Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deep thoughts, by Sam

"Mommy, wouldn't it be funny if this whole house was made of poop? There would be a poop mommy, a poop daddy and two poop daughters and they would push and push all day and there would be lots of poop"

End quote.

Do I need to explain that Sam is still working on her potty training? She has been in panties all day and diapers at night since we got back from our holiday to BC in mid-July. For a while there we were doing a laundry load of panties every night. It is better now. Still she spends a lot of time noticeably trying NOT to go. It's been hard but I think what is helping is us backing off...not asking her if she has to go every time we can see she has to go. It's amazing how hard it is not to comment on it but I think it helps take the pressure off. Ok, honestly, it's one of those parenting things where I feel like I don't have a clue what we are doing.

We start Pump school on Monday. We have our shiny pink Animas One Touch Ping pump and all necessary supplies. (I's hard to know what you need when you are relatively clueless about the process.). I just thought to call the pharmacy today and ask if we need a different bottle type for our insulin. The answer is yes, we do, good thing I called.

I won't go on and on because really there's too much to say. Having Ben home for summer is always good and we have made good use of our time doing lots of fun family things. Pictures eventually.

I did make little lists of ins the girls have learned this summer...they helped think of things, but really lots of what we have seen them learn and I thought it was good to let the girls hear that we have noticed what they are accomplishing.

Jumping rope
Using a knife (at the table, cutting pancakes, etc)
Doing chores from a list
Making messes (she submitted this one)
Showering (with me or Ben, a big accomplishment)
Swimming in lake and pool (this is really about increasing comfort in, not actual swimming)
Lemonade stand
Being considerate

Learning more about pee and poop in potty
Singing songs (latest favorite, Elizabeth Mitchell)
Not bother Katie too much (again, submitted by Katie)
Nursery Rhymes
Bravre with medicine
Getting dressed in the morning (as opposed to wearing jammies all day)
Counting (she is a counting machine!)
Better at washing hands
Drawing (she drew train tracks All down our sidewalk one day)

Be back soon I hope!

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