Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Weekend

On our long weekend we kept quite busy. It's warming up, so we went for a walk to the park. (I'll admit I really just wanted to give Katie a chance to walk at her own pace...I sometimes feel like I'm forever rushing and out of the house, the van, the was nice just to give her a chance to walk and take her time if she wanted.) It's also nice to get some fresh air for Sam.
It's a big park for a little girl!
Sam was with us too...looks sleepy doesn't she?
On our way back I took a picture by the house...if you look closely, you'll se the first bit of green of the season!
Katie wore her nightgown for the first time...really looks like a big little girl when she's wearing a nightgown.
I tried french braiding her hair for the first time. Only got to finish one side and then she decided she'd had enough. So I pigtailed the other side and it didn't look too bad (until the braid fell out...little girl hair is so slippery!)Katie helped me bake dessert to bring to Good Friday FishnChips. (portugese tarts, yum!)Sam in an Easter dress.And Katie in her new Easter top that Grandma Mary made.Easter Sunday morning, Katie went on a hunt for (plastic) Easter eggs...found plenty and had so much fun putting them in a bag and taking them out again. A new bath toy (thanks Auntie Gail!) that Katie loves! These foam pieces stick to the wall when wet. Katie says "She needs a winter coat! She needs a curly hair!" and so on. Cute. Makes getting out of the bath a little harder though! =)Speaking of hard...we realized that we needed to start bringing up some of Katie's old clothes for Sam. And also realized that we were LAZY when we put them away and they weren't very well organized. So we laid out everything we had and put it into size boxes...and discovered that we have many many many clothes. Wow. I was all excited, like I'd just gone shopping, to have all these lovely new outfits to choose from. Yay! I went out the other evening to run an errand and took Katie with me. Now, I've always known that there will be times when your kids will want to go out dressed all funny and I've though "Hey, that's ok, they're just kids, who cares!?" Of course, I'd always envisioned cute dress up tutus or bunny ears or something that just doesn't match. I'm ok with that. But this?A housecoat and headband a la 80's workout style? Is it bad to admit I was a tiny bit embarrased? Or it is bad that I'm less embarrased to post a picture like this next one?
(for the record, Sam doesn't yet choose ay funny outfits. She has perfect taste...!)
Dad and Katie take the Photobooth much more seriously than I do. =)

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