Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Neefulls, Spood and More

More blog...but fewer pictures...Argh...I was all excited to end my stretch of blog procrastination (blogcrastination?) and I forgot the camera at Gram and Papa's. So sorry. I will update you with words and get pics tomorrow.

Katie has had "Neefulls" (sniffles) since about Friday. Saturday was the worst but she's getting much better. It's a little funny though, because of how cute her words sound with her stuffy nose...A book titled "Numbers" becomes "Dum-bers" and "Spoon" becomes "Spood" and so on. I know we all know what it sounds like, but as with everything else, it's cuter when Katie does it. =)

I did forget to mention last week, but we are now going on about 2 weeks sleeping in our big girl bed. It took us longer than expected to child proof the room (how to "lock" the sliding closet doors?...expandable shower curtain rods...genius!) but we're in and she's doing well for the most part. Usually, after we put her to bed Ben has to go in a couple of times and set her back in the bed because she crawls out and starts banging on the door (well, more like tapping). And we have found her asleep on the floor a couple of times in the morning...this morning, she was asleep right behind the door so Ben had to gently shove the door open to get her. (she had started to wake up but was still lying down). She also usually drags her blanket with her. So at least we know she's ok and cuddly.

While not walking yet, she show's signs of progress daily. Ben tricks her sometimes and when holding out fingers for her to grab onto...will pull back a bit with one and get her to take a step or two while just holding onto one finger. And tonight when I really wish we'd had the camera to take a video, she showed amazing skill "walking" while holding onto a walker toy...Ben usually holds the toy to stop it from running away on her, but today he let go and she walked (so fast!) holding on to it all by herself. And the best thing was that she was SO pleased with herself. Her mouth was WIDE open and and she was giggling was the cutest thing. I'll try and get a video because it is adorable.

Yesterday was Remberance Day and a lovely snowed overnight and actually stayed on all the trees and looked like a pretty Christmas card. Ben's dad came over for a bit and did a ton of work helping clean the house...He and Ben made this place sparkle! We are so grateful! We also had a visit from family friends Darlene and Tuck, who kindly dropped off some meals for us (So many of you have done this and we're so thankful to everyone!). We visited for a bit and Katie was super shy for some reason (she does that sometimes) but as soon as they left all she said for the rest of the day was "Darlene and Tuck, Darlene and Tuck...etc". Silly shy girl!

The rest of "Plan Bed Rest" is going well. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving Veronica Mars? Seriously, how did I not know how awesome this show was? And I've finished knitting a cardigan for myself, a hat and mitts for Katie, some secret knitting and read almost a whole book. My Drs appointment today went well and he said that with the proper rest etc, he suspects I may even go full term...but who knows. We are 30 weeks today, so only 10 weeks to go.

I'll wrap it up, since, without pictures, this is getting a bit long, but I MUST mention how Ben made amazing Spicey Pumpin Soup today. Yum Yum...Katie enjoyed it too. And it makes enough to freeze a bunch as well...great recipe this one.

That's it for today to you soon! (with pictures and hopefully, cute video)
P.S. The snow is all gone and melted as it was something like 7 degrees today...just so you know if you're not here!

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