been fully adorable even amongst busy-ness and unfamiliar people.  

I must note that while I have many (200ish?) photos to sort through and share from recent days, you're only getting a couple from today as I need to learn how to organize and preview photos on my new MacBook...a gift from Ben even though we said no gifts (part birthday gift a month early he says...since we may be a bit busy in a month to be learning a new laptop!)

Katie got right into the spirit of opening presents this morning.  Using all her effort to open up this big one (from Santa!).

We also ate yummy treats for brunch including the traditional "Wifesaver" (I'll recipe link if I remember another time).  
She also received a Cookie Set from Santa, which I'm proud to say she knew how to use right away... she must be well influenced by some good bakers.   
We also should have announced this news earlier, but Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon have a new member of their family... meet little Nova.  Katie and Nova have bonded well.  Katie says "Nova give kisses!" and "Nova tickle your toes!"
Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas... another Christmas present we are happy about is my being off bed rest... still taking it easy but able to help out a bit more.  Feels great... yesterday was officially 36 weeks.  Full term is 38-40 so we're definitely looking good.  

Merry Christmas to all!  

Monday, December 22, 2008

Excused Absence

To Whom It May Concern,

This note is to inform you of Katie's Mom's recent string of absences from the blog.

Rest assured that I, the laptop, am providing an excuse for her prolongued absence, during this very special time of year. I have been under the weather and was officially "not working" for over a week. I was very near death you see, and there was a time when we thought I would not recover. I have seen a "Tech Doctor" and am feeling much better now. It seems I have too many pictures and videos in my system and need to get rid of them in order to function better. As soon as mom figures out how to do this, I will be able to share pictures and video once again.

I assure you I will make sure Katie's Mom catches up on her blogging when I'm all better. Until then she wanted me to tell you that everything is good, they're still waiting for the baby and Katie is not yet what she would call a proficient walker. Christmas excitement is all around and we can't wait to share more with you.

Katie says "Happy Holidays to you!" (to the tune of Happy Birthday).

Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Photos

Hello everybody! It's snowy and warmish out today but we're bracing for a cold snap this weekend..I've heard highs in the -20s. Yikes!

Here's a couple of photos from the last week or so...haven't been taking as many pictures as usual, but I have managed some cute ones. For the longest while I've had trouble getting "nice" pictures of Katie because she's always busy playing with things and not looking at the camera, or as soon as she looks at the camera, she wants to see the pictures on it.
Luck was on my side recently and I think these are nice ones. Here she is in her warm, cozy, fleece pj's...she wore these all day recently on one of her "sick" days. (we think the throwing up is almost done with's almost every other day that she does it, out of the blue. Dr said it's fine and just to keep her hydrated...she was extra perky upon waking up this morning so I wonder if she really is "all better" now.)

Her hair is getting SO's really noticeable in the bath, when her wet hair doesn't curl so much and cascades down her long. Papa thought we should try a pony tail the other morning, so we did. It was adorable but did take a couple of extra barrettes to hold in the wispies. Of course, apparently it didn't even last the car ride, so next time I'll loop the elastic one more time, or try and find gripp-ier elastics. (The elastics we currently have are "Ouchless" ones that don't grab the hair much. I suppose I really need "Ouchy" elastics. What good is an elastic if it doesn't stay put? This may be Katie's first lesson in "No pain, no gain"...of course, if Ben were here he'd jump in and say "Pain...all Katie's barrettes are painful the way they clip in!" Ask him how he knows.) =)
This was Katie right after she learned to climb the kitchen chairs...the standing up that inspired the "Chairs are for your bum" song. We still sing this song.
Have I mentioned how Katie does this thing, where she goes near something that's on the "No" list for some reason, like the pole to the living room lamp, and looks at me...then touches the item...and waits for the reaction? It's such an interesting behaviour...not yet something I would catagorize as "defiance" but such a clear testing of boundaries. It's so amazing to watch how these things develop.

We've been reading a lot lately...I've completely overdosed on "Woo, The Not So Scary Ghost" and "Berenstein Bears: Too Much Birthday"...which, by the way, while this book does have many excellent parts to it, since when do you play "spin the bottle" at a 6 year olds birthday party? I may have put a sticker or something over that paragraph, I cringe every time I read it. But really, otherwise it's a great book with a great message. I'll make sure to bring this up at the next "Mom 'n Tot Book Club". We do also have a batch of library books that are due tomorrow, so it'll be great to get some new reading in the house.

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008

'Twas the Night

'Twas the 6th of December, when all through the house
Not a one of us was well, not even our Katie-mouse
Some time was spent in the bathroom with care
In hopes that some throw-up would no longer be there

Katie was feeling better than most
All perky and charming and not white as a ghost
Her mom in her PJ's and her dad in a chair
Had just called on Gram (Cheryl) to help feed our baby bear

When in someone's room there arose such a clatter
We cheered and we clapped to encourage the pitter patter
Up from her blue chair she rose to play "Balance"
And let go of her hand with one last bright eyed glance

The grin on her face had a brilliant glow
As three steps were taken, not a little too slow
Three steps on her own, followed by a big "Yay!"
From her and her parents who had both waited for this day

A little more practice back and forth to us each
We forgot we were sick, our cheeks grew rosy as peach
The glee in her eyes for the steps she had taken
Brought tears to me eyes for the pride I was makin'

Christmas is coming near
And I don't have to fear
I'm pleased to say
My girl is walking before that big day

Holy Cow this tale is long,
And I mean the real Christmas "song"
Our wonderful tale of Katie's first steps
Need not keep you as kept

Suffice it to say
Our girl is well on her way
To running and walking
At least as well as she does the talking

A PS to all, we are feeling much better
Following a fluid and bland diet to the letter
The snow it is falling lightly on the ground
I wish you good day as I go sleep sound

(Author's note: Yes, it's true! Katie took her real first steps Saturday evening. We're all very pleased, mostly because Katie was so thrilled and excited. Hope you enjoy the story. We're still working out internet/router issues so hopefully we can catch up on our proper blogging soon.)

Happy Healthy Monday everybody!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog...

Apologies for the delay in blogging...internet issues which are now only semi resolved. But resolved enough to share a video with you!

Things are good...Katie is still doing cute things...lately we've been all about the "Christmas Lights!" and "Christmas Trees" and "Reindeer" etcetc. The expanded vocab initially began with a trip to the mall, which has trees and decorations up WAY before we do in the house. We now drive "the long way home" (whichever way that might be) to try and see as many Christmas Lights as possible. And Ben managed to put up our lights on the house on the weekend...good thing the above zero weather held out so long! (it's a healthy, for December, -14 degrees I hear)

Katie, though still not walking, has learned to climb up on the kitchen chairs and couch unassisted...hard work for those tiny tippy toes! Of course, the immediate lesson that followed was "Chairs are for bums, not for standing" followed by a made up educational tune "Chairs are for your bum...bumbumbumbum bum" (sung to the tune of...I'm not sure...ask me to sing it next time I see you). I think the distraction and laughter that came from the song was as important as the educational message in this case.

I felt a need to knit like mad yesterday and as a result, Katie's got a new hat and pair of mittens. Cute as a button I to come at some point.

Here's the video I've been meaning to share...Katie eating her Mickey Mouse Pancakes!