Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Girl Seat!

We've turned the car seat around! The first time we went for a drive Katie was very curious and excited. Not excited like swings-excited, but close.
Ben and I are excited too. No more "is she sleeping? I can't tell...". I find I'm looking at her at every stop light just because I can.

She's still sick and possibly teething...the combo has her with her fingers in her mouth constantly these days and drooling (either from teething or not being able to breath through her mouth).
While it's been nice and sunny the past few days, last night and today are very rainy. Lucky for us Katie got a new raincoat for her birthday. Thank you Grandma Cheryl and Joe!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More pictures from the weekend...

Our checkup with the Dr. yesterday was great...Katie is healthy as can be! He said not to worry about practicing walking...he said that since she demonstrated core strength (he sat her on his knee and made her unstable...if that makes sense) that she has the ability to walk, but will do whenever she wants too. No worries about when...he says some don't until they're 19 months old.

Katie also weighs 23.5 pounds and is 31 inches long.

We can also now feed her anything we eat...including Peanut Butter! Yay...can't wait to have her try some of that. She ate some strawberries yesterday and quite enjoyed them.

Katie has a bit of a cold at the moment, just the sniffles, so we're going to lie low and drink lots (of water) and hope she gets better quickly. A busy weekend will do that to a girl!

Saturday night, Papa and Grandma Mary dropped by after Katie was asleep to play Scrabble (training for a fund raiser tournament that G. Mary and I were in on Sunday. )(Which was lots of fun!)

Sunday morning we ran our 5km race for the Kidney Foundation in support of organ donation...thanks to all who donated, we had a great run! The weather was perfect and Katie enjoyed the run and had a nice nap(at the same time). There was a mascot present, to help add fun to festivities...Surprisingly, Katie wasn't afraid at all, she was very excited to see him and kept trying to touch him.
After the race (and the incident where we drove on the highway at 80km/hr with the diaper bag hanging from the side view mirror...oops!) we had one last visit with Auntie Alli.
Riding the Alligator...
And kisses and snuggles.
And Katie practiced standing with Grandma Cheryl! She's getting to be a great stander!
Sunday night (this was the busiest weekend we've had in a LONG time!) we had the pleasure of going out for pizza...a goodbye thing to friends Amy and J from strollercize who are moving to the west coast. Forgot to get a picture of them...they were quite busy visiting friends. We're hoping to see them for a playdate before they go. We did get pictures of Megan, Rob and baby D. (not great pictures because of the dim pizza place.)
The kids had lots of fun sharing cars.
Yesterday, Katie and I did manage to make it to strollercize after our appointment, only a few minutes late. It was a tough class. In the afternoon we walked to the library since it was so nice (nice enough that I wore just a sleeveless shirt and jacket!) Katie must have been warm in her t-shirt and skirt

[insert picture here...had I remembered to take one]

because she kicked off her shoes. Unfortunately right as we were crossing a street. Thankfully I was checking on her fairly often and noticed just after we finished crossing. Only a few cars ran over them before the light changed again and I could run out and save them. After that I decided it was warm enough for Katie's bare "piggies".

I almost forgot! Right before Katie's bedtime yesterday, we finally found time to turn around her car seat so she's facing forward. And we went for a quick ride around the block...she loved it! I meant to take a picture but forgot. Will do when we head out later.

Today, we will be food shopping and meal prepping for the rest of the busy work week. And buying a hairdryer as mine died suddenly last week. ( least it lived a good long life...that thing was maybe 10 years old!)

Hope you're enjoying the weather!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Katie says`12...`1

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Mom and dad are getting dinner ready and it's taking too long.

Katie is One Year Old!

We had a WONDERFUL birthday weekend! Katie, true to form, was adorable, well behaved and cute cute cute.

Thursday, we visited with Auntie Alli...
...and celebrated another special birthday...Grandpa Ken's big day was on Thursday. So this is when all the weekend long festivities began. And what says "Birthday" more than a birthday suit?
We had quite a bit of fun playing on the bed at Grandma and Grandpa's before getting in our Pj's.

Friday we dropped Katie off again, so she could visit with Auntie Alli some more while Ben and I prepared for the birthday party on Saturday. No photos because I think you all know what cleaning looks like. =)

As well as a birthday suit, Katie had a lovely birthday dress to wear. (remember Grandma Mary made this one a while ago?)We are so lucky to have such a happy girl!And at the birthday there were cupcakes: (made by Auntie Alli)
And a cake (made by Grandma Mary)There were also many presents and though we won't parade them all I get to show off the one that I made (it's my blog!):And how could I know show off the latest addition to the menagerie? (from Uncle Shannon)
There are many more pictures and quite a few videos, but it's going to take some time to find the good pictures and get the videos up. And there are pictures of some other weekend fun from Sunday.

Blogging may become more sporadic as work does take some time but I'll be doing my best to keep the updates coming! Work is great and Katie is having a blast hanging out with Papa.

Today we have Katie's one year paediatrician appointment...I'll probably have a weight and height update for you tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We survived!

The sky has cleared and we survived the storm...after Tuesday's post (and the laundry basket ride) we left the house to visit Grandma and Papa's (Can you say "taxes"?).

It was so windy that the snow had blown into a peak between the house an the looked so strange (photo taken from garage). That dry spot there isn't from melting, but from the snow being all wind blown.
It was so good to get out of the house. I was glad and Katie was glad see Papa.
And Grandma was helping Katie practice standing and playing with fridge magnets.
That was all was sunny and beautiful and about zero degrees. Lots of melting going on. Today felt like the weather was starting over...just like we did... surviving my first day back at work today! Papa dropped me off at work and Katie was sound asleep in her car seat. Work was like stepping into the Twillight Zone...I remembered both so much and nothing at the same time. Felt so comfortable and awkward at the same time. I definitely had fun seeing my co-workers. Tomorrow will be the real test...getting up and going bright and early. I'm looking forward to the morning coffee already!

Katie says "I'm going to love spending time with Papa (and sometimes Grandma Mary too)"!
Tomorrow...we say a BIG hello to Auntie Alli, who's arriving in town from LA...just in time for a special birthday...or two! =)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bonus video!

On a snow day, we are cooped in and do little things to have fun. Enjoy this...Katie did. =)

It continues...

And I do mean the snow. Woke up this morning thinking it was November. Remember there was no snow a few days ago. Now we have this:See how much is on the patio table? And the roof? Crazy.

We have other things that continue too...remember yesterday and Katie's new outfit? Today I went to get her after her nap and found this...
How on earth did she learn to take off her pj top? It's not button up, it's a pullover! She looked pretty pleased with herself.
And speaking of pleased with herself (I am the master of the segue today apparently)...
I swear, this laundry was properly folded before I went to the kitchen and stepped back not 30 seconds later. She's a quick one.

Have a lovely day...Too bad we don't get Christmas in a month. =)

PS...but we do have a birthday...this Saturday! Yay!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Enough is Enough!

Other possible titles for today's post? No More Snow, We Don't Like Sequels: Winter Part 17, 15 cm Expected, Snow Day, What The Heck, Spring: Where Are You?
This photo was actually taken yesterday and there is much more snow now...but you can't really tell the difference in a picture so you get the old one.

Friday there was no snow...see?
Boy am I glad we went to the park when we did!

We also went for lunch...Hmm...Friday? Maybe this was Thursday...with Papa and Mrs. F and Papa's friend Danny. Rigoletto's...Yum! Such delicious food there...We've been eating Baked Rigatoni there since 3 locations ago, back when I was in high school. Katie says their water is excellent!
We'd like to introduce a new "Dean" (named by Katie herself):
I've started putting Dean in the crib with Katie when she naps...someone to chat with as she drifts off to sleep (that's the hope anyway). I think they get along really well! (Dean was given to us ages ago from our friend Steph's mom...thank you!...And Steph and Russ, thanks again for dinner on Friday, we had a lovely time!)
Katie's definitely working on getting around. She's very good at twisting and turning around while sitting up. And is pulling her knees up a lot like this:
Which, to me, looks like she's getting more control over her legs and feet. And of course, we are still practicing standing!But like to sit sometimes too!We went to Grandma Mary and Papa's for dinner last night. Can I show you Grandma's crocuses that I mentioned a few posts ago? No, I can't...too much snow!

Great (he is great!) Uncle Jerry returned from a trip to China with goodies for Katie...
Isn't that adorable? It fits great and we love it!

Katie loves taking it off too...!
(There's little embroidered shoes too...see them? pretty!)

Hope you have a lovely Monday. We're likely not going anywhere...I may stay in my PJ's the whole day and try to convince Katie to do the same. =)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little Brown Dress

Yesterday was a good and busy day. We didn't really go anywhere, but instead stayed home, did dishes and made dinner etc. Amazing how those simple days can be the busiest sometimes.

Katie was good though a little whiny at times...just wanting a bit more attention at just the times I couldn't give it to her. (Note to self: Slowcooker recipes do not equal easy/quick recipes!!)

So I tried using the backpack to have her with me while I did dishes. It worked well until we both got tired of it.
After a nap she was a little perkier and enjoyed some floor time.
I love love love this little sundress we picked up months ago at an outgrown it sale.
It's gone back to being a bit chilly so we're wearing it over jeans and think it looks nice.
Katie also played with her shape sorter ball. Not really trying to get the shapes in yet...
But we're definitely trying to get them out. Sorry baby, it doesn't work that way!When dad came home it seemed like we were all tired and wanting to relax...So sleepy!Katie did perk up with a visit from Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl. Grandparents are always worth staying up for...even more so if they bring goodies! A little light up musical top...Katie's currently more fascinated with the mechanism that spins it than the top itself!Have a wonderful Thursday!