Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh the pancakes!

Katie is standing up a lot more these days, like this:And even doing a fair bit of walking on her knees. We were at Gram and Grandpa's on Sunday for dinner and she had so much fun balancing on their big comfy chair. She'd crouch with her hands on the arm of the chair...slowly straighten her legs a bit to stand...and let go of her hands and fall down back onto the chair. We think she liked the falling backwards more than the standing up. But it was a great show of core strength and interest on experimenting with balance.

Last week I had a visit from my friend Shelley and her new (5 weeks) baby L. He was adorable...we laid out a blanket and he just slept and stretched and eventually ate while we ate lunch and chatted away. It was a great visit and a nice reminder of the peacefulness of newborns. (whether or not they are still peaceful with a toddler in the background we will have to find out)(and we're trying hard not to remember the sleepless night and crying...Shhh!)
Speaking of the toddler in the house...she is such a funny girl, definitely getting into things. Somehow I thought that letting her play with my shiny lipstick (yes, I actually own lipstick though I almost never wear it) would be a fine thing to do. "She doesn't even know how to open it, it's just a shiny thing to play with!" I forgot that this smart girl would figure out how to open it. And then, when I told myself it was fine because she probably couldn't figure out how to twist it to get the colour out...she went and proved me wrong. I stopped it quick enough that she didn't get any on her face, just her fingers. There's lots of time for playing with makeup down the road.
Sunday morning, Ben was Superdad (as always) and made Katie some pancakes. Not just any pancakes though...Mickey Mouse Pancakes!
This girl LOVED those pancakes. She bites off one ear and then the other while repeatedly saying "Mickey Mouse!" So cute. I'm so glad that biting off the ears is fun and not traumatic at all. =)
Yesterday we had a great day...My Auntie Muriel came by in the morning to help with Katie and the two got along very well. The even got all bundled up (it wasn't too cold, but chilly enough to be bundled) and went out for a stroller walk for almost an hour. Gram Mary came by for the afternoon, brought some lunch and survived a nap-less afternoon (not for lack of trying on our end, believe me).

The other big (screen) news (in HD) this week, is that Ben finally got his birthday present (from back in JUNE). A nice big flat screen tv with PVR. We've been wanting this for quite some time...having Katie means our TV time is a little less flexible and seriously, when you only watch TV from about 7:30 to 9:00 (because you fall asleep), you miss a lot of good stuff and end up watching a lot of so-so stuff. The recording capability of the PVR is awesome. Yay for finally catching up with technology (for the next 5 minutes anyway!).

Hope you're all having a lovely day.
PS...Seriously, we've got a CUTE video of Katie and the pancakes, but it's not uploading well...I'm working on it and have a few videos to catch up on when we figure it all out. Eventually. =)

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