Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Surprise!

Yesterday was just another simple fun Spring Break day. We (as usual...this could be the fourth time this week) met Grandpa Ken at Starbucks. Coffee dates are always fun!
And then...who should we see but Those _______ Girls! I should have known if we were here enough we'd run into them. (The Chapters/Starbucks has an awesome train set for little ones to play with...Joanne and the girls are known to play there.)

Although there faces don't show it (tired maybe? Hard work driving trains!), I'm sure they were excited to see us. Katie was sure happy to see them...
What a nice surprise!

We also made a trip to Costco and mom made a fabulous dinner...ginger beef stir fry..definitely a recipe to make again sometime.

Tonight's our last night of bowling. We didn't make the top end of finals this year which means we won't win BIG MONEY like we did last year. It's fun though, and not *really* about the money. (so I tell myself). Auntie Andrea is babysitting.

Hope you have a great Thursday!

PS...I've added a new feature in the sidebar...words Katie says/understands. I won't distinguish between the two, you'll have to guess. I have a feeling this list will grow long fast. (CrawlWatch 2008 is at a standstill.)

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