Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Overnight

Apologies for skipping the blog yesterday...Ben and I were having too much fun...On Our Own.

That's right, for a pre-anniversary (5 years this year!...on Katie's birthday) celebration, we dropped Katie off at Grandma Mary and Papa's house for a sleepover. Ben and I went out for dinner and a movie and stayed up late with the TV blaring and the lights on and toys being kicked with no hissed apology afterwards. All that fun and we really missed our Katie.

We had a sleep-in yesterday (ooo...8:30am!) and went out for breakfast at the High Level Diner (a favorite of ours). A very nice date! Katie reportedly did very well with the sleepover...slept through the whole night and was very good and fun. Words like "perfect" and "angel" etc were used.

I had left the camera in the diaper bag and told the grandparents that pictures would be great...and they really followed through!

Here's Katie modeling a dress that Grandma Mary made for her. Fabric was some that I had picked out when Grandma and I went fabric shopping a while ago. I love it so much!
The dress is super cute and will be perfect for this summer. (Love the artsy mirror shot!)

Katie was also apparently busy helping grandma bake. When dad and I came to pick up Katie we sampled a cookie or two with a latte (thanks Papa!) and they were very good!
Continuing in the Spring Break fun, we met up with Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken in the evening to go for a walk. The weather's been nice, but it was cooling off and the wind was chilly.
Katie's hands were cold but she wouldn't keep them tucked under the blanket. So I did the mom thing, and gave her my mitts. (I have pockets and know how to use them!) Katie looks like a crab with those "claws" doesn't she?
And this morning, dad was enjoying his relaxed mornings with Katie and wrapping her in hugs and blankets. We love hugs and blankets!

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