Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School

Well, Ben's into his second week of back to school, and the first with the kids there...I guess that means I should share the pictures from our holidays. Here's a very few...there are plenty, but I'm thinking I'll share a few, and move on.

Sam, eating a Doughnut in Red Deer. I think she likes doughnuts.
Katie and I at our lunch picnic spot in Cochrane. It was sunny but a little chilly.
Katie in action at a playground in Banff.
Ben and Sam on the swings in Banff. Sam still loves swings, but only recently has she begun voluntarily ending her swing time because she wants to play with other things.
The girls climbed from the back of the car to the front while we were getting ready one morning. Sam knew instantly what to do. We ended up camping at Peach Orchard campground in Summerland...a traditional place to go in Ben's family. Sam on the beach in Penticton. The Ogopogo statue in Kelowna. Many of our pictures are on beaches or spray parks like this one. It was hot enough to want to be near water all the time. The girls both loved it. Sam is fearless and Katie hangs back from the water a bit but runs around near the kids and wants to do what they do.
Katie actually got WAY more comfortable in water this year...searching for rocks in the sand and throwing them etc. It was great to watch them both have so much fun. The rest of the pics next time.

Things are good. Katie starts preschool two mornings a week next week. We're all very excited. She's got new inside shoes that she's wearing constantly already. We went to the playground at the school last week and ran into the lovely teachers and they invited us in to see the new (they've moved) classroom. I think Katie's going to love going and playing with all the kids.

Sam's growing too! Her language/communication has grown in leaps and bounds! She says things like "Carry me please" and "Big Truck" and tons more. She has really realized how language works. And, cute thing, she uses "please" lots too when she wants something. It's cute to see how automatically she uses it. I'm such a nerd for loving that aren't I? She's recognizing some colours sometimes too. We may have a problem with the low number of pink cups and plates in our house...seems to be a favorite for both girls!

We got the sod put in earlier this week...what a big job! We had lots of helpful family and friends that made the work go quickly. We are watering lots and hope it takes well. The weather's been cooperative with some rain and some sun, but not too hot.

I've been sewing happily and reading some books and that's part of the lack of blogging too. Time seems so precious sometimes that it's hard to blog. Will try harder because there are so many good things to share about how great and fun and growing the girls are!

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