Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We still have fun...

...Even when we're not on holidays! Pictures are from last week as well as this week (since, as you know, last week was all about the holiday pictures!).

We've bought Katie the cutest chair...I've been wanting cute baby furniture for ages, but don't like the idea of paying $300 for a leather chair or anything crazy like that. So when we saw this one for under $20, it didn't take long to convince myself.
Katie loves it and for a while, every time we said "Katie, do you want to come out of your chair?" She'd say "NO" and lean back protectively. The fun of that game is wearing off, but she still likes it. (it folds up like a standard camping chair).
When we got back from our trip, one of the first things we did was call Joanne and Those _____ Girls. They were available so we all went to a spray park. (it was nice and hot that day!) The girls are walking and really enjoyed it. I plunked Katie down, she'd say "Hi!" and than would practice her Hands and Knees Crawling. (this is one of the girls in the pic...not sure which!)
The crawling is SO the new thing. She is very comfortable with it and is almost spending more time on her knees than she is scooting on her tummy.

We also spend quite a bit of time on our bum, eating yummy snacks like grapes.
Katie found a mom sock on the floor (um, no I don't really leave socks lying around...not THAT much...and certainly not if you're coming over!) and insisted we help her put it on.
She spent the whole morning wearing my socks. And wanting them off and on...and off and on...etc. (though she did sometimes get the words off and on confused...would point to the sock on her foot and try and grab it while saying "On, ON!"...meaning off... very insistently ...not hard to figure out what she meant but we really she make sure she gets it right someday)We also had a wonderful "first"...first bike ride in the Chariot! You've all seen us running with it, but did you know we could attach it too the bike too? Yep. It's pretty easy and very fun to tow her along. And I'd forgotten how much fun riding a bike is. Feels like your 12 years old all over again!Katie didn't like the helmet at first, but as soon as she saw dad and I wearing ours, she went along with it. She had so much fun in there...we can't wait to take her for all sorts of rides! Sunday night we were lucky enough to have an invite over to see Those _____ Girls. Really, they are getting so big those two...and the three of them are sort of starting to really play together a bit. Sort of. =)The twins are so nice about sharing toys with always! The adult side of the BBQ was lovely as well...great company and wonderful food. Monday we hung around at home for a bit and Katie discovered Kleenex. A classic kid photo...I'll admit, though I didn't stage the photo, I certainly didn't rush to take away the box when she discovered it. I was too busy grabbing the camera. Of course, that's a one time deal more tissue for you!Yesterday we'd arranged a play date with Megan and her son D. Went to a park near their house...a park with a spray park...D got a little wet and had lots of fun. Katie was mostly a play in the sand kind of girl. It's to good to let them get dirty, but boy oh boy, that sand gets Everywhere! Next time I'll have to strip her before taking her in the house...or take her straight to the bathtub!Yesterday, we also couldn't help but buy her one more's a music/buttons thing that has a standing option where the walker has wheels and a brake...the other one we have doesn't have a brake and so slides around and is useless for practicing standing. This one will be better we hope. Now, this is the toy that may have sparked one of the first real "closest thing we've seen to a" temper tantrum...(note the adorable skirt from Great Auntie Patti in's sized for 2 years but we had to try it's fits but nice and loose so I think it'll fit next year too!)

As you can see below, we gave her the toy to play with on the floor and then when we tried to move it up onto it's stand...she just freaked out...tears and kind of wasn't scary or anything, just the most upset we've seen her. And definitely in a tantrum way, not in an "I'm hurt" way. We've certainly been expecting this at some point but it was interesting to see. Admittedly, it was right before bed and we were big mean parents to give her a cool new toy and than take it away. (though I'll point out to Katie in case she read this...we were giving it back to you, you were just too upset to notice...sorry sweetie!) Really, it wasn't that bad, just an interesting reaction from her. She's been good as punch since.

In other news...Ben and Grandpa Ken have been hard at work on the basement and we're down to studs in most of it. Tile (both ceiling and floor certified asbestos free) all gone. Very exciting! Katie spent this afternoon with Grandma Cheryl while I was working and it sounds like they had lots of fun.

That's all (and lots) for now...hope you're having a wonderful week!

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