Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We still have fun...

...Even when we're not on holidays! Pictures are from last week as well as this week (since, as you know, last week was all about the holiday pictures!).

We've bought Katie the cutest chair...I've been wanting cute baby furniture for ages, but don't like the idea of paying $300 for a leather chair or anything crazy like that. So when we saw this one for under $20, it didn't take long to convince myself.
Katie loves it and for a while, every time we said "Katie, do you want to come out of your chair?" She'd say "NO" and lean back protectively. The fun of that game is wearing off, but she still likes it. (it folds up like a standard camping chair).
When we got back from our trip, one of the first things we did was call Joanne and Those _____ Girls. They were available so we all went to a spray park. (it was nice and hot that day!) The girls are walking and really enjoyed it. I plunked Katie down, she'd say "Hi!" and than would practice her Hands and Knees Crawling. (this is one of the girls in the pic...not sure which!)
The crawling is SO the new thing. She is very comfortable with it and is almost spending more time on her knees than she is scooting on her tummy.

We also spend quite a bit of time on our bum, eating yummy snacks like grapes.
Katie found a mom sock on the floor (um, no I don't really leave socks lying around...not THAT much...and certainly not if you're coming over!) and insisted we help her put it on.
She spent the whole morning wearing my socks. And wanting them off and on...and off and on...etc. (though she did sometimes get the words off and on confused...would point to the sock on her foot and try and grab it while saying "On, ON!"...meaning off... very insistently ...not hard to figure out what she meant but we really she make sure she gets it right someday)We also had a wonderful "first"...first bike ride in the Chariot! You've all seen us running with it, but did you know we could attach it too the bike too? Yep. It's pretty easy and very fun to tow her along. And I'd forgotten how much fun riding a bike is. Feels like your 12 years old all over again!Katie didn't like the helmet at first, but as soon as she saw dad and I wearing ours, she went along with it. She had so much fun in there...we can't wait to take her for all sorts of rides! Sunday night we were lucky enough to have an invite over to see Those _____ Girls. Really, they are getting so big those two...and the three of them are sort of starting to really play together a bit. Sort of. =)The twins are so nice about sharing toys with always! The adult side of the BBQ was lovely as well...great company and wonderful food. Monday we hung around at home for a bit and Katie discovered Kleenex. A classic kid photo...I'll admit, though I didn't stage the photo, I certainly didn't rush to take away the box when she discovered it. I was too busy grabbing the camera. Of course, that's a one time deal more tissue for you!Yesterday we'd arranged a play date with Megan and her son D. Went to a park near their house...a park with a spray park...D got a little wet and had lots of fun. Katie was mostly a play in the sand kind of girl. It's to good to let them get dirty, but boy oh boy, that sand gets Everywhere! Next time I'll have to strip her before taking her in the house...or take her straight to the bathtub!Yesterday, we also couldn't help but buy her one more's a music/buttons thing that has a standing option where the walker has wheels and a brake...the other one we have doesn't have a brake and so slides around and is useless for practicing standing. This one will be better we hope. Now, this is the toy that may have sparked one of the first real "closest thing we've seen to a" temper tantrum...(note the adorable skirt from Great Auntie Patti in's sized for 2 years but we had to try it's fits but nice and loose so I think it'll fit next year too!)

As you can see below, we gave her the toy to play with on the floor and then when we tried to move it up onto it's stand...she just freaked out...tears and kind of wasn't scary or anything, just the most upset we've seen her. And definitely in a tantrum way, not in an "I'm hurt" way. We've certainly been expecting this at some point but it was interesting to see. Admittedly, it was right before bed and we were big mean parents to give her a cool new toy and than take it away. (though I'll point out to Katie in case she read this...we were giving it back to you, you were just too upset to notice...sorry sweetie!) Really, it wasn't that bad, just an interesting reaction from her. She's been good as punch since.

In other news...Ben and Grandpa Ken have been hard at work on the basement and we're down to studs in most of it. Tile (both ceiling and floor certified asbestos free) all gone. Very exciting! Katie spent this afternoon with Grandma Cheryl while I was working and it sounds like they had lots of fun.

That's all (and lots) for now...hope you're having a wonderful week!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last of BC

Here's the last post and pictures from our trip to BC.

We finally joined up with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl at the little rented house in Summerland. Like Katie, it is a cutie!
One of my favorite things about the house is that there's a little ice cream place right nearby, so we had ice cream every night. We all share with Katie and here she's enjoying my cherry cone.
This is the view from the front patio/lawn. Beautiful! We had a room to share with Katie, which started off well, but then she woke up at 1:30am and required some back rubbing to calm down. (Thank you Ben!) Afterwards we could hear her chatting "No, No, Hi, Hi" and other things and were doing everything we could not to move in case she sensed we were there. (It was pitch black but I feel like her strong baby blues must have been able to see us.) Next morning, we decided that rooming together wasn't our we moved our mattress in the living room and everyone had a better nights from then on.

Next morning, after Ken and I hit a used baby clothes sale (score!) and had coffee with Cheryl, it was off to the beach again. Katie enjoying her new bucket/shovels from Grandma Cheryl.
Ben, relaxing in the shade.
Katie was goofing around (or what that us?) and started wearing Grandma's hat. Dad took her in the water for a bit and she giggled and giggled!She sat on the edge of the water and played with her toys and laughed at the waves ticking her toes. Next morning we got up early and checked out Penticton's farmers market. It was fantastic..lots of fresh fruit and veg and lovely baking and other handmade items. We had a great time walking around and Katie said hi to everyone and woofed at the puppies. Later, back at the beach, Katie made a mess eating cherries. Actually, I didn't let her eat them lest her hands and everything around them get stained...I fed them directly to her messy little lips. Honestly, I don't know what Katie thought, but they were the best cherries I think I've ever tasted!After seeing another baby with a pool toy the day before, we picked up something for Katie at the local Canadian Tire. An inflatable turtle floaty thing that she could sit in (easier for mom and dad to take her in the water!It has a little canopy for shade and a tiny pool in front for splashing. It was a big hit...Katie smiled and giggled and said "YEAH" more enthusiastically than I'd ever heard her. Worth every penny. =)Later on the beach, Katie was hungry and demonstrated her flexibility, of which we are all jealous. (not that we're anxious to be gnawing on our toes exactly mind you...!)With what little time and energy we had left in the hot hot day, we went down the way a bit to a spray park. These are lots of fun. Probably will be even more so when Katie's walking and can run through the sprinklers on her own.
After all this beach time, we were getting a little tired and decided it was time to pack up. We left early the next morning after breakfast. Grandma ("Gram" as Katie says) has one last cuddle.And we were off!We stopped in Golden for some lunch and Katie had fun trying to open and close the change pad. She looked over and said "Hi" (constantly) to the family next to us. We stopped in Canmore for a snack and a park break. Katie still loves the swings!We had thought about staying the night either in Canmore or somewhere else, but we were making good time, traffic wasn't bad and Katie was doing really well, so we kept heading home.

In Airdrie, we gassed up and headed to the bathrooms...but alas! They had no baby change table. Ew! So we changed a diaper right on the grass by the main road. Is this what Canadian moms really do?We made it home around 9:30 safe and sound. Katie slept through the night no problem. The car ride was fine, if you didn't mind singing made up verses of "Old Macdonald had a Farm" and "Bingo" for a couple of hours (we didn't mind).

All in all a great trip with lots of nice memories.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BC Part 2

On our second day of the trip we made our way to Vernon and had a visit with Katie's great Uncle Pat and great Auntie Mo. We had such a nice visit with them! I was having so much fun (apparently) that I forgot to take any pictures of the two of them! Oh dear!

Before dinner we went for Katie's first ever boat ride! It was so exciting (for me too...can't remember the last time I was on a boat!)!
Katie was "cool" in her sunglasses.
She was having lots of fun...for a short while...
And then she fell asleep! It was the funniest thing ever. Since she had her sunglasses on, we couldn't see her eyes and it wasn't until Auntie Maureen noticed that her head was bobbing that we realized she'd been lulled asleep by the rocking of the boat. It was actually a good thing since she'd not napped much earlier. (darn poop...always ruins a good nap!)
Here's a picture of the sleeping beauty.
We had a lovely dinner, followed by a visit with my cousin Jackie and her boys Nolan and Conner (whom Katie just adores...I think he's the closest in age to her of the whole family!). Katie went to sleep a bit later than normal, but that didn't stop her from waking up bright and early at 5am (6am Edmonton not really that bad!). We were fed pancakes and given big hugs and then we were off to Summerland and Penticton. It was such a nice visit but I can't really explain it in wasn't just having a place to stay or dinner, but spending time with family that you've known forever and having a chance to catch up and have interesting conversations. Just so wonderful! Thanks again P and M!

Of course, by the time we got to Penticton it was only about 9 or 10am, so we had lots of time before meeting up with Ben's parents. We checked out the Lakeside in Penticton:
And relaxed on Skaha beach on the other side of Penticton. Katie had snacks and milk after lunch, but was too distracted to nap much. So we donned bathing suits and played in the shade (and the lake but more pics of that tomorrow).Katie is not kissing you, but saying "NO". Still a very popular word these days along with "Hi!" the new favorite. She says Hi to everybody she can. (too cute!)She looks a bit tired here doesn't she?When we'd had enough of the beach we wandered around Summerland and picked up some of dad's Favorite potato salad...for a snack. Yum! Trip tales continue tomorrow...when we see Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back from BC!

Hello and...Surprise! We were away on holidays last week and didn't tell you don't steal from our house...or have parties while we're away. You know how it is. =)

We left last Tuesday and slowly made our way to Summerland and Penticton BC. I'll spread out the posts and take us only as far as Mara lake today.

Katie having fun with her toes in the car.
She was very good at entertaining herself in the car. Playing peekaboo even!
She really was great in the car. We planned breaks and everything, so none of us would go crazy and it must have worked because Katie was a trooper.

In Red Deer, we stopped for Donuts (mom and dad anyway...Katie ate strawberries...much healthier!).
"No...I want donuts!"
We made it to Cochrane, where it was very cloudy and threatened rain. We took a risk, had a picnic lunch and managed not to get rained on.
Of course, since we were in Cochrane, we had to stop for ice cream (McKays)...this trip was all about the ice cream...I think the only day we didn't have ice cream was the day we came home. We had made a reservation at a place in Canmore...somewhere with a separate sitting room so that we could put Katie to bed and stay up a bit longer ourselves. She loves the big bed! We got there early enough that Katie had her afternoon nap there as well...and she cried and cried...for at least a half hour she didn't want to sleep. Eventually she did thank goodness. We went to Boston Pizza for dinner...not the most pleasant experience...Katie did well but eating out now sometimes means dad and I are scarfing down our food while at the same time trying to cut up and blow on some food for her (to cool it off) as fast as we can. (we have to finish at least when she does or she wants to keep eating our food. Hopefully we get over this phase fast!) Good news is after a swim in the hotel pool and a little bath, Katie went to bed like a dream...chatting but happy. Phew, we were worried!

The next day we were freezing while we stopped on Golden. (again for strawberries)Oh, but things were warming up...Love when you hit Sicamous and it starts to feel like summer! What's a drive to southern BC without a stop for ice cream at the Dutchmen Dairy?Ice cream came after lunch...Hummous...(Katie says "Hum" and loves it!).What's neat about the dairy is that they have real cows (of course!). Katie knows "moo" and "cow" but has never seen the real thing. She loved it and got very excited!They also have horses and various domestic and exotic birds (Katie was so scared by the roosters!...not so much by the peacocks).Soon after Sicamous is Mara Lake where Ben took a traditional (in his family) icy dip in the water. Katie and I were laughing because dad is so silly going in the freezing water and we were all warm and cozy. Many more cute pictures to come later in the week (tomorrow maybe?)...beach time and a first boat ride!