Friday, June 29, 2012

A Tree House

Katie drew a picture. It's of a tree house, with a ladder and she and Sam each have a swing so they won't argue. I think Ben and I are up top in the tree house.

Sam has been a bit moody lately (perhaps high blood sugar?) and has wanted to go to her own house. I went all psychology on her and said "ok, go ahead" and she made her bedroom her house. (I think the mood was gone at this point) Then invited me over for a playdate. Her pet twin penguin was there too. And they both like to jump on the bed which means they like the same thing and so they are twins. We had a discussion about how one could break a bed by jumping on it and she said its not a fragile bed, a fragile bed would break but this one is hard. I then invited Sam to my house for dinner. And I let her use my bathroom when she had to go. I think it worked out well.

In other news, today is Ben's last day of school and so we are going for ice cream after supper and "fine tuning" Sam's insulin to cover it (adding more insulin than usual).

The girls and I went to the legislature grounds for the first time of the season yesterday and it was perfect...the weather was perfect, we were with my friend Megan Steph and their kids (D, M, Baby A and C and G), the kids had fun and it was just perfect.

Summer is here!

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