Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bad Babies!

This is a video of Sam dancing and singing "Bad Babies" of our new favorite songs from the Sandra Boynton CD Rhinoceros Tap. It's a bit of a strange's weird telling people Sam loves "Bad Babies", but quite funny and not bad to listen to a million times. Sam's a great little dancer. (Katie's a great dancer too...I'll video that someday if she'll let me.)

Untitled from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Handmade and 20 Months

First off, Sam is 20 months old today! Yippee! Look at her go! (in a skirt I've made for her...a little while ago...did I show you?)

Katie likes to go too. (in a shirt and pants that Gram Mary made for her.)
Katie's still loving preschool. Last week we planted the three tulip bulbs they were given. She was so excited and looked to see if they were growing for a few days (she's forgotten now I think). Sam has taken to doing this kind of squat thing a lot now. Very funny. (I did make Sam's hat, originally for Katie...did not make the hat or mitts that Katie is wearing.)
Next spring, tulips, right here!
Here's the finished (almost...the city just has to put the last bits of grass on) lawn that we were working so hard on this summer. The unfortunate cool weather has helped the lawn stay moist. It's such a pretty green that I think it looks fake. And yes, that's Sam running toward the road. I did catch her. The next photo in the set has Katie with her hands to her mouth, like she's all shocked or something. Funny. (but I had other photos to share)
Here the girls were having a ton of fun playing "store" or something. Really, anything that makes a mess is fun isn't it?Not sure how this was part of having a store. Last week we followed the recipe in our Jillian Jiggs book for making pigs. In the story, Jillian makes "millions and zillions of pigs". Seriously, I don't know HOW she did it. I could barely make one and I'm a grown up...I couldn't tie up the feet with string and had to use elastics. And the embroidered eyes got pulled out in minutes. ("The pig is sleeping...") The rest of the face came out soon too. It was a VERY exasperating crafty mom moment. (I try so hard...!) At least we can say we made a pig. The girls will have to share though, I'm not making another. Nor am I making clothes for him/her...this is a naked pig household. Sam likes brownie batter. The girls at Ben's staff BBQ last Saturday. The big success were the students they brought in to play games with the kids. I think both old and young had lots of fun. And moms and dads were relaxed. Please, do that every time. I love it. Last, but definitely not least. New Pants for Katie. I finished sewing these last night. I think they are so so cute. But Katie, though she tried them on for me (there may have been a strawberry bribe) refuses to wear them. They do still need hemming (with perhaps more green underneath, in case we cuff them). This isn't a cute pose on purpose...see her hand? She's trying to take the pants off. They have elastic waist and no buttons (she does NOT like buttons). I think if I don't push it, she'll wear them. I hope. If you ever see her wear these, please compliment her, no matter what you really think. Help a crafty mom out! =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What They Say

-This morning, as Ben was heading off to work a little early to run with a coworker, Katie says:
"Dad, where are you going?"
"I'm going to work."
"But, those aren't WORK clothes!" (said in a disbelieving, "you're so silly" tone of voice)

Sam, as you may remember, knows how to push the button to listen to messages on our answering machine. Despite of my constant reminding, she still does it. Only now she yells "I did it!". She says this also when she clicks the power bar nearby, or flushing the toilet (only a few times so far thankfully!).

Sam can also say I love you, although the "you" is very unclear.

Sam says "Apple Pie!" and "Amen" (as we finish saying grace before eating).

Katie says more cute things too but I can't think of any right now as they are both struggling to climb into my lap. We'll talk more later!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschool is Good...!

Haven't told you about preschool yet, have I? Everything went well. No tears (from either of us!). I didn't get a lot of information about what Katie thought because although she's a bit of a chatterbox, it's only when she wants to be. I'm sure we'll hear more as she gets more comfortable. I did hear that they served a snack. Apple juice and a cookie. That's the really important information I guess. =)

Here's a "first day of school" picture.

I got them both outside although it was pretty chilly out that early in the morning. Katie decided pretty quickly to run back inside the house where it was warmer before I could take any better pictures.
Last week (or was it the week before?) I decided to make playdough for the girls. I don't know why...we have lots of store bought playdoh already...! I was pleased with the colours though...using my gel food colouring. And substituting lemon juice for the cream of tartar called for in the recipe seemed t o work fine. It was a bit stickier than the normal kind so some of the playdoh tools didn't work as well. I'll try and cook it more next time, maybe that will make it stiffer. (not sure why Katie has no shirt in this pic...she likes taking her clothes off sometimes.)

In preparation for the coming winter ("Hello? Fall? Aren't you usually nicer than this? I'm cold already all the time and feel a need to buy tons of new sweaters and pants for everyone.") Katie tried on the snowsuit I bought (70% off!) at end of the season last year. Phew! It fits generously and will last the whole winter I'm sure. Cute no?
I'm hoping that Katie's snowsuit that she's worn the last two winters will fit Sam. Must remember to try it on her soon.

Have a great week!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Katie starts preschool/playschool/whatever-you-call it tomorrow morning! We're pretty excited! I don't think that this will be her first day's the dress Gram Mary made for her to wear to my cousin Mark's wedding in July (SUCH a wonderful wedding by the way!). The dress fits perfectly and the colours are stunning in real life. I've decided to let her wear it as much as she wants until she grows out of it. Frankly I'm really just happy she'll wear it at all as her track record wearing things that Gram and I have made her if terrible. (remember the green knit dress I made her last year? I think she wore it three times. Maybe. I can't even get her to try it on to see how much too small it is now). Anyway...we're loving this and that's what matters.
Here's a picture (dated August 14th) of the alphabet that Katie wrote. It starts on the bottom corner and then continues on the line above. This was completely on her own, no prompting of letters or telling her how to form them. I don't care if it's smart or normal or what, I just can't believe that our first little baby is growing up so much!
This pictures of of the girls and my cousins from England, Beth and Will, who came to visit this summer. The girls fell in love with their cousins and despite the age gap (They're almost 13 and 9yrs) they all really enjoyed each others company.
We stopped in to visit Gram Cheryl at work the other week. I don't know if they're hiring, but we may want to start resumes for the girls.
They look like they're working hard don't they?
Today was the Monday of the long weekend. Very fall-ish Some sun. We did a lot of tidying up today which felt good.

For some reason, I had a very clumsy day...spilled flour (almost my whole bucket! I'm sure it was at least 10 cups!)(do you know how hard flour is to clean?...but so soft between your toes!), broke a plate, stepped on Ben's glasses AND actually broke the lens. I was so mad at myself for a while. But I suppose the I get points for making two batches of banana bread, feeding the girls 3 good meals and two snacks, helping put away laundry and getting quality reading time in with the girls. And adding a spontaneous park playdate before dinner with Megan and D and M.

It's all about the big picture, right?

Have a great week and think of us tomorrow morning. I don't know about Katie, but I know I'll have butterflies in my stomach! =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School

Well, Ben's into his second week of back to school, and the first with the kids there...I guess that means I should share the pictures from our holidays. Here's a very few...there are plenty, but I'm thinking I'll share a few, and move on.

Sam, eating a Doughnut in Red Deer. I think she likes doughnuts.
Katie and I at our lunch picnic spot in Cochrane. It was sunny but a little chilly.
Katie in action at a playground in Banff.
Ben and Sam on the swings in Banff. Sam still loves swings, but only recently has she begun voluntarily ending her swing time because she wants to play with other things.
The girls climbed from the back of the car to the front while we were getting ready one morning. Sam knew instantly what to do. We ended up camping at Peach Orchard campground in Summerland...a traditional place to go in Ben's family. Sam on the beach in Penticton. The Ogopogo statue in Kelowna. Many of our pictures are on beaches or spray parks like this one. It was hot enough to want to be near water all the time. The girls both loved it. Sam is fearless and Katie hangs back from the water a bit but runs around near the kids and wants to do what they do.
Katie actually got WAY more comfortable in water this year...searching for rocks in the sand and throwing them etc. It was great to watch them both have so much fun. The rest of the pics next time.

Things are good. Katie starts preschool two mornings a week next week. We're all very excited. She's got new inside shoes that she's wearing constantly already. We went to the playground at the school last week and ran into the lovely teachers and they invited us in to see the new (they've moved) classroom. I think Katie's going to love going and playing with all the kids.

Sam's growing too! Her language/communication has grown in leaps and bounds! She says things like "Carry me please" and "Big Truck" and tons more. She has really realized how language works. And, cute thing, she uses "please" lots too when she wants something. It's cute to see how automatically she uses it. I'm such a nerd for loving that aren't I? She's recognizing some colours sometimes too. We may have a problem with the low number of pink cups and plates in our house...seems to be a favorite for both girls!

We got the sod put in earlier this week...what a big job! We had lots of helpful family and friends that made the work go quickly. We are watering lots and hope it takes well. The weather's been cooperative with some rain and some sun, but not too hot.

I've been sewing happily and reading some books and that's part of the lack of blogging too. Time seems so precious sometimes that it's hard to blog. Will try harder because there are so many good things to share about how great and fun and growing the girls are!