Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More pictures from the weekend...

Our checkup with the Dr. yesterday was great...Katie is healthy as can be! He said not to worry about practicing walking...he said that since she demonstrated core strength (he sat her on his knee and made her unstable...if that makes sense) that she has the ability to walk, but will do whenever she wants too. No worries about when...he says some don't until they're 19 months old.

Katie also weighs 23.5 pounds and is 31 inches long.

We can also now feed her anything we eat...including Peanut Butter! Yay...can't wait to have her try some of that. She ate some strawberries yesterday and quite enjoyed them.

Katie has a bit of a cold at the moment, just the sniffles, so we're going to lie low and drink lots (of water) and hope she gets better quickly. A busy weekend will do that to a girl!

Saturday night, Papa and Grandma Mary dropped by after Katie was asleep to play Scrabble (training for a fund raiser tournament that G. Mary and I were in on Sunday. )(Which was lots of fun!)

Sunday morning we ran our 5km race for the Kidney Foundation in support of organ donation...thanks to all who donated, we had a great run! The weather was perfect and Katie enjoyed the run and had a nice nap(at the same time). There was a mascot present, to help add fun to festivities...Surprisingly, Katie wasn't afraid at all, she was very excited to see him and kept trying to touch him.
After the race (and the incident where we drove on the highway at 80km/hr with the diaper bag hanging from the side view mirror...oops!) we had one last visit with Auntie Alli.
Riding the Alligator...
And kisses and snuggles.
And Katie practiced standing with Grandma Cheryl! She's getting to be a great stander!
Sunday night (this was the busiest weekend we've had in a LONG time!) we had the pleasure of going out for pizza...a goodbye thing to friends Amy and J from strollercize who are moving to the west coast. Forgot to get a picture of them...they were quite busy visiting friends. We're hoping to see them for a playdate before they go. We did get pictures of Megan, Rob and baby D. (not great pictures because of the dim pizza place.)
The kids had lots of fun sharing cars.
Yesterday, Katie and I did manage to make it to strollercize after our appointment, only a few minutes late. It was a tough class. In the afternoon we walked to the library since it was so nice (nice enough that I wore just a sleeveless shirt and capris...no jacket!) Katie must have been warm in her t-shirt and skirt

[insert picture here...had I remembered to take one]

because she kicked off her shoes. Unfortunately right as we were crossing a street. Thankfully I was checking on her fairly often and noticed just after we finished crossing. Only a few cars ran over them before the light changed again and I could run out and save them. After that I decided it was warm enough for Katie's bare "piggies".

I almost forgot! Right before Katie's bedtime yesterday, we finally found time to turn around her car seat so she's facing forward. And we went for a quick ride around the block...she loved it! I meant to take a picture but forgot. Will do when we head out later.

Today, we will be food shopping and meal prepping for the rest of the busy work week. And buying a hairdryer as mine died suddenly last week. (...at least it lived a good long life...that thing was maybe 10 years old!)

Hope you're enjoying the weather!

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