Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yesterday we went and had coffee and lunch with Grandpa Ken. (Katie does NOT like celery...even though it was cooked so soft, not stringy at all!) She does appear to like her belly button though...!Our next stop was to visit Papa and Grandma Mary...they were watching Katie while Ben had a dentist appointment...which we topped off with dinner and a movie. (I know...sounds like we're doing this a lot doesn't it? Really, the movie, Spirit of the Marathon, was playing yesterday ONLY, so we had to go. And there's no bowling this week so it's just like we traded babysitting days.) (Movie was great by the way!)

Papa and Grandma were kind enough to take a few pictures for us. I think for this one Katie was either whacking Papa or making him whistle through the xylophone tube or having him pretend to snorkel. I'll have to ask Katie what really happened when she wakes up.
They even took a video!

When we picked her up after the movie, Papa and Grandma said that they also went for a walk over to the park and tried out the swings...and Katie LOVES them. Something about being so happy she looked like she might explode? That's a good happy!

This morning, Katie and I drove over to Canadian Tire to get a new brake light (thanks Uncle Joe!...we saw Uncle Joe biking home from downtown yesterday while we were Katie-less and he left us a message later saying our brake light was out!). At Canadian Tire there are nice (garden) puppies.
And we got Canadian Tire Money! I think that 10 cents is a good starting allowance for Katie, don't you think? Don't spend it all in one place!
Yes, for those that noticed, those are barrettes in Katie's hair...I've been looking for some because her hair is getting longer and I finally found some that snap tight enough and are proportionately tiny enough for her. They work well but I won't let her use them unsupervised in case they fall out and she tries to eat them.

Enjoy your Thursday!

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