Monday, April 14, 2008

Blogging in brief...

Really, just a quick one today...I spent some time this morning catching up on my correspondence (email) and don't have much time left to blog before I start getting ready for strollercize.

Just thinking about the weekend I realize I didn't take any picture to give you an idea about the was least 23 on Sunday. And people outside we summering it up. There was shirtless dudes playing soccer and little kids with bathing suits and waterguns...we had the windows down and and the jackets off. Oh thank heaven for warm weather!

Saturday we went to a couple of "out grown it" sales and picked up a few little things. Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl joined us at the first one. And afterwards, we checked out the swings at the nearby park. Katie approves!
And in addition to the swings they has a teeter-totter...Katie liked this too!
And...while we were searching for a baby backpack/carrier at the sales, we didn't find any. The Backpack Fairy was smiling on us (for the form of Ken and Cheryl) and delivered an early birthday present for Katie!
Yay! It's an Ultralight and it is ultra light. Katie, though she's looking rather serious in the photo, really loved being up high and she babbled the whole time we walked. What a great birthday present! (less than two weeks now to the official day!)

Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated some actual birthday's this weekend...cousin Evan celebrated his 18th with all the family at New Asian Village (super yum!). Katie was great even amongst all the people. She ate her lunch (from home...the Indian food may still be a bit spicy for her!) and played with her new car in her new dress (both from the out grown it sale).
Another birthday was celebrated Sunday night...Grandma Mary's! Auntie Diane hosted and we had a lovely time.
I have additional pictures of various things from the weekend but will share them later. This was not as brief as I thought it would be!

Hope you have a great Monday!

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