Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Week

(I'm not feeling tied yet tonight, so I write this Tuesday night instead of Wednesday morning. Let's all just pretend it's Wednesday already, shall we?)

Well...in a week I will be back to work. This wonderful year of maternity leave will have ended. For those of you that didn't know, Katie will be spending her time with Papa, likely at the park. I an only returning half time, so that I am still able to spend bunches of time with Katie. Really, 2.5 days a week is like a weekend. I can spend a weekend away from my little one and my house and my car and strollercize and the library and coffee dates...can't I?

Good thing is, I imagine I can drum up some coffee dates while I'm at work. We still get breaks don't we?

Even without coffee breaks, going back to work would be wonderful. My co workers are such great people and I love my job (although I'm having trouble remembering what I do right now!). Enough of this sappy stuff...I'll save that for the upcoming birthday post.

Yesterday morning, Katie was playing around in a new overalls that we got at one of the weekend sales. It's light blue thin corduroy with pretty red and pink accents. Very cute...perhaps a bit short? We'll see...maybe as the weather warms up it'll seem more appropriate...like capr-overalls!
I was inspired and rejuvenated by Katie's 1.5 hour long nap in the morning and decided to pack up our lunch and head to IKEA. They have a very kid friendly cafeteria that I think we will enjoy lots more as Katie gets older.

What else do they have? So exciting...Katie's favorite word for the past week or so...
"Cars!" A whole parking lot full!
And they also have "Lights!"
We had a fun walk through IKEA where I found a zillion things that I want to make the house more decorative and organized. And cute kids things too. I picked up a little something for her birthday (I'm sneaky, she didn't see a thing!). They have this adorable kids picnic bench and an adorable mini POANG chair. ...and I love the chandeliers and the cute teeter-totters. I could go on. (that last link is for me and Ben!) Katie was inspired and rejuvenated by her 2 hour nap (what a day!) and while dad was home, he got the bright idea that we practice standing using her car/push thing. (it's a ride on car but converts to a...well, a push thing). I haven't used it much for her to practice standing because the wheels make it slidey, but dad was an excellent barricade and standing was successful!Proof her feet we unsupported..We are learning to love standing!

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