Friday, June 29, 2012

A Tree House

Katie drew a picture. It's of a tree house, with a ladder and she and Sam each have a swing so they won't argue. I think Ben and I are up top in the tree house.

Sam has been a bit moody lately (perhaps high blood sugar?) and has wanted to go to her own house. I went all psychology on her and said "ok, go ahead" and she made her bedroom her house. (I think the mood was gone at this point) Then invited me over for a playdate. Her pet twin penguin was there too. And they both like to jump on the bed which means they like the same thing and so they are twins. We had a discussion about how one could break a bed by jumping on it and she said its not a fragile bed, a fragile bed would break but this one is hard. I then invited Sam to my house for dinner. And I let her use my bathroom when she had to go. I think it worked out well.

In other news, today is Ben's last day of school and so we are going for ice cream after supper and "fine tuning" Sam's insulin to cover it (adding more insulin than usual).

The girls and I went to the legislature grounds for the first time of the season yesterday and it was perfect...the weather was perfect, we were with my friend Megan Steph and their kids (D, M, Baby A and C and G), the kids had fun and it was just perfect.

Summer is here!

Friday, June 15, 2012

So much and so little

So much has been going on but I have so little time/energy to tell you about it. Summer is in the air, the mosquitoes are not to bad (certainly not compared to last year!!), Katie is done school for the year (end of May she was done), lost her second tooth, Ben had his last day of teaching classes today. Ben hurt his back badly (in bed for two days!!...missed two days of work after that!!) and successfully ran his marathon a week later. We went to Calgary for the marathon without the kids and had a nice break. Best part...the hotel had no power, we were on the 9th floor, no lights so they gave out plastic lanterns and wake up calls were done by door knocks...what is good about it? The hotel did not end up charging us a thing. Yay! It was entertaining. We had another diabetes check-in for Sam and her A1C was up a bit...meaning that her blood sugar went up a bit on average from last time..lot ideal. It is obvious when we look at some of her erratic glucose readings, including lows almost every night for more than a week. Anyway...the good news about this is that besides getting advice on tweaking her insulin for this, Dr. Couch has suggested we try and learn about using an insulin pump. The next class is in August, so we may have one that soon.

Anyway, let's see what kind of pictures I can find to show you.

Ben talked the girls into making themselves a cage with the building straws. Maybe I should start tricking them into doing some cooking and cleaning too if it's that easy. :)

We went to the zoo with friends C and Little G (she's almost 2 now, so no longer baby G!). Had a great time. This was the day Ben started feeling his back so he missed the trip. The wether was perfect, the kids had fun and the adult company was great.

The new sea lion area is great and it was especially neat to see since C and G's dad's company helped to a lot of the construction. If this is a sign of the improvements to come, than the new renovated zoo will be much improved over the old one.

Ben and friends after running the marathon.

And...that's it. Everything else must be on the camera.


I'll end this with a quick happy Father's Day! I started writing this on Friday and forgot to post it. Yay to all the awesome dad's and granddads in our lives...we are so lucky.

We hosted a nice dinner tonight with grandparents and auntie Andrea. It was beautiful and we ate outside (unexpectedly as they had been calling for rain). Sausages, salad, so simple and good.

The girls had a blast playing outside. Katie had a breakthrough learning skipping...she skipped up to 30 skips with two people turning the rope for her. She had never skipped before today. It was truly thrilling to watch her joy and accomplishment, going from "not able" to "look at me, I'm really doing it!". And the joy on all our faces was pretty good too. Sam ran around in her pj top and panties, tried jump rope but also played with the stomp rocket.

Have a good week!