Monday, December 29, 2008

Frosty the Snow-Pants

Hello all and happy almost end of 2008...can you believe it? How does time go by that fast, seriously?

We're still enjoying family and holidays and hope you are too. We still officially only have one child in this family and the soon-to-arrive one seems to be doing well and hanging in there.

The wonderful Katie is providing us with endless entertainment...what a fun girl she is right now at this age. The latest funny story comes from last night. We were putting her in her PJ's and getting ready for bed and started singing (as we often do...she loves music and singing is almost always a good distraction, especially now that she can sort of sing along). We were singing "Frosty the Snowman", which, along with "Rudolph" and "Jingle Bells", she knows quite a few words to and can almost kind of sing the tune a bit too.

BUT...yesterday, our little funny girl decided to have some fun and honest to goodness, deliberately sang "Frosty the Snow (pause) PANTS!" and laughed along with us at the joke she had made. She honestly knew exactly what she was saying and was using her actual own un-coached sense of humour to make her very own joke. So neat. I still laugh when I think about it. (she does have a pair of snowpants, just so you know...I don't think a proper photo of her adorable snow pants and jacket have made it to the blog yet...remind me!)

She does actually show us her funny side on purpose a fair bit...whether it's laughing at the way we (ok, I) laugh or repeating a particular phrase that has made people laugh ("I don't know!" or "I'm not going to make you any deals..."). She and I have a little thing going with "Toast"...she asks if she can have some toast...she even acts whiny about it...but we both know she's either just eaten or for whatever reason doesn't really want any toast...and I say "NO" in all kinds of funny voices and she laughs hysterically.

One more thing that makes her laugh hysterically is riding her new "Big Bobby Car", which was a Christmas gift from Auntie Alli and Uncle Shannon. Here's a video:

K from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

And in fairness...Katie doesn't just love gifts from one aunt and uncle...she loves stuff from Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon too...the play food that she was given is a big hit...she walks around all day with either a play bottle of water, play ice cream cone, play pizza, doughnut, name it, something's always in her hands. Which funnily enough, makes it kind of hard for her to drive the Bobby car. =)
Here's a picture of all the new fruit and veg:
And just a few more random photos from the past few days:
Katie kissing her new baby doll...a gift from GG Mary.Katie took the pole from the road signs (that came with the Bobby Car) and was trying to put it up top of her sliding closet doors...Just like how Ben and I put the expandable shower curtain rods up so that she can't open the doors at night. She is SUCH a cute little smartiepants and saw the similarities between the two poles on her own. Smart girl. =)That's all for to you soon!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone... we've had a wonderful time so far this holiday season... only a few days in and lots of fun and family to be had.  Katie has been fully adorable even amongst busy-ness and unfamiliar people.  

I must note that while I have many (200ish?) photos to sort through and share from recent days, you're only getting a couple from today as I need to learn how to organize and preview photos on my new MacBook...a gift from Ben even though we said no gifts (part birthday gift a month early he says...since we may be a bit busy in a month to be learning a new laptop!)

Katie got right into the spirit of opening presents this morning.  Using all her effort to open up this big one (from Santa!).

We also ate yummy treats for brunch including the traditional "Wifesaver" (I'll recipe link if I remember another time).  
She also received a Cookie Set from Santa, which I'm proud to say she knew how to use right away... she must be well influenced by some good bakers.   
We also should have announced this news earlier, but Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon have a new member of their family... meet little Nova.  Katie and Nova have bonded well.  Katie says "Nova give kisses!" and "Nova tickle your toes!"
Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas... another Christmas present we are happy about is my being off bed rest... still taking it easy but able to help out a bit more.  Feels great... yesterday was officially 36 weeks.  Full term is 38-40 so we're definitely looking good.  

Merry Christmas to all!  

Monday, December 22, 2008

Excused Absence

To Whom It May Concern,

This note is to inform you of Katie's Mom's recent string of absences from the blog.

Rest assured that I, the laptop, am providing an excuse for her prolongued absence, during this very special time of year. I have been under the weather and was officially "not working" for over a week. I was very near death you see, and there was a time when we thought I would not recover. I have seen a "Tech Doctor" and am feeling much better now. It seems I have too many pictures and videos in my system and need to get rid of them in order to function better. As soon as mom figures out how to do this, I will be able to share pictures and video once again.

I assure you I will make sure Katie's Mom catches up on her blogging when I'm all better. Until then she wanted me to tell you that everything is good, they're still waiting for the baby and Katie is not yet what she would call a proficient walker. Christmas excitement is all around and we can't wait to share more with you.

Katie says "Happy Holidays to you!" (to the tune of Happy Birthday).

Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Photos

Hello everybody! It's snowy and warmish out today but we're bracing for a cold snap this weekend..I've heard highs in the -20s. Yikes!

Here's a couple of photos from the last week or so...haven't been taking as many pictures as usual, but I have managed some cute ones. For the longest while I've had trouble getting "nice" pictures of Katie because she's always busy playing with things and not looking at the camera, or as soon as she looks at the camera, she wants to see the pictures on it.
Luck was on my side recently and I think these are nice ones. Here she is in her warm, cozy, fleece pj's...she wore these all day recently on one of her "sick" days. (we think the throwing up is almost done with's almost every other day that she does it, out of the blue. Dr said it's fine and just to keep her hydrated...she was extra perky upon waking up this morning so I wonder if she really is "all better" now.)

Her hair is getting SO's really noticeable in the bath, when her wet hair doesn't curl so much and cascades down her long. Papa thought we should try a pony tail the other morning, so we did. It was adorable but did take a couple of extra barrettes to hold in the wispies. Of course, apparently it didn't even last the car ride, so next time I'll loop the elastic one more time, or try and find gripp-ier elastics. (The elastics we currently have are "Ouchless" ones that don't grab the hair much. I suppose I really need "Ouchy" elastics. What good is an elastic if it doesn't stay put? This may be Katie's first lesson in "No pain, no gain"...of course, if Ben were here he'd jump in and say "Pain...all Katie's barrettes are painful the way they clip in!" Ask him how he knows.) =)
This was Katie right after she learned to climb the kitchen chairs...the standing up that inspired the "Chairs are for your bum" song. We still sing this song.
Have I mentioned how Katie does this thing, where she goes near something that's on the "No" list for some reason, like the pole to the living room lamp, and looks at me...then touches the item...and waits for the reaction? It's such an interesting behaviour...not yet something I would catagorize as "defiance" but such a clear testing of boundaries. It's so amazing to watch how these things develop.

We've been reading a lot lately...I've completely overdosed on "Woo, The Not So Scary Ghost" and "Berenstein Bears: Too Much Birthday"...which, by the way, while this book does have many excellent parts to it, since when do you play "spin the bottle" at a 6 year olds birthday party? I may have put a sticker or something over that paragraph, I cringe every time I read it. But really, otherwise it's a great book with a great message. I'll make sure to bring this up at the next "Mom 'n Tot Book Club". We do also have a batch of library books that are due tomorrow, so it'll be great to get some new reading in the house.

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008

'Twas the Night

'Twas the 6th of December, when all through the house
Not a one of us was well, not even our Katie-mouse
Some time was spent in the bathroom with care
In hopes that some throw-up would no longer be there

Katie was feeling better than most
All perky and charming and not white as a ghost
Her mom in her PJ's and her dad in a chair
Had just called on Gram (Cheryl) to help feed our baby bear

When in someone's room there arose such a clatter
We cheered and we clapped to encourage the pitter patter
Up from her blue chair she rose to play "Balance"
And let go of her hand with one last bright eyed glance

The grin on her face had a brilliant glow
As three steps were taken, not a little too slow
Three steps on her own, followed by a big "Yay!"
From her and her parents who had both waited for this day

A little more practice back and forth to us each
We forgot we were sick, our cheeks grew rosy as peach
The glee in her eyes for the steps she had taken
Brought tears to me eyes for the pride I was makin'

Christmas is coming near
And I don't have to fear
I'm pleased to say
My girl is walking before that big day

Holy Cow this tale is long,
And I mean the real Christmas "song"
Our wonderful tale of Katie's first steps
Need not keep you as kept

Suffice it to say
Our girl is well on her way
To running and walking
At least as well as she does the talking

A PS to all, we are feeling much better
Following a fluid and bland diet to the letter
The snow it is falling lightly on the ground
I wish you good day as I go sleep sound

(Author's note: Yes, it's true! Katie took her real first steps Saturday evening. We're all very pleased, mostly because Katie was so thrilled and excited. Hope you enjoy the story. We're still working out internet/router issues so hopefully we can catch up on our proper blogging soon.)

Happy Healthy Monday everybody!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog...

Apologies for the delay in blogging...internet issues which are now only semi resolved. But resolved enough to share a video with you!

Things are good...Katie is still doing cute things...lately we've been all about the "Christmas Lights!" and "Christmas Trees" and "Reindeer" etcetc. The expanded vocab initially began with a trip to the mall, which has trees and decorations up WAY before we do in the house. We now drive "the long way home" (whichever way that might be) to try and see as many Christmas Lights as possible. And Ben managed to put up our lights on the house on the weekend...good thing the above zero weather held out so long! (it's a healthy, for December, -14 degrees I hear)

Katie, though still not walking, has learned to climb up on the kitchen chairs and couch unassisted...hard work for those tiny tippy toes! Of course, the immediate lesson that followed was "Chairs are for bums, not for standing" followed by a made up educational tune "Chairs are for your bum...bumbumbumbum bum" (sung to the tune of...I'm not sure...ask me to sing it next time I see you). I think the distraction and laughter that came from the song was as important as the educational message in this case.

I felt a need to knit like mad yesterday and as a result, Katie's got a new hat and pair of mittens. Cute as a button I to come at some point.

Here's the video I've been meaning to share...Katie eating her Mickey Mouse Pancakes!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh the pancakes!

Katie is standing up a lot more these days, like this:And even doing a fair bit of walking on her knees. We were at Gram and Grandpa's on Sunday for dinner and she had so much fun balancing on their big comfy chair. She'd crouch with her hands on the arm of the chair...slowly straighten her legs a bit to stand...and let go of her hands and fall down back onto the chair. We think she liked the falling backwards more than the standing up. But it was a great show of core strength and interest on experimenting with balance.

Last week I had a visit from my friend Shelley and her new (5 weeks) baby L. He was adorable...we laid out a blanket and he just slept and stretched and eventually ate while we ate lunch and chatted away. It was a great visit and a nice reminder of the peacefulness of newborns. (whether or not they are still peaceful with a toddler in the background we will have to find out)(and we're trying hard not to remember the sleepless night and crying...Shhh!)
Speaking of the toddler in the house...she is such a funny girl, definitely getting into things. Somehow I thought that letting her play with my shiny lipstick (yes, I actually own lipstick though I almost never wear it) would be a fine thing to do. "She doesn't even know how to open it, it's just a shiny thing to play with!" I forgot that this smart girl would figure out how to open it. And then, when I told myself it was fine because she probably couldn't figure out how to twist it to get the colour out...she went and proved me wrong. I stopped it quick enough that she didn't get any on her face, just her fingers. There's lots of time for playing with makeup down the road.
Sunday morning, Ben was Superdad (as always) and made Katie some pancakes. Not just any pancakes though...Mickey Mouse Pancakes!
This girl LOVED those pancakes. She bites off one ear and then the other while repeatedly saying "Mickey Mouse!" So cute. I'm so glad that biting off the ears is fun and not traumatic at all. =)
Yesterday we had a great day...My Auntie Muriel came by in the morning to help with Katie and the two got along very well. The even got all bundled up (it wasn't too cold, but chilly enough to be bundled) and went out for a stroller walk for almost an hour. Gram Mary came by for the afternoon, brought some lunch and survived a nap-less afternoon (not for lack of trying on our end, believe me).

The other big (screen) news (in HD) this week, is that Ben finally got his birthday present (from back in JUNE). A nice big flat screen tv with PVR. We've been wanting this for quite some time...having Katie means our TV time is a little less flexible and seriously, when you only watch TV from about 7:30 to 9:00 (because you fall asleep), you miss a lot of good stuff and end up watching a lot of so-so stuff. The recording capability of the PVR is awesome. Yay for finally catching up with technology (for the next 5 minutes anyway!).

Hope you're all having a lovely day.
PS...Seriously, we've got a CUTE video of Katie and the pancakes, but it's not uploading well...I'm working on it and have a few videos to catch up on when we figure it all out. Eventually. =)

Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night, Katie wasn't in a mood to settle down to sleep quickly. Maybe I did jinx it! After about an hour of hearing her rustling around and chatting, Ben went in and found that she had escaped completely out of her PJ's. One piece with feet and snap buttons all the way down and she'd undone them all. Crazy girl. Ben went downstairs and got the one pair of pj's we have that are zippered instead while I hugged her (she slipped off the bed when our visit startled her and was crying). She did eventually settle down and was still dressed this morning when we went in to get her.

This girl sometimes has a weird thing about clothes. (I suppose many toddlers do?) The other night Ben walked with her from her bedroom to the tub where I was waiting for her. And she had insisted on wearing her shoes...and the rest of the emperors new clothes.
At play group on Tuesday, Papa reported that she had had lots of fun playing with a play kitchen stove.
So, Ben spent the evening renovating our kitchen. This play kitchen was a gift from Gram and Papa that we were going to save for Christmas, but she's so ready for it now that we couldn't wait any longer! Ben installed the whole kitchen himself and Katie learned the word "countertop". (is that one word?) It fits perfectly in our kitchen and will hopefully keep Katie busy cooking while we do the real cooking.
The kitchen comes with a grilled cheese sandwich, fries, ketchup and a cookie! (we seriously need some plastic fruit and veg asap!) And lots of plates and cutlery. It's a Cook 'N Clean kitchen, so there's also a washer and dryer and an iron (she said right away "ironing, Dad" since Ben is seen ironing most often in our house)
It has various buttons and makes all kinds of noises. It even reads some computer bit in the food and makes appropriate cooking sounds/comments about the food.
It's very cute, she really likes it and it's such a good height for her too!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's all you get.

Good news is, I have pictures for you...Bad news is no videos and not as many pictures as I'd hoped (darn computer...I'm emailing "TechrussSupport" again soon).

Katie had her 18 month immunizations and flu shot yesterday. Papa drove but I came too...Katie's definitely been wanting me more these days...noticing that she's spending quite a bit of time away from me (she says "Come see Mom!") I came along too, to be there for something that's not so fun. She handled it well and had no side effects...slept right through the night actually.

The sleeping in the big girl bed is improving...some combination of getting better from her cold, getting over her teething or just getting used to the bed. Ben hasn't had to go in and put her back in bed for a few nights in a row now. And she's been going to sleep very easily (hope I don't jinx us as I say that!).

The walking is progressing...did I mention the other day that she was walking with her walker toy? I think I did. I do have a video and will get it up when I can. Here are pictures in the meantime:
On the weekend we went swimming to the new-ish pool in St. Albert (Servus Place). It was fun though we still like Millennium Place better. Papa came with to see how we do the swim routine, so that he and Katie can go sometime when they're together. (I sat on the sidelines and had a coffee...nice to get out!) It's been a while since we've been to a pool and it's always nice to see that Katie still enjoys it. We had perogies for dinner the other night...homemade ones from GG Mary! My goodness, they were SO GOOD. I think that if Ben could only ever eat these perogies again for the rest of his life he'd be a very happy man. That's how much he loves them. We must learn to make them.
Katie really liked them too!And that's it for pictures. Baby number two and I are still doing well, no news there. I'm sure there's other good Katie things to tell but I'm having trouble remembering. Oh well...I'll try and post again tomorrow with more pictures or something and then we'll talk more. Sound good?

See you then!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh what a toddler...!

My goodness we have a toddler these days!

The other morning Katie was, for some reason, upset at breakfast. It was standard favorite breakfast fare...Cheerios in milk and pear on the side, but for some reason that only Katie knows it was Not Good and she didn't want any of it. I tried draining the milk from the spoon and just giving her the cheerios, but that wasn't good. could she not want the pear?...she LOVES pear. There was lots of crying...some hand waving and squishing of pear and maybe even a little throwing of cheerios. Eventually, dad saved the day and dug up an orange...mandarin...which has also been a favorite lately. This saved the day and somehow turned the whole attitude around. Cheerios (dry ones) were eaten. Milk (in a cup) was drank. Even the pear was better now. It was a total, unreasonable (to adult eyes) toddler temper tantrum. Interesting. The rest of the day was much better.

Last week Auntie Andrea had returned from a work trip to Hong Kong and brought back a Minnie Mouse from HK Disney for Katie...Katie likes!
And hugs...!The other evening Katie was saying something to Ben and I and it took us forever to decipher what it was she was saying and then it dawned on us..."Music" she was saying. She wanted us to turn on the radio and put some music on, like we had done a few days before. So we did and we had fun dancing and she was very pleased that we had understood her. (This is SO important to her, and maybe all kids, I think.)Katie also found some nice bracelets...labels from mom's yarn. The other day (when I'd forgotten the camera at Gram and Papa's) Katie had lots of fun working on her signature walk (which currently mostly includes holding someone else's fingers but sometimes a table will do). A step here and there without fingers and in time she'll be running around. Notice the cute's a size 3T but fits perfectly...a great colour on her and a very cute style. I'm in the midst of downloading some little movies...including to show off a Halloween card that Katie received from Auntie Alli and Uncle Shannon, but it's taking forever so I'll have to share those later.

Last night Katie woke up and cried for quite a while...Ben went in and eventually guessed that her teeth were hurting (as best as we could tell) and gave her baby tylenol...after a bit more back rubbing from me, she fell asleep snoring peacefully. Slept in until 7:15 this morning and woke up perky as can be. We're glad she's feeling better. I'm sure there are teeth coming in, though I honestly haven't been able to check since she won't let me in her mouth these days. I'll take her word for it. =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Neefulls, Spood and More

More blog...but fewer pictures...Argh...I was all excited to end my stretch of blog procrastination (blogcrastination?) and I forgot the camera at Gram and Papa's. So sorry. I will update you with words and get pics tomorrow.

Katie has had "Neefulls" (sniffles) since about Friday. Saturday was the worst but she's getting much better. It's a little funny though, because of how cute her words sound with her stuffy nose...A book titled "Numbers" becomes "Dum-bers" and "Spoon" becomes "Spood" and so on. I know we all know what it sounds like, but as with everything else, it's cuter when Katie does it. =)

I did forget to mention last week, but we are now going on about 2 weeks sleeping in our big girl bed. It took us longer than expected to child proof the room (how to "lock" the sliding closet doors?...expandable shower curtain rods...genius!) but we're in and she's doing well for the most part. Usually, after we put her to bed Ben has to go in a couple of times and set her back in the bed because she crawls out and starts banging on the door (well, more like tapping). And we have found her asleep on the floor a couple of times in the morning...this morning, she was asleep right behind the door so Ben had to gently shove the door open to get her. (she had started to wake up but was still lying down). She also usually drags her blanket with her. So at least we know she's ok and cuddly.

While not walking yet, she show's signs of progress daily. Ben tricks her sometimes and when holding out fingers for her to grab onto...will pull back a bit with one and get her to take a step or two while just holding onto one finger. And tonight when I really wish we'd had the camera to take a video, she showed amazing skill "walking" while holding onto a walker toy...Ben usually holds the toy to stop it from running away on her, but today he let go and she walked (so fast!) holding on to it all by herself. And the best thing was that she was SO pleased with herself. Her mouth was WIDE open and and she was giggling was the cutest thing. I'll try and get a video because it is adorable.

Yesterday was Remberance Day and a lovely snowed overnight and actually stayed on all the trees and looked like a pretty Christmas card. Ben's dad came over for a bit and did a ton of work helping clean the house...He and Ben made this place sparkle! We are so grateful! We also had a visit from family friends Darlene and Tuck, who kindly dropped off some meals for us (So many of you have done this and we're so thankful to everyone!). We visited for a bit and Katie was super shy for some reason (she does that sometimes) but as soon as they left all she said for the rest of the day was "Darlene and Tuck, Darlene and Tuck...etc". Silly shy girl!

The rest of "Plan Bed Rest" is going well. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving Veronica Mars? Seriously, how did I not know how awesome this show was? And I've finished knitting a cardigan for myself, a hat and mitts for Katie, some secret knitting and read almost a whole book. My Drs appointment today went well and he said that with the proper rest etc, he suspects I may even go full term...but who knows. We are 30 weeks today, so only 10 weeks to go.

I'll wrap it up, since, without pictures, this is getting a bit long, but I MUST mention how Ben made amazing Spicey Pumpin Soup today. Yum Yum...Katie enjoyed it too. And it makes enough to freeze a bunch as well...great recipe this one.

That's it for today to you soon! (with pictures and hopefully, cute video)
P.S. The snow is all gone and melted as it was something like 7 degrees today...just so you know if you're not here!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

And the pictures...!

Hello! Here are the pictures I promised from Halloween, plus some others from the last week or so.
Katie, goofing off in the morning with her "crown", which "fell off" a number of times.
Accident, or fun...I think you can guess!
Since I've been on bed rest, I'm not seeing Katie much during the day...thus the flash-y early morning/late evening pictures. This is one thing Katie does a fair her bookshelf. As quick as we can put the books away, they get pulled out again. When can we start teaching her the clean-up game?
I mentioned that Ben's been doing all the house chores...this what I see a fair bit these days...good dishes dad!
And Katie and I do manage to make the most of our time together..lots of giggles.
Ah, the Halloween shots! Here's Katie in her bunny costume (vintage, remember?):This bunny does more crawling then hopping!Katie went trick or treating to Grandpa and Grams house...Is that candy in her hands? Trust me, she didn't taste a bit. A new, fun game that Gram Cheryl taught us and Katie, is to play "Magic Carpet" where an adult (though really, it could be anyone with the ability to walk) pulls her around on her blanket...she LOVES this. Plays the whole "Again!" routine...rather like starting to pet a puppy...who won't ever let you stop!Fun!This past weekend, Ben took Katie to the was a lovely sunny day...maybe the last like that in a while? (it's starting to feel a tiny bit like November!)Looks like there was some bouncing!And some more of the yellow balls that she loves to play with so much!I think it's actually an abacus, but I doubt she's using it as such. Not yet anyway!Here are the videos of the pink bunny in action!

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's too funny

Well, I had all sorts of pictures picked out and even adorable Katie video to share with you, but we're having some minor internet connection issues (I'll be emailing the tech support later today!) and it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Instead I'll just have to tell you some Katie stories.

Last week Ben and I were chatting while Katie played with her toys and I said "It's too funny..." (I don't remember what was funny but anyway...) and Katie repeats what I said "it's too funny". Ben and I, of course, think THAT's pretty funny, and we start laughing. Katie looks at us again and says it a few more times, enjoying the reaction and we start laughing harder. THEN, she starts this fake laughing and fake wide toothy smiling and apparently, my daughter has learned to mock me already. She was totally making fun of me laughing. Which made me laugh even harder etcetc. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. What a sweetie.

She's still not walking but every day we say "wow, she's so close" and the concensus is she is certainly able to walk, but just choosing not too (a bit timid and reluctant to let go of our hands she is.).

For Halloween (again, we have cute pictures that I'm dying to share!) she ended up wearing an old bunny costume that either myself or Auntie Andrea wore when were were little. A simple little costume with long bunny ears. She really loved being in the costume...went to a Halloween party with Papa at playgroup on Thursday and had lots of fun.

And in other important news...Katie's been spending lots of extra time with Papa and other grandparents and dad because I've been put on bed rest for (most likely) the rest of the pregnancy...apparently the baby is showing some signs of coming early, so bed rest will hopefully convince it to stay a while longer. I'm feeling fine and thanks to knitting, dvd's, books and the internet am not terribly bored yet. It's a little hard not being able to help out with Katie or around the house at all, but I guess I ahve to accept that I've just been promoted to taking care of Baby #2 full time.

I am proud to say that Ben is showing excellent potential as head chef of the household and has made a top notch Chickpea Soup (one of our favotites!) as well as a few other things. I'll keep you posted on how well he does and if he will remain head chef upon my return to the kitchen. =)

Funny how now that I have much more time to blog, I have much less to blog about. So, I'll get pictures and video as soon as I can and continue to let you know anything new and exciting about Katie (and of course Baby #2 if he/she decides to show dicipline issues in utero and dissobeys my orders to "Stay In Your Room!").

Take care (as we are),

Sunday, October 26, 2008

18 Months!

We've got a couple of birthdays to talk about in this post, but it's a very important UNbirthday I want to start with! Katie is 18 months old today! Wow! How and when did this happen!? She's such a big little girl and all all I can think about is how on earth is it possible to love someone this much.

And I'm please to inform you, that Katie's mood has much improved since earlier this week...we officially think that her crankiness was related to teething and not impending "terrible two's" or something similar. We've been actually enjoying reading some books...including this one, about trains (that's for Uncle Shannon!).
And Katie's been showing her independence by choosing some of her own clothes this week. She insisted on wearing these pants 2 days in a row and once with a very not matching polka dot shirt too. And these pants...are teeny tiny...size 9-12 months. Super stretchy so they do fit but barely. Ah well, it's good to let her make some choices for herself some days. Yesterday we went (sans dad...recovering from the flu...but much better now) to Gram and Grandpa's to celebrate this special lady's birthday...Happy Birthday Great Grandma Mary!Of course, as Katie knows well, with birthday's come cake...which she very much enjoyed. Grandpa spoiled her and let her pick at the icing.And Auntie Jen and Uncle Ray helped her gulp down a yummy piece of cake and ice cream. After all the excitement, we had a nice sleep in this morning, until about 7:15 and had a restful but at the same time busy and productive day. Dad was the star of the show and made muffins...possibly the first batch he's made (since we've been married at least). We did have to sample one and make sure they were delicious...Because they were for a very important family...our bowling partners and close friends Jon and Shelley welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their house about a week and a bit baby L.I only had time to visit a few minutes but both mom and baby seem to be doing great...we're so pleased to have more friends for Katie to play with. We are also pleased to say that our frequent playdate friends Megan and baby D welcomed anew baby this past weekend as well! Little baby (boy) M. (hmm...the privacy letter naming issue could get confusing if more friends have babies eh?) They are apparently doing very well and we'll share pictures too when they are settled and we can bring them muffins too.

Such excitement in one weekend! Was your weekend as exciting?

PS...things are getting colder a bit weather-wise these days...and that reminds me that I've been meaning to share this awesome soup recipe for weeks now! It was easy, tasty and surprisingly filling for "just a soup". Kind of spicy but the brown sugar balances it out well. Spicey Pumpkin Soup. Hope you like it!