Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Photos

Hello everybody! It's snowy and warmish out today but we're bracing for a cold snap this weekend..I've heard highs in the -20s. Yikes!

Here's a couple of photos from the last week or so...haven't been taking as many pictures as usual, but I have managed some cute ones. For the longest while I've had trouble getting "nice" pictures of Katie because she's always busy playing with things and not looking at the camera, or as soon as she looks at the camera, she wants to see the pictures on it.
Luck was on my side recently and I think these are nice ones. Here she is in her warm, cozy, fleece pj's...she wore these all day recently on one of her "sick" days. (we think the throwing up is almost done with's almost every other day that she does it, out of the blue. Dr said it's fine and just to keep her hydrated...she was extra perky upon waking up this morning so I wonder if she really is "all better" now.)

Her hair is getting SO's really noticeable in the bath, when her wet hair doesn't curl so much and cascades down her long. Papa thought we should try a pony tail the other morning, so we did. It was adorable but did take a couple of extra barrettes to hold in the wispies. Of course, apparently it didn't even last the car ride, so next time I'll loop the elastic one more time, or try and find gripp-ier elastics. (The elastics we currently have are "Ouchless" ones that don't grab the hair much. I suppose I really need "Ouchy" elastics. What good is an elastic if it doesn't stay put? This may be Katie's first lesson in "No pain, no gain"...of course, if Ben were here he'd jump in and say "Pain...all Katie's barrettes are painful the way they clip in!" Ask him how he knows.) =)
This was Katie right after she learned to climb the kitchen chairs...the standing up that inspired the "Chairs are for your bum" song. We still sing this song.
Have I mentioned how Katie does this thing, where she goes near something that's on the "No" list for some reason, like the pole to the living room lamp, and looks at me...then touches the item...and waits for the reaction? It's such an interesting behaviour...not yet something I would catagorize as "defiance" but such a clear testing of boundaries. It's so amazing to watch how these things develop.

We've been reading a lot lately...I've completely overdosed on "Woo, The Not So Scary Ghost" and "Berenstein Bears: Too Much Birthday"...which, by the way, while this book does have many excellent parts to it, since when do you play "spin the bottle" at a 6 year olds birthday party? I may have put a sticker or something over that paragraph, I cringe every time I read it. But really, otherwise it's a great book with a great message. I'll make sure to bring this up at the next "Mom 'n Tot Book Club". We do also have a batch of library books that are due tomorrow, so it'll be great to get some new reading in the house.

Happy Friday everyone!

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