Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She's a Beatles Girl!

Katie is a darling...I'm so happy to report that she's a Beatles girl!

Lately, I'm been listening obsessively to the CD from Across The Universe, the new musical of Beatles songs (It's SO GOOD...if you like the Beatles, you'll love this movie). And Katie, smart girl, was in the car with me and twice I think I heard her try and sing along! "Be, be" when Let it Be was playing and some "na na na's" along with Hey Jude. She was not singing in time to the music or anything, but definitely copying the sounds. How exciting!

What else...? Her "crawling" is the same...getting faster when she wants something. And this hungry girl of ours always wants to eat my toast in the morning...after she's already had her breakfast. Besides not wanting to overfeed her, I can't share because of all the peanut butter. Maybe I should at least stop putting banana's on my toast? That's a little rude of me, to eat banana's with her and not share.

Yesterday we strollercized and while I worked hard Katie fell asleep. She hasn't done that in a long time although she always falls asleep when she runs with dad. Also yesterday, we gave Katie some grated cheddar cheese for part of her dinner yesterday and she liked it!

Let's end today with a video of Katie playing with a musical dragon/hippo thing. We've had this forever and she's now very good at knowing that when you bang it, it plays music. (this is not a super recent discovery, but in the last month or two).

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