Monday, December 8, 2008

'Twas the Night

'Twas the 6th of December, when all through the house
Not a one of us was well, not even our Katie-mouse
Some time was spent in the bathroom with care
In hopes that some throw-up would no longer be there

Katie was feeling better than most
All perky and charming and not white as a ghost
Her mom in her PJ's and her dad in a chair
Had just called on Gram (Cheryl) to help feed our baby bear

When in someone's room there arose such a clatter
We cheered and we clapped to encourage the pitter patter
Up from her blue chair she rose to play "Balance"
And let go of her hand with one last bright eyed glance

The grin on her face had a brilliant glow
As three steps were taken, not a little too slow
Three steps on her own, followed by a big "Yay!"
From her and her parents who had both waited for this day

A little more practice back and forth to us each
We forgot we were sick, our cheeks grew rosy as peach
The glee in her eyes for the steps she had taken
Brought tears to me eyes for the pride I was makin'

Christmas is coming near
And I don't have to fear
I'm pleased to say
My girl is walking before that big day

Holy Cow this tale is long,
And I mean the real Christmas "song"
Our wonderful tale of Katie's first steps
Need not keep you as kept

Suffice it to say
Our girl is well on her way
To running and walking
At least as well as she does the talking

A PS to all, we are feeling much better
Following a fluid and bland diet to the letter
The snow it is falling lightly on the ground
I wish you good day as I go sleep sound

(Author's note: Yes, it's true! Katie took her real first steps Saturday evening. We're all very pleased, mostly because Katie was so thrilled and excited. Hope you enjoy the story. We're still working out internet/router issues so hopefully we can catch up on our proper blogging soon.)

Happy Healthy Monday everybody!


Auntie Andrea said...

well done

Jodie said...

How exciting - I can't wait to see Katie (and you and Ben) when we get to Edmonton!