Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Like an Email

I emailed Auntie Alli today to say hi (we do that sometimes, don't you know!) and realized that it's a lot of what I should be saying here, so I'm copy/pasting it (with a few minor changes for the audience) for you all to read too.

Sam's been great lately...lots more fun and giggles these days. Likes playing with toys, getting WAY better at sitting up, laughing at Katie too sometimes.

Katie was jumping on the couch and a chair today and needed a "break" (some might call it a timeout). She was just too hyper to listen to us about not jumping and then getting a thrill out of defying us. Now I also think dinner was a bit late so she was maybe hungry too. The break was nothing serious...I just had her go (took her) to her room and had her sit down by a wall. I left and she came out a bunch of times so I eventually sat with her and talked about why we were taking a break. I wasn't getting visibly (or even non-visibly!) "angry" but really just needed her to get out of the situation and calm down. Ben was hanging out with Sam in the living room at the time, so we did whisper a bit about what to do. This is definitely one of those things that we really haven't had to deal with much. I'm sure things are bound to get interesting as we go along.

I made wicked brownies this afternoon. David Lebovitz Dulce De Leche Brownies.

Which, though it's free on his blog, comes in his book The Sweet Life in Paris...you should totally read it, it's funny and Paris-like and full of awesome looking recipes. I swear, almost every recipe looked amazing. I got the book out of the library though, so I'll have to bake/cook some more quick for recipes that aren't found on his blog.

Did strollercize today (and yesterday) and I swear I was struggling big time. I was so far behind the group (we run in the river valley in summer) and beating myself up. But I suppose I have had a week and a half off...and it was HOT yesterday and cooler but humid so it felt hotter today. The instructor took my stroller for a bit to help out and said it felt really heavy and perhaps my tires were low on air...which made me feel a bit better. And apparently some of the ladies (most?) are currently training for a marathon, so they're getting faster and better all the time. And we apparently ran 8km in about an hour today so that's no small potatoes is it? Anyway, I felt better afterward. And next strollercize isn't until Friday so I get a couple of days off. Phew!

That's the email. Wow. That was a big time saver not having to type out twice! I should do that more often. The weather has been very hot lately. And although Ben and Grandpa have been working hard in the basement the last two days, it's nothing we can sleep in right now...we would if we could! It is coming along nicely...remind me (email anyone?) and I'll take a progress pic so you can see what we're dealing with.

Speaking of pictures, here's a few:
Katie, in Penticton, trying out her swimsuit with built in floaty-foam (like muscles!)...though she wore the suit for a bit, she didn't go in the water much that day and it didn't even get wet I think. Must find a way to use it before she grows out of it. (or, I suppose Sam will get a chance someday)Myself and the girls stopping for ice cream at the D Dutchmen Dairy...a MUST on our trips to BC. Katie at the Penticton Farmers Market (Our Favorite!!) getting her face painted (first time ever!):She was so good and sat very still for the artist. Pretty butterfly with sparkles! She rubbed it off after a few hours but Ben got this great picture wight after. Now I am eagerly thinking of other places we can go where there's face painting!And Sam...such a big girl...with the car seat switch she's in the stroller proper now and faces forward. We went to Southgate Mall the other day (enjoying the free air conditioning!) and I could tell she just loved watching everything and everyone. It's amazing how with Katie, the milestones we passed were more bittersweet...with Sam I don't think I'm as sad to say goodbye to a phase because I now KNOW that there is SO much good coming. And I would say too that the idea of getting to know her personality more as she becomes less of an infant/baby is an exciting thing too.

I'm glad I blogged today...sometimes I'm too tired to get around to it, but tonight I just had some serious "I love my girls" feelings...really, I feel that way everyday, but tonight I wanted to blog it. Katie is just too funny and smart and sweet and quirky and Sam has the most beautiful smile and full body giggles...what's not to love!?

See you next time,

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Six Month Sam!

Happy 6 month birthday Sam!

I cannot believe you are 6 months old already. The time has gone by so fast and you're growing even faster! You spoiled us today and were happy and fun almost all day long. Not that you're usually not happy...overall you definitely are a happy baby, but I think this last week of holidays made you a wee bit cranky (we suspect teething, the HOT HEAT, long hours in the car and/or a few days without your acid reflux medicine) so today was a real treat. (As Are YOU!)

You are still like your sister in some ways:
But definitely have your own spirit to you. You enjoy standing on your legs and are really strong. You sing/talk a lot and enjoy seeing the world around you.
You patiently model sweaters I make for you:
And you've had "rollovers"...one seen here in early morning big bed. We've had a few more of these in the past two weeks. You still have a bit of trouble getting over your arm but sometimes we help you out.
You still love Jolly Jumping...and even got a blister on your big toe from using it to bounce on the hardwood. We'll be putting a blanket underneath or making you wear socks from now on. You did really well on our recent trip to BC. Our first stop was at the Donut Mill in Red Deer. (no donuts for you...you still only eat cereal...though we'll be starting you on Veg any day now!)You are showing SUCH improvement in the sitting up department...in the past 2 weeks you've gotten SO much better. You can even play with a toy for a minute or two before toppling over. You didn't seem to mind tent camping...especially when your sister woke you in the tent just after you'd gone to bed and then made you giggle. You really enjoyed NOT sleeping in the tent. Your dad and I are thankful for hotel rooms. You enjoyed your first trip to the Okanagan! We spent a lot of time at our usual shady spot on the grass at Skaha Beach in Penticton and you has a blast looking up at the leaves in the trees. And spending time with Gram and Grandpa who were there too. You wear many hats. You are an exceptionally good little sister. I think Katie has taken a shine to you...she does a good job making you laugh and you really seem to perk up and smile when you look at her. I can't wait to see you both grow into this relationship. This picture above was taken on the last night of our trip, at a hotel in Fernie, just before we took you girls down to the hotel pool for a quick dip before bed. You really enjoyed it. And it reminded me to sign us all up for swimming lessons which start in the fall.

Other small things to note...Your skin's been a bit dry lately but we've discovered Glaxol Base cream which, so far, seems to be working. We'll ask the Dr for further advice next month when we see him. No teeth yet, though I check often. Where are they?? I know they're coming! Today we also took you out of your "bucket" car seat and put you in a new one (Katie's old one) that we don't carry. Not sure how much you weigh these days but you and the seat together is too heavy. Much nicer to hold just you instead. You're dealing really well with the heat (33C or something like it today) and it's not affected your sleeping...I'm so glad you're a sleeper!

You're amazing, beautiful and an fantastic sweet little baby. Our life is so much better with you in it...thank you for being you! Happy 6 months, looking forward to 6 months more (and the rest of your life too!).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer fun...from a few weeks ago.

We've just returned from a week away in Southern BC...not too close to the fires in Kelowna, but in nearby Summerland and Penticton. We had intended to be away for perhaps longer, but I'll just say for now that camping with our girls at tihs age Really Does Not Work. I'll elaborate in another post soon. =) (oh the stories!)

Here are some pictures of things we were doing around week (or so) before Auntie Andrea's wedding.

Katie getting her second ever haircut (getting ready for the wedding)...with her hair twisted up like that, it looked SO cute and grown up!
We went to the park one day and had a picnic lunch with JoAnne and her girls. It was a little messy.
G was wearing an adorable dress. C in the background.
Luckily, I had a spare shirt in the bag so Katie had something to wear after lunch.
Sam was having lots of fun in the shade under a tree on a blanket. She was happy and giggling!
This is what she was looking at. The twins on one of those neat saucer swings.That week we also went to a work party for Gram's work. There was a BBQ and some super yummy cupcakes. And a friendly 4 year old friend!Dad and Katie reading.Katie and D at the park before strollercize.At the end of June, Gram and Grandpa had a party to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely party with many friends and family (and tons of delicious food!).Ben and his mom.On the last day of school we kept up our tradition of going for ice cream with Gram and Papa and Auntie Andrea. Gram's last "last day of school" ever. Sam was along too but no ice cream for her yet!There are of course, many more pictures as I'm obviously just getting caught up. Keep checking!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ah...the wedding!

As promised, pictures from Auntie Andrea's wedding. Well, not a whole lot of actual wedding pictures...I was busy IN the wedding and Ben was busy watching the girls...so we have pictures of the girls but not lots of the wedding couple...for more of those check out the photographers blog: http://www.photoalberta.ca/wordpress/?p=268

Here's Sam before the wedding, at home in her bouncy chair (which we still quite enjoy).
Katie in her dress:
And one of Dad (superdad!) at the church. A post wedding shot of Katie with the happy, glowing bride (our other church photos are a little dark...go check out the professional shots!)
Me and Katie (the all important Matron of Honour).
Ben got a cute photo of Katie at the steps of the Provincial Museum grounds while we were getting photos taken.
I joined in for a casual shot.
The bride and groom cut their cake......and eat it too!A (getting tired) Katie with the beautiful bride.The wedding was Saturday July 4th. The weather was nice...not too hot or cold and only a little bit of rain in the middle of the professional photo shoot. The ceremony was lovely and held in the same church where Ben and I got married.

The reception was great...held at Norwood Legion...great food and an excellent DJ. The best part of all was just being with family and friends and celebrating Andrea and Sheldon's relationship.

I've got many many photos of the girls from the past few weeks...but I'll have to post them later. Have a great week!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More coming...

I'm an absentee blogger these days...I know, you don't have to tell me. Post-wedding required some down time and then Ben went to LA to visit with Auntie Alli, which left me with my hands full and too sleepy to blog.
I have a zillion pictures to share, and will soon, but I have to share this video first, because it's awesome:

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

That's Uncle Sheldon and Auntie Andrea's (That's Mr. and Mrs. P now!) dog Nova...whom both our girls adore. Enjoy! And see you soon with more great photos!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Week!

Hello everyone,

The blog holiday is for a good reason (for once)...Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon's wedding is this Saturday and we are busy busy...getting ready, hanging out with out of town family and finding time to nap in between.

The girls both have a rough sounding cough that we're hoping goes away before the big day. Sam's voice has been so hoarse there's been times where it's hard to hear her crying! But they're both in good spirits otherwise so I'm thinking it's on the way out.

Cute outfits have been chosen and accessories being finalized. I promise you there will be many pictures.

Miss you but we'll see you soon!