Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sick and a Van

This was us in the car earlier this week...
I don't think it really comes across how cramped we feel in the Honda. But the cramped-ness is a problem no more...we have a van! I don't have pictures of it yet, but it's sitting in the garage and it's "paid for-registration transferred-insurance arranged" ours! 2005, Toyota Sienna, White. Pictures of a happy family in a big car to come. Want a ride? We have room! =)

On the weekend we had a visit from GG Mary and G Auntie Gail.
It was a nice visit...Sam was admired and they said Katie was noticeably bigger and smarter since they last saw her.
We've had a few outings this week, just myself and the girls. Shopping for the first time on's definitely a challenge but doable. Katie walking helps, but is also a bit slower than what I'm used to. Yesterday we ventured over to the University to visit Grandma Cheryl at work and have coffee. Katie had lots of fun walking around looking at all the big kids. But I think Grandma had more fun showing her off.
Today Katie has the sniffles and cuddled up with some books in her chair.
She's sniffly but still smiley. While Katie was reading, Sam was snuggling in her blanket. (not sleeping unfortnately). (but then again not fussing or sniffly either, so I'll take it!)Hope you have a good Thursday!

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