Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hello again!

Nice day today...warm but enough breeze to keep you comfortable. Yesterday we had BBQ chicken (with homemade BBQ sauce because we had no "real" stuff...equal parts molasses, mustard and vinegar...sounds weird but it tasted alright. And it was runny but still good.) and chickpea salad (great recipe, from an old Canadian Living). Such a good meal that we were all enjoying so we had to record the moment.
Afterwards we went to the park. A new park in another neighbourhood just for fun. There were swings!
And a big tall slide.

And these newfangled teetertotters where you don't have to weigh the same as the other person because it's all on springs. (no stepping off and hurting the others bum anymore)(you know what I mean right?)
And, to prove I was really there and it wasn't just a stranger taking's one of Katie and me on the big swing.This evening we popped by to visit Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken. Had dinner all together and went for a lovely walk and then took a slightly tired Katie down to the park. Another park. She loves parks. I brought the camera to this park but didn't take any pictures...too busy having fun! (she's not sleeping here...I just kept getting her eyes closed!)(and by "having fun" I mean realizing that all of us old folks are too old and out of shape to swing on monkey bars or pull ourselves upon a bar in any are amazingly fit, aren't they?)

PS...I just realized that all the park pictures are so bright and sunny that it looks like midday! Seriously that was at about 6:45pm. Crazy sunlight isn't it? I love our longs summers days!

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