Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last of BC

Here's the last post and pictures from our trip to BC.

We finally joined up with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl at the little rented house in Summerland. Like Katie, it is a cutie!
One of my favorite things about the house is that there's a little ice cream place right nearby, so we had ice cream every night. We all share with Katie and here she's enjoying my cherry cone.
This is the view from the front patio/lawn. Beautiful! We had a room to share with Katie, which started off well, but then she woke up at 1:30am and required some back rubbing to calm down. (Thank you Ben!) Afterwards we could hear her chatting "No, No, Hi, Hi" and other things and were doing everything we could not to move in case she sensed we were there. (It was pitch black but I feel like her strong baby blues must have been able to see us.) Next morning, we decided that rooming together wasn't our we moved our mattress in the living room and everyone had a better nights from then on.

Next morning, after Ken and I hit a used baby clothes sale (score!) and had coffee with Cheryl, it was off to the beach again. Katie enjoying her new bucket/shovels from Grandma Cheryl.
Ben, relaxing in the shade.
Katie was goofing around (or what that us?) and started wearing Grandma's hat. Dad took her in the water for a bit and she giggled and giggled!She sat on the edge of the water and played with her toys and laughed at the waves ticking her toes. Next morning we got up early and checked out Penticton's farmers market. It was fantastic..lots of fresh fruit and veg and lovely baking and other handmade items. We had a great time walking around and Katie said hi to everyone and woofed at the puppies. Later, back at the beach, Katie made a mess eating cherries. Actually, I didn't let her eat them lest her hands and everything around them get stained...I fed them directly to her messy little lips. Honestly, I don't know what Katie thought, but they were the best cherries I think I've ever tasted!After seeing another baby with a pool toy the day before, we picked up something for Katie at the local Canadian Tire. An inflatable turtle floaty thing that she could sit in (easier for mom and dad to take her in the water!It has a little canopy for shade and a tiny pool in front for splashing. It was a big hit...Katie smiled and giggled and said "YEAH" more enthusiastically than I'd ever heard her. Worth every penny. =)Later on the beach, Katie was hungry and demonstrated her flexibility, of which we are all jealous. (not that we're anxious to be gnawing on our toes exactly mind you...!)With what little time and energy we had left in the hot hot day, we went down the way a bit to a spray park. These are lots of fun. Probably will be even more so when Katie's walking and can run through the sprinklers on her own.
After all this beach time, we were getting a little tired and decided it was time to pack up. We left early the next morning after breakfast. Grandma ("Gram" as Katie says) has one last cuddle.And we were off!We stopped in Golden for some lunch and Katie had fun trying to open and close the change pad. She looked over and said "Hi" (constantly) to the family next to us. We stopped in Canmore for a snack and a park break. Katie still loves the swings!We had thought about staying the night either in Canmore or somewhere else, but we were making good time, traffic wasn't bad and Katie was doing really well, so we kept heading home.

In Airdrie, we gassed up and headed to the bathrooms...but alas! They had no baby change table. Ew! So we changed a diaper right on the grass by the main road. Is this what Canadian moms really do?We made it home around 9:30 safe and sound. Katie slept through the night no problem. The car ride was fine, if you didn't mind singing made up verses of "Old Macdonald had a Farm" and "Bingo" for a couple of hours (we didn't mind).

All in all a great trip with lots of nice memories.

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