Thursday, April 30, 2009

More *mini* milestones

Hey there!
I'd forgotten to add to the last post that in the last week Sam has started smiling at me while she nurses...I distinctly remember Katie doing this too and it feels good to see it again. It's both sweet and annoying because it distracts her from nursing. But I love it! (no picture proof because, well, you know!)

And...the bigger that I swear I got Sam to laugh for the first time yesterday. I was saying "Shall I put your pants on?!" over and over (as I did put her pants on). And she laughed. Ben kind of heard it too. Of course, that meant another hour of repeating the phrase but no more laughs. Then I read in my baby guidebook that first laughs don't tend to come until 5 months...? Maybe I was wrong? Or maybe it's just really true that there's lots of variation in when babies reach milestones?

Or maybe...I'm just that funny. =)

We're off for a walking playdate. And strollercize's getting a bit better, yay.
Have a great weekend if I don't talk to you tomorrow. =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick notes...

I just posted Katie's letter but there's a few other things to mention:

- Sam has started hitting her toys on her hanging bar above her in the last week or so. She does it very thoughtfully and purposefully.

- She can also roll over (not all the way, but over to her side) on the other side (not the one shown in the video...her right side)

- I think I did mention this already but just in case...Sam also has been seen looking at her hands in wonder...learning what they do and seemingly amazed that she can make them move.

- Ben and I had our 6 year wedding anniversary on Sunday (Katie's B-Day). I can't believe it's been 6 years already! I'm so proud of our little growing family. There's not a day that goes by when I don't think about how much I love and adore you Ben....thanks for loving me and us!

- Tonight Ben and I are starting an exercise class, a "Bootcamp" tonight...(otherwise known as the "Auntie Andrea's wedding is coming up fast and we'd better shape up quick" class!)...Should be lots of fun. And hard work. The instructor emailed last week, confirming the time etc and signed the email "Get Ready For The Hurt". Ouch...wish us luck!

- The weather lately has been SO toddler like..." hail...Snow...maybe sun again...I don't know what I want!" I can't wait until I can post about sitting in the yard and share BBQ recipes. Let's not hold our breath shall we?

Have a great Tuesday!

Dear Katie (2!)

Dear Katie,

I cannot believe you are two years old. You amaze us everyday...either with the clever things you say, the physical feats you accomplish or the way you grow more independent all the time.

You have grown so much in this past year. I can't help but notice that last year at your first birthday, you barely touched your cupcake, and this year you ate it by the handful. You don't love your veggies as much as you used to...toddler pickiness I think rather than an outright dislike...but you sure enjoy food in general...carbs especially.

Your walking and running ("I'm Running!" you say) are particularly neat to see given that you waited so long to walk (2o months). In the grand scheme, I'm glad you waited but also glad you walked before your sister arrived. You are currently practicing jumping by going up to your tippy toes...but that's know tippy toes are involved but are not sure what comes after.

You are definitely cautious by nature, and I think it's a wonderful watch and learn before jumping right into something. Gives us a neat opportunity to watch the gears turn in your head. You're also a very happy girl and get giggly and excited at precious little things. Your smile is bigger than any I've seen and could warm anyone's heart (...and those dimples...too cute!).

You can turn the stereo on by yourself and get your book-on-cd (or music) started. You can climb in and out of your high chair and your Big Girl Bed. I am very grateful that you will stay in your room and play when I ask you too (so that I can shower). When you come to the bathroom as soon as the water stops, I know that you were in the room until then because I hear you open your door and I love that you are (so far) doing as I ask.

You DO have your own will and have started being a bit whiny for things...there's so much that you want that you can't always have.

I love baking with you although I really look forward to you developing the patience to wait for something to bake and the understanding that it shouldn't really be eaten if it's not cooked. (raw flour...yuck!)

Your hair is lovely and everyone adores your pigtails. You enjoy playing with all your barrettes...dumping them out of the container, counting them (well, saying some numbers), naming colours and then sometimes putting them back in.

Reading is still one of your top favorite things to do...and we read the same book 13 times in a row sometimes.

You are a wonderful big sister to Sam...rock her in her chair when she's upset and try to give her a soother when she needs it (and sometime when she doesn't!).

You weigh 35 pounds and are something just over 3 ft tall. Though you are still in a "scared of men" phase, you did very well at the Paediatrician's office yesterday. ( I suppose I should be happy that you're healthy enough that we don't see too much of him!)

You make us laugh every single day and that's good since sometimes the days are long. We love you big girl...keep having fun and growing strong and beautiful, we're looking forward to seeing what fun the next year brings!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Katie is 2!

Happy Birthday Katie! Yesterday was (unbelievably) Katie's second birthday. The whole weekend was full of birthday fun. Today, I'll recap with pictures and tomorrow do my little "Dear Katie, You're Two!" letter.

We had our first kid party on Saturday and the family party on Sunday. For the kids, I made cupcakes and little goody bags.
We kept the numbers "small" with just Jo-Anne's girls, and D as well as little ones M (D's brother) and Shelley and Jon's little baby L. With our girls that made 7 altogether (though 3 were babies). Not a lot but it felt like it was a lot! All the parents came too, so we had a full house. Especially when half the house is balloons!There were birthday hats too...which Katie sometimes liked...
And sometimes didn't!
D and family arrived first so the two had some time at the picnic table in the kitchen that we'd set up for the kids.
We had pasta, baby squash and salad for lunch. I missed this (feeding Sam) but apparently, Ben says that when the kids ate, all but Katie finished in 2 minutes...Katie sat and ate for quite a while longer! When everyone was ready, we had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday!
Last year, at her first birthday, Katie didn't really know what to do with the cupcake. This year, she definitely has it figured out! (chocolate cupcakes with mint icing or peanut butter icing, yum!)The picnic table for the kids was a great idea!We kept present opening (thanks everyone!) until after the kids left, thinking that it's hard for such little kids to watch someone open presents but not get any themselves. Maybe we're overthinking it?

We should have also saved presents until after Katie's nap, but instead opened them and then expected her to leave her new presents and nap right away. Wishful thinking. =) Really, though she whined a bit, she was so tired she zonked out pretty quickly.

Which gave Sam and I some quality time..Balloons and smiles (but no giggles yet).Sunday morning (Katie's actual birthday), we went to Gram and Papa's for breakfast sporting a gorgeous new birthday top! (It fits great Shelley!)
Sunday evening, we had dinner for Grandparents and GGs (Both Aunties were out of town). Dinner was a successful (first time for us!) slowcooker pulled pork on buns followed, of course, by birthday cake! (in the shape of a bear with candles that spelled out KATIE. And Katie recognized the K, saying "K is for Katie!")There were more presents and fun. A baby doll...A hairbrush (with flip open mirror)...
A backpack...A tricycle...And some books.This morning, she's playing with all her presents still, including the trike. (feet do not touch pedals...maybe later this summer!) (Also, the bike has a push bar, so we can push without wrecking our backs!)Ben and I were both exhausted from the whole wonderful weekend and are kind of glad that birthdays are only once a year. Hope you had a good weekend too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 Months!

Dear Sam, you are 3 months old! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. I feel like it was ages ago (instead of just 13 weeks) you were a tiny, floppy, crying, sleepy newborn.

Now you are bigger, cuter, rounder, more vocal, more alert and definitely a smiler and we love you. Your medicine has helped with the spitting up a lot and we can see that you're more comfortable and peaceful than you were before. You're fitting into the "next" size of clothing...3 months (3-6 months the tags often say) and we have many many cool hand-me-downs from your big sister.

Physically, we are amazed at the changes in you...your neck strength is getting much better and you seem to have a definite interest in I caught you (on video, see below) turned all the way on to one side, almost as if to roll over from your back to your front.You sometimes smile so hard that I'm amazed a giggle doesn't yet pop out!

You sleep well...thank goodness...I am a better mom when I have more sleep and I know that you have better days when you sleep well too. I can only hope that this continues and that we can encourage this and other healthy habits as you grow.In the past week you've started noticing your hands...I see you holding a hand in front of your face, opening and closing it, and you looking in amazed curiosity. It's so neat to see because your hand won't be new and exciting for long.

You, though no longer quite "new", are still exciting. Thank you for being you!
Lots of love, Mom (and Dad and Katie too!)

Almost... from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Proof that Sam gets some time in the Photobooth too!
(I should SO be doing laundry or dishes right now, but this is too much fun!)

Long Weekend

On our long weekend we kept quite busy. It's warming up, so we went for a walk to the park. (I'll admit I really just wanted to give Katie a chance to walk at her own pace...I sometimes feel like I'm forever rushing and out of the house, the van, the was nice just to give her a chance to walk and take her time if she wanted.) It's also nice to get some fresh air for Sam.
It's a big park for a little girl!
Sam was with us too...looks sleepy doesn't she?
On our way back I took a picture by the house...if you look closely, you'll se the first bit of green of the season!
Katie wore her nightgown for the first time...really looks like a big little girl when she's wearing a nightgown.
I tried french braiding her hair for the first time. Only got to finish one side and then she decided she'd had enough. So I pigtailed the other side and it didn't look too bad (until the braid fell out...little girl hair is so slippery!)Katie helped me bake dessert to bring to Good Friday FishnChips. (portugese tarts, yum!)Sam in an Easter dress.And Katie in her new Easter top that Grandma Mary made.Easter Sunday morning, Katie went on a hunt for (plastic) Easter eggs...found plenty and had so much fun putting them in a bag and taking them out again. A new bath toy (thanks Auntie Gail!) that Katie loves! These foam pieces stick to the wall when wet. Katie says "She needs a winter coat! She needs a curly hair!" and so on. Cute. Makes getting out of the bath a little harder though! =)Speaking of hard...we realized that we needed to start bringing up some of Katie's old clothes for Sam. And also realized that we were LAZY when we put them away and they weren't very well organized. So we laid out everything we had and put it into size boxes...and discovered that we have many many many clothes. Wow. I was all excited, like I'd just gone shopping, to have all these lovely new outfits to choose from. Yay! I went out the other evening to run an errand and took Katie with me. Now, I've always known that there will be times when your kids will want to go out dressed all funny and I've though "Hey, that's ok, they're just kids, who cares!?" Of course, I'd always envisioned cute dress up tutus or bunny ears or something that just doesn't match. I'm ok with that. But this?A housecoat and headband a la 80's workout style? Is it bad to admit I was a tiny bit embarrased? Or it is bad that I'm less embarrased to post a picture like this next one?
(for the record, Sam doesn't yet choose ay funny outfits. She has perfect taste...!)
Dad and Katie take the Photobooth much more seriously than I do. =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009


A few things I'm thankful for this morning:

- Automatic phone-in prescription refilling. Yay!
- Toddlers who play by themselves
- Babies who SMILE all the time
- Washing machines...lots of spit ups and poop-splosions means lots of glad I don't have to do it all by hand!
- Husbands who help with kids day or night, go to Costco with the big girl, and go for runs early in the morning (it's a good fitness example for myself and the girls!)
- LOST and PVR
- Cookbooks and the internet food blogs/recipes
- SPRING is coming...can't believe how fast the snow is melting and a predicted high of 12C today
- Family...Grandparents who feed us all and provide babysitting (I mean, who enjoy spending time with their grandkids)

And a million other things. Must get ready to go to playgroup right now. Happy long weekend for those of you/us who get both Friday and Monday off for Easter.

PS...speaking of Easter, check back for some cute bunny pictures...the bunnies in our neighbourhood are super cute and you need to see them. Hope I can get to that soon. =)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's short(er)!

Spring break is just about over and, as always, it was too short. There were some nice morning's like this one:

Where Katie cuddled into bed to snuggle with dad and help wake him up. (really, we'd love it if she'd come and really snuggle in our bed when she wakes up early in the morning...but she usually just wants to play.)
The new PJ's are from GG Mary...too cute! And when she's this much fun, it's ok to laugh and wake up early...don't mind so much.
The break was busy...the girls and I strollercized 3 days this week (Mon/Tues/Fri) and the girls are getting better/more patient sitting in the Chariot. I knew they'd get used to it!

We also took dad one day to show him that indoor playground we went to the other week with Jo-Anne and the girls. It was much busier and noisier since it was spring break. Katie had a blast. Sam ate and then slept through it all.

We had breakfast with GG Mary, which was lovely...Katie loves pancakes! Sam had a good time hanging out on a blanket.

Ben went and worked/volunteered selling 50-50 tickets at the Oilers game on Tues night. I went out with my friend Jo-Anne "sans kids" for a drink and snacks the next night.

Papa and Gram had the girls over for dinner. Ben and I declined the free supper (are we crazy?) and opted to have go out for a dinner date. (Hmm...maybe not so was lovely and relaxing!)

I made fantastic salmon one night (the best I've ever made I think!)(click the link for the recipe)

Sam tried on a cute jacket:
Ok, I should have said, "Sam tried on the cutest jacket EVER!". This was a shower gift, is sized for three months and I'm SO Glad it fits now. I took Sam for a walk yesterday with her in the Baby Bjorn and I swear, it looks like I'm Bjorning a puppy. It's the softest thing too. =)
Cute outfit pic...Sam's crying but I'm sure it's not just because I was playing dress up with her.

Besides spring break, the other short thing is Katie's hair. We had her first EVER haircut yesterday. Well, it's short-ER, but not by much, I think because I told Simone (the family hairstylist) that I didn't want too much cut off. I may have sounded too convincing, since it's a tad cleaner but barely shorter.

Katie perusing a magazine beforehand (I'm sure she was looking for the perfect toddler hairstyle...I always spend my last few minutes getting some hair-spiration).A back view:Katie was SO GOOD...she didn't cry, squirm or act otherwisely toddler-ish during the cut. They had the cutest little cape for her! And gave her free barettes. (I know, we have lots already but they get lost so often, we can always use more!)The finished back view. And later on she was hyper and running back anf forth and around in circles so much that it made her dizzy. Ben and I were cracking up just watching her. (Sam was in the swing)(not cracking up, as far as I could tell)The other BIG news of the week...we set up Katie's "official" Big Girl bed yesterday. We'd had her on the mattress for ages but decided to add the box spring and frame finally. Bought the bed rail this weekend...nice and easy to install. And the verdict?...She slept the entire night without falling out of the bed. Yippee!!

Sam has been sleeping well these days for the most part. Nothing amazing, like a 6 hour straight stretch or anything but definitely consistent "long enough" bouts of sleep. As for daytime napping, we've had some very successful attempts at getting her to fall asleep on her own.

All in all, a very successful Spring Break. I'll be sad to see Ben go back to work tomorrow. Reminding myself, it's Easter this coming weekend which means Friday and the following Monday we get Ben home too. May long weekend some time after that and before you know it, it'll be June and Ben will be almost home for summer. ( can I talk about summer when Spring isn't even really here yet?)(and by not here, I mean weather-wise of course, calendar-wise we are apparently in Spring already.)

Hope you had a good weekend too!