Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More weekend, more silly!

Here's a few more pictures from the weekend. (not really in order this time)

Katie all twisted with dad...and with the same expression too...like father like daughter! A back shot of the baby carrier in action!
Random cute dress, with barrettes to match.
This one's from Old Navy that we bought a while back. I have a real problem with Katie getting bigger...I keep thinking she's small and that her clothes are all too big. We hadn't even tried this one on yet because I thought for sure it was too big. It actually fits fairly well...although it's a bit narrower than I'd thought. Functionally a bit difficult because the dress looks best when she's standing...which she doesn't do on her own yet.
When she sits down, this is what happens:
I suppose that why they include matching bottoms! (we were going to wear this to our two parties but changed when I saw how it fit.)

And a picture of the birthday boy, Evan...I should have included this one yesterday but was trying to keep it to 5 pictures. Yay Evan!All the people at Grandma's party:Katie wasn't sure about Great Uncle Frank.But had quite a bit of fun with G. Aunt Muriel. From earlier in the weekend...Ben cooked dinner!
And we played with books. This one gives us all tiger noses!
Really, it wasn't until after that it occurred to me that the hole in the book, which normally lets you feel the tiger's fur, it not an actual nose hole...his nose is just below. But our noses fit so well and it looks funny, so there you go.

Let's end with a swing picture...I can not get enough of this smiling baby, can you?

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Auntie Alli said...

That is a super cute dress! Love the sassy hair clips :) I'm really excited to see everyone soon, only 9 days until I'm home. We'll have to find time to go to the park and swing!!!
Wish your Mom a Happy Birthday!!