Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beginnings of a Playroom!

Yesterday was a BIG DAY...we had carpet installed and got two new couches for the basement playroom! The girls were thrilled with the new space and I can't wait to figure out how to organize the toys etc. Look at Sam run!

Ben and Grandpa Ken picked up the couches in the evening so I don't have pictures of those yet.
Last week, Katie was goofing off and did this:...with the letters/puzzle mat pieces. Funny/Weird/Cute/Silly isn't she?

On another day she insisted on climbing into an empty laundry bin. Which I then thought was rather cute and tried to get Sam to join her. Sam was NOT too keen. The weather this week has been kind of chilly...we've had snow enough to cover the ground and make everything magically white again...this after having almost no snow left on the front lawn already! Katie's been's like she's noticing the snow for the first time...wanting to touch it and make snowballs (as seen by junior high kids walking in front of the house..."thank you junior high kids!" {said sarcastically}) all the time. It's nice to look at but I'm too chilly this week and miss the sun. =)

Katie's also looking for letters everywhere...a croissant looks like...a C! "Mom, what letter am I?" (as she stands with arms high and wide and legs wide) "The letter X!". It's fun.

Well, today we're off to Costco at some point and I'm not sure what else we're doing. If you're reading this and want a playdate today, give us a call. =)

* Just edited to add the video that took forever to upload! Playroom in action!*

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Snippet

Not that it's ALL about irritating noise these days but here's a scene from earlier this evening:

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

The girls are finishing getting rid of some colds, Ben and I had a super 17km run this morning, Sam must be teething again because she was fussy all day, Katie had a hyper day and has been showing some amazing skill recognizing letters lately. That about sums it up. More to show and tell soon I hope. (when I get around to it!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Drummer Girl

The movie I promised earlier:

(note the semi-irritating kids music in the background...Strawberry Shortcake, from the library and Katie's latest favorite)(we listen to it All Day Long)

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Sam's drumming on a recently emptied coffee can of we've recently ended our breastfeeding relationship, I'm dipping into the coffee a bit more...and loving it!

And the "good girl" thing...Sam has acutally started to say this. It started as " Guh Guh" but sometimes you can actually hear a "Guh Gur". That wasn't her best take in this video, but I've not managed to get a good one on record.

Spring is coming...

Spring is on the way! We've had some lovely warm winter days that really make me feel like Spring will be here soon. The days are getting brighter and longer and it's an amazing feeling.

The girls are great...eating apples for snacks: (Sam can eat an apple whole AND the whole apple)

We went to our neighbourhood winter festival. It was a gorgeous warm day. There was sledding, fort building, sleigh riding and bannock making. Katie and Dad on the sleigh, pulled by horses...when the horse jolted forward Katie got scared and they had to get off. Thankfully it was slow enough to do so.
Katie's hair is getting longer and she's letting me ponytail it occasionally. This day she was playing with lego...putting the singles into the crack of the chair and calling them dragon teeth. She has QUITE the imagination.
Katie and I tried a new recipe, Nutella Oatmeal Bars (when I find the website, I'll post the recipe, I've forgotten exactly where I got it)...they are delicious but very crumbly. Another day at the playground.We had a lot of fun watching the Olympics. We even let the girls watch some TV...special occasion and all. See...that's the Men's Hockey Final. It would have been unpatriotic of us not to watch. To be honest, we do let Katie watch a bit of TV...usually a 30 min Super Why...a few times a week? Seem like a lot but I know it's really not.

Sam's talking a lot more now...she knows Moo, Oin' (for Oink) and Neigh for cow, pig and horse. Duck, Out, Up, Down, maybe Hi? Also very close to saying's now "Brea". She LOVES bread. I'm sure there's others too...Bath...I'll think and try and add them properly to the sidebar.

Katie is in a questioning phase...she often says "When Sam goes to sleep can I watch a show?" Followed closely by "Is Sam Tired". And it's never just one question...well, maybe it IS one, but asked a million times...I'm amazed at her persistence and also my extreme lack of patience. It's like a very loud buzzing noise that won't stop. Really I know it's normal and a good thing and a phase that will end eventually. Her fear of elevators is also getting tiresome...need to figure out how to conquer that one.

Anyway, things are good, I've got a video uploading to share soon.

Have a great day!
PS...Funny story quick...the other day I was doing things around the house with the girls wandering around and playing...and I heard the answering I had missed hearing the phone ring and it had gone to the machine...It happened a few times where I was wondering "where is the phone that I'm not hearing it ring?!"...Before I realized that Sam has figured out how to push the play button on the answering machine. What a sneaky little girl!