Wednesday, February 18, 2009

9lbs 4oz

We had Sam weighed yesterday and she weighs 9lbs 4oz...can you believe it?? At 3.5 weeks old, up from her initial weight of 6lbs 11oz...this must be some kind of record.

She's still spitting up lots (LOTS), so starting yesterday, as advised by the nurse at the clinic where we had her weighed (those nurses are so awesome!), we tried elevating her mattress a bit (height of a tuna can). Maybe it was coincidence, but we had a super sleep last night...let's hope it continues.

And maybe I'm just high from all that sleep, but I feel like this week we're seeing a tiny bit of a new Samantha...feel like she's seeing more when she looks around...and just have this sense that she's adjusting more to life...maybe it's just all that extra weight giving her face a more grown look or something. Who knows...I just can't believe she'll be a month old this Saturday.

Katie has discovered that there are "things" on top of the counters in the kitchen and walks around with her arms stretched high to see what she can find. It's so startling to suddenly realize the huge extent of her reach now...must think more about where to put things where she can't get them.

Katie has also recently discovered walking in circles and making herself dizzy...she likes it.

The new van is pictures yet. Remind me. =)

Had a super Family Day long weekend with a visit from Auntie Alli...tons of cute pictures but all on the camera...

This is one of those "Sam's sleeping in my arms/Katie's napping/Typing with one hand" posts. Better than nothing...lots of pictures soon, I promise! =)

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Anonymous said...

Sam and Katie are lucky to have such a great mom!! Heather you are super mom.

Love You Tons Ben