Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog...

Apologies for the delay in blogging...internet issues which are now only semi resolved. But resolved enough to share a video with you!

Things are good...Katie is still doing cute things...lately we've been all about the "Christmas Lights!" and "Christmas Trees" and "Reindeer" etcetc. The expanded vocab initially began with a trip to the mall, which has trees and decorations up WAY before we do in the house. We now drive "the long way home" (whichever way that might be) to try and see as many Christmas Lights as possible. And Ben managed to put up our lights on the house on the weekend...good thing the above zero weather held out so long! (it's a healthy, for December, -14 degrees I hear)

Katie, though still not walking, has learned to climb up on the kitchen chairs and couch unassisted...hard work for those tiny tippy toes! Of course, the immediate lesson that followed was "Chairs are for bums, not for standing" followed by a made up educational tune "Chairs are for your bum...bumbumbumbum bum" (sung to the tune of...I'm not sure...ask me to sing it next time I see you). I think the distraction and laughter that came from the song was as important as the educational message in this case.

I felt a need to knit like mad yesterday and as a result, Katie's got a new hat and pair of mittens. Cute as a button I to come at some point.

Here's the video I've been meaning to share...Katie eating her Mickey Mouse Pancakes!

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Jill said...

Cutie Pie!

Hope your doing well. Getting closer!