Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Put Sam in The Cradle!

Today (Monday) was my first real day without Ben or Papa helping out with the girls. I cheated a bit and invited Joanne and her girls over for a play date, so we weren't all by ourselves all day. The play date was great...Joanne brought nice coffee and oo'ed and aw'ed over Sam. Katie loves having the twins over...they still don't all play together but they do join forces and take out as many toys as they can and make the living room look like a disaster zone. Oh, basement, how I look forward to having you renovated...! (The renos were obviously put on hold with the bed rest and new arrival...we'll continue when we can.)

The afternoon was a bit long and I could tell that Katie was starting to feel the lack of direct atttention when I needed to hold or feed Sam. She's even started saying "Put Sam in the cradle!" as if to say "Hey, I've got a good idea!"...it's kind of cute but also kind of hard to hear her wanting more attention. Oh well, it's all part of the "let's not spoil Katie" growth plan. Here are some of the other steps in the plan:
1. Make sibling so Katie is forced to learn to share by having to share Everything.
2. Don't always give her some of mom's Toast/Ice Cream/"insert any food here".
3. Making her wear her hair in pig or pony tails even if she doesn't want to.
4. Return library books.
5. Tell her repeatedly that hands are NOT for hitting. (there are other ways to express frustration over items 1-4)

There are many more items in this long term growth plan, but I can't think of them right now. Probably because it's after midnight and I'm typing this whole blog one handed...Sam's asleep in my other arm and I'm just making sure she's really asleep and not faking it. You know how that is. (I guess another item in the plan should be "Share blog with Sam"...or something like that.)

Sam is well (oops, I'm afterthought posting about Sam...it's going to take some getting used to blogging about two girls!)...spitting up lots yesterday, but we're thinking it's normal. I'm planning on taking San to get weighed tomorrow (Tuesday) while Papa rakes Katie to playgroup. Hopefully she's gaining weight as well as she should be. I'll let you know!

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