Thursday, April 9, 2009


A few things I'm thankful for this morning:

- Automatic phone-in prescription refilling. Yay!
- Toddlers who play by themselves
- Babies who SMILE all the time
- Washing machines...lots of spit ups and poop-splosions means lots of glad I don't have to do it all by hand!
- Husbands who help with kids day or night, go to Costco with the big girl, and go for runs early in the morning (it's a good fitness example for myself and the girls!)
- LOST and PVR
- Cookbooks and the internet food blogs/recipes
- SPRING is coming...can't believe how fast the snow is melting and a predicted high of 12C today
- Family...Grandparents who feed us all and provide babysitting (I mean, who enjoy spending time with their grandkids)

And a million other things. Must get ready to go to playgroup right now. Happy long weekend for those of you/us who get both Friday and Monday off for Easter.

PS...speaking of Easter, check back for some cute bunny pictures...the bunnies in our neighbourhood are super cute and you need to see them. Hope I can get to that soon. =)

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