Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have I mentioned how much Sam is growing? She's talking up a storm (Katie can't even seem to get a word in edgewise!) and pretending as much as Jillian Jiggs.

Her colouring is improving too...Katie is exceptional and it appears that we have 2 artists in the family with strong fine motor skills. Sam coloured this page this evening...she does a great job of staying in the lines for her age (2.75 yrs to be accurate).

We also had a big moment yesterday when we weighed her and she's JUST enough of 40 pounds to make it into booster seat territory. Which makes things soo much easier with winter snow suits and everything.

Yay for big girls!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some super quick photos because I know I am behind in sharing with you!

At the playground, Sam in hat I knit. I've been a hat knitting monster this ever since I realized it was going to get cold. (and snowy, but only as of just yesterday!)

Katie and I at the playground. We rode our bikes as it was so nice and "warm".

The girls shaking their pigtails, us making chai tea, which we do a lot now, and some messy baking...the mess is one reason why I wasn't baking with the girls for a while. I'm taking a deep breath, letting go and we've been baking a bit more lately. Making two batches so that they each have a bowl to mix helps.

We bought letter cookie cutters for super fun cookies!

Pumpkin carving and princess dresses for Halloween! This is the best pic I got of the girls in costume. Princess with wings is apparently the costume "Du Jour" at preschool as all but maybe one girl was dressed as this. The girls went trick or treating with dad in Gram and Grandpa's neighborhood and had a lot of fun. I stayed home to hand out candy to the THREE kids that came to our house. Disappointing. Guess I should stop buying candy at Costco!

Sam and I went to a YMCA indoor playground (tis the season!) with friends Steph and W and new baby N. Sam thought she was super clever when she took off her pants and stuck them in the playhouse mailbox. She is so funny these days.

These two photos were taken at our nearby playground. We decided to go right before dinner one sunny afternoon. Beautiful day. Katie's wearing another new hat (though it is an exact replica of one I made her a couple of years ago). Sam is or course, wearing our favorite oldie but a goodie. The girls love playing on the teeter totter. Katie, being bigger, does make Sam bounce a bit at the top, so I stay close by, but they see, to have reached an age where Sam can handle a bounce and Katie has an idea of how hard to bounce her.

I'm not going back to edit this as the girls are bugging me for a snack. Just had to post something and I must be physically incapable or sharing just one photo or not commenting in depth or something. More to come, as I mentioned, we have finally had some snow and dad and the girls had a blast shoveling and making snow angels and sledding in the back yard and I have pictures to prove it. (though not good ones since it was dark).

Talk to you soon!