Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sam is one! (month old)

Today is Sam's one month unbirthday! How exciting! We are definitely settling into more sleep (and at the right times!) as she's beginning to learn night from day. I like when she;s awak in the daytime and you can see her eyes looking around a bit...I'm sure she's seeing more and the gears are turning.
I actually, MIGHT have had a 4 hour stretch of sleep last night...SHhhh...don't tell anyone! I'm not certain, since I'm not sure what time I'd last put her down and gone to sleep myself, but I know she woke up at 4am and I felt very well rested and I don't remember being awake after midnight...but I may have just been very sleepy. I shouldn't even say anything since I'm sure it'll jinx us now. Anyway, whether it was real or not, getting a few hours of sleep was really nice. =)

We've been pretty busy lately...Sam caught and has almost gotten over a little cold. We actually took her to a medicentre on Sat morning, just to double check that the little cough she had was ok. Her nose was stuffy too. It seems much better today. Katie will have to learn that some things are better off not shared.

Last week we went for coffee with Joanne, the girls and Shelley and baby Lincoln. We had a good time although we were all a little dissapointed to get there at 9:30 and learn that while Starbucks was open, the Chapters wasn't open for a half hour...hard to keep the three big girls entertained without the Thomas the Train set that Chapters provides. (There may have been some use of the security sensor thing by the doors as a jungle gym, but I won't tell you who did it!). Once Chapters opened we made a beeline for the trains and all was well. Fun fun...(though really, we can't wait until spring and days where we can go to parks...father off than we thought now that it's snowing and -20ish again today).
Here's Katie eating her snack before everyone met us at Chapters.
And Sam...sleeping in Starbucks.
On Saturday we took the girls to Southgate to try out the Chariot as double stroller. Katie doesn't look too pleased, but she certainly tolerated the sharing. And I think the big winter coat makes it look like there's less room than there really is...I'm hoping they're both comfortable in there...actually, my fitness plan is counting on it! (strollercize, here we come....in about a month or so!) (see Sam's hammock/sling thing? What a neat way to add a baby to a stroller isn't it?)
Sunday was a BIG DAY...we had a baby shower to welcome Sam into the family. It was at Gram and Papa's house. A ladies only event, with many family and friends.
There were lots of welcome presents for Sam and people were thoughtful and brought some for Katie too.
This elephant hat was one of the gifts.
And this hat was knti by Great Auntie Gail for Sam...Katie tried it on and it was way too small for her. (and actually a tiny bit small on Sam...it may just be a doll hat, but it's SO adorable!)(Katie's still been trying it on at home yesterday and today)Sam slept through most of the shower but when she woke up she was VERY alert and awake with big big eyes! She's wearing a dress that Auntie Alli had given Katie. It iooked lovely (over her sleeper...it's winter after all!).Another of the "consolation" gifts Katie got was this tiny doll stroller...a big hit! She didn't stop walking with it for the remainder of the party. And has been walking around the house too with her dolls in it. I did mention to her that it was only for dolls and not for Katie (when I saw her looking at it with a glint in her eye) but still found her sitting in it twice this afternoon. She got right out when I told her too though...lets hope repitition works and she learns what's appropriate.

Repitition clearly did not teach me this afternoon...no matter how many times Ben has reminded me to put the stoppers back on Katie's closet doors when I'm done, so that when you come back home from an outing (such as today's playgroup) you don't forget and put Katie to sleep in a room with closet doors that can open, I totally forgot and this was this result: I heard a noise and went to find Katie had opened the door and pulled out ALL her shoes (some old and too small and others new and too big). She found these new ones and got them on all by herself. She was eager to show me her shoes. And see that...behind the hair...a glint in her eye. (and through all this, Sam was sleeping).

(apologies for any typos in this post...I'm needed and no time to review...I'll check later or tomorrow and make changes if needed.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

9lbs 4oz

We had Sam weighed yesterday and she weighs 9lbs 4oz...can you believe it?? At 3.5 weeks old, up from her initial weight of 6lbs 11oz...this must be some kind of record.

She's still spitting up lots (LOTS), so starting yesterday, as advised by the nurse at the clinic where we had her weighed (those nurses are so awesome!), we tried elevating her mattress a bit (height of a tuna can). Maybe it was coincidence, but we had a super sleep last night...let's hope it continues.

And maybe I'm just high from all that sleep, but I feel like this week we're seeing a tiny bit of a new Samantha...feel like she's seeing more when she looks around...and just have this sense that she's adjusting more to life...maybe it's just all that extra weight giving her face a more grown look or something. Who knows...I just can't believe she'll be a month old this Saturday.

Katie has discovered that there are "things" on top of the counters in the kitchen and walks around with her arms stretched high to see what she can find. It's so startling to suddenly realize the huge extent of her reach now...must think more about where to put things where she can't get them.

Katie has also recently discovered walking in circles and making herself dizzy...she likes it.

The new van is awesome...no pictures yet. Remind me. =)

Had a super Family Day long weekend with a visit from Auntie Alli...tons of cute pictures but all on the camera...

This is one of those "Sam's sleeping in my arms/Katie's napping/Typing with one hand" posts. Better than nothing...lots of pictures soon, I promise! =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sick and a Van

This was us in the car earlier this week...
I don't think it really comes across how cramped we feel in the Honda. But the cramped-ness is a problem no more...we have a van! I don't have pictures of it yet, but it's sitting in the garage and it's "paid for-registration transferred-insurance arranged" ours! 2005, Toyota Sienna, White. Pictures of a happy family in a big car to come. Want a ride? We have room! =)

On the weekend we had a visit from GG Mary and G Auntie Gail.
It was a nice visit...Sam was admired and they said Katie was noticeably bigger and smarter since they last saw her.
We've had a few outings this week, just myself and the girls. Shopping for the first time on Monday..Hmm...it's definitely a challenge but doable. Katie walking helps, but is also a bit slower than what I'm used to. Yesterday we ventured over to the University to visit Grandma Cheryl at work and have coffee. Katie had lots of fun walking around looking at all the big kids. But I think Grandma had more fun showing her off.
Today Katie has the sniffles and cuddled up with some books in her chair.
She's sniffly but still smiley. While Katie was reading, Sam was snuggling in her blanket. (not sleeping unfortnately). (but then again not fussing or sniffly either, so I'll take it!)Hope you have a good Thursday!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week two

Well, Sam is two weeks old today and things are going swimingly.

We had her weighed this week on Tuesday and she was 7 pounds 3 ounces and then again Friday at the pediatricians and she was 7 pounds 7 ounces...Nurses and the Dr were all very impressed and I don't think we're going to need to supplement with any formula this time (not that that's a bad thing, just easier not to). Sam is growing well and the Dr says her reflexes are all good etcetc.

She has been spitting up a lot this past week...something that seems to cause her discomfort and though it's apparently not interfering with her milk intake, the Dr suggested a mild antacid thinking it might be some kind of acid reflux. If it helps that would be great...I feel like there's a couple of nights that it's bothered her and impeded her (and MY) sleep.

Thankfully, overall her sleep patterns at night have been fairly good the past few days and I'm getting 2 hours at a time of sleep intersperced with about 30 min or an hour's worth of feeding/changing/cuddling. I can totally deal with that kind of sleep. I think waking up to go to the bathroom every hour at night like I did in the last month of pregnancy really helped prep me for the lack of sleep. =)

We had a busy and lovely week. My cousin Shannon visited last weekend...we had a great chat and Sam was very comfy in her arms.
We've already started trying to give Sam some tummy time...and Katie was right in there lying down on the floor next to her sister.
If you've followed the blog for a while, you'll know that I have a thing for cute baby hats. I made this one in the summer, not even intending it to be for Sam, but it's cute and fits ok with room to grow.
JoAnne and the girls came by early in the week and we had a great play date and the twims were pretty excited to see the baby...especialy G. Both girls though started playing with the cradle (while Sam wasn't in there) sticking a bear and some blankets and rocking the cradle. If they were a bit older I'd think we have babysitters to call.
Gram stopped by after work one night this week and had a visit with her granddaughters.
Katie managed t0 climb into the big chair all by herself. And Barbie came with her. It's a good chair for reading. And today Ben's out with Grandpa scouting out some vans. (we want a van so badly!) The girls and I are just hanging out.

Katie also had a couple of great days at playgroup this week, going down the big slide by herself. We forgot to mention it, but a few weeks ago (before Sam) Katie learned to open her bedroom door...at first, while it was exciting that she figured it out, we were worried that she'd do it at night and get out on her own, but that's ever happened. I sort of thought she'd forgotten about the new skill until I saw her this morning while I was feeding Sam, going in our bedroom, closing the door and then opening it. Woo...taste of independence!

Sam and I had our first solo night out last night when we went for a coffee date with Stephanie. I forgot the camera or we'd have a very cute picture of the 3 of us at Starbucks. Babies are so lovely and portable when they're this young.

Anyway...things are going well. Talk to you soon! (Time to think about getting lunch ready!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Put Sam in The Cradle!

Today (Monday) was my first real day without Ben or Papa helping out with the girls. I cheated a bit and invited Joanne and her girls over for a play date, so we weren't all by ourselves all day. The play date was great...Joanne brought nice coffee and oo'ed and aw'ed over Sam. Katie loves having the twins over...they still don't all play together but they do join forces and take out as many toys as they can and make the living room look like a disaster zone. Oh, basement, how I look forward to having you renovated...! (The renos were obviously put on hold with the bed rest and new arrival...we'll continue when we can.)

The afternoon was a bit long and I could tell that Katie was starting to feel the lack of direct atttention when I needed to hold or feed Sam. She's even started saying "Put Sam in the cradle!" as if to say "Hey, I've got a good idea!"...it's kind of cute but also kind of hard to hear her wanting more attention. Oh well, it's all part of the "let's not spoil Katie" growth plan. Here are some of the other steps in the plan:
1. Make sibling so Katie is forced to learn to share by having to share Everything.
2. Don't always give her some of mom's Toast/Ice Cream/"insert any food here".
3. Making her wear her hair in pig or pony tails even if she doesn't want to.
4. Return library books.
5. Tell her repeatedly that hands are NOT for hitting. (there are other ways to express frustration over items 1-4)

There are many more items in this long term growth plan, but I can't think of them right now. Probably because it's after midnight and I'm typing this whole blog one handed...Sam's asleep in my other arm and I'm just making sure she's really asleep and not faking it. You know how that is. (I guess another item in the plan should be "Share blog with Sam"...or something like that.)

Sam is well (oops, I'm afterthought posting about Sam...it's going to take some getting used to blogging about two girls!)...spitting up lots yesterday, but we're thinking it's normal. I'm planning on taking San to get weighed tomorrow (Tuesday) while Papa rakes Katie to playgroup. Hopefully she's gaining weight as well as she should be. I'll let you know!