Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little Brown Dress

Yesterday was a good and busy day. We didn't really go anywhere, but instead stayed home, did dishes and made dinner etc. Amazing how those simple days can be the busiest sometimes.

Katie was good though a little whiny at times...just wanting a bit more attention at just the times I couldn't give it to her. (Note to self: Slowcooker recipes do not equal easy/quick recipes!!)

So I tried using the backpack to have her with me while I did dishes. It worked well until we both got tired of it.
After a nap she was a little perkier and enjoyed some floor time.
I love love love this little sundress we picked up months ago at an outgrown it sale.
It's gone back to being a bit chilly so we're wearing it over jeans and think it looks nice.
Katie also played with her shape sorter ball. Not really trying to get the shapes in yet...
But we're definitely trying to get them out. Sorry baby, it doesn't work that way!When dad came home it seemed like we were all tired and wanting to relax...So sleepy!Katie did perk up with a visit from Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl. Grandparents are always worth staying up for...even more so if they bring goodies! A little light up musical top...Katie's currently more fascinated with the mechanism that spins it than the top itself!Have a wonderful Thursday!

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