Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's all you get.

Good news is, I have pictures for you...Bad news is no videos and not as many pictures as I'd hoped (darn computer...I'm emailing "TechrussSupport" again soon).

Katie had her 18 month immunizations and flu shot yesterday. Papa drove but I came too...Katie's definitely been wanting me more these days...noticing that she's spending quite a bit of time away from me (she says "Come see Mom!") I came along too, to be there for something that's not so fun. She handled it well and had no side effects...slept right through the night actually.

The sleeping in the big girl bed is improving...some combination of getting better from her cold, getting over her teething or just getting used to the bed. Ben hasn't had to go in and put her back in bed for a few nights in a row now. And she's been going to sleep very easily (hope I don't jinx us as I say that!).

The walking is progressing...did I mention the other day that she was walking with her walker toy? I think I did. I do have a video and will get it up when I can. Here are pictures in the meantime:
On the weekend we went swimming to the new-ish pool in St. Albert (Servus Place). It was fun though we still like Millennium Place better. Papa came with to see how we do the swim routine, so that he and Katie can go sometime when they're together. (I sat on the sidelines and had a coffee...nice to get out!) It's been a while since we've been to a pool and it's always nice to see that Katie still enjoys it. We had perogies for dinner the other night...homemade ones from GG Mary! My goodness, they were SO GOOD. I think that if Ben could only ever eat these perogies again for the rest of his life he'd be a very happy man. That's how much he loves them. We must learn to make them.
Katie really liked them too!And that's it for pictures. Baby number two and I are still doing well, no news there. I'm sure there's other good Katie things to tell but I'm having trouble remembering. Oh well...I'll try and post again tomorrow with more pictures or something and then we'll talk more. Sound good?

See you then!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

Charlie and I are absolutely drooling over Grandma Mary's perogies!!!!!! Yum, Yum Katie is looking so grown up. Hope your pregnancy is going well. Looking forward to hearing (and reading) about the new addition.
Love and kisses,