Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keeping Busy

 We have been keeping busy, trying to avoid extra activity during this first two weeks of pump.  The girls are getting cabin fever a bit and Ben and I are missing playgrounds etc too.

To help keep busy, Ben bought some cheap craft for the kids at Superstore (they were on sale for about 2$ each!).  Presto Dots is a kind of playdough that uses a special tool to shape the dots and stick them together. We played with it for hours one morning. 
 Ben was really good and shows special artistic talent in this medium.
 Looks just like on the box!
 The girls made silly faces.
 This is Katie doing her "Mr. Bean Face"  (the kids saw his part of the Olympic opening ceremonies and thought it was Very Funny) 
 We did break down and go to a playground one evening after supper.  We took shovels hoping for more sand play but they did play other playground things...not too much though I hope..!  Ben and the girls are on a "spaceship".
 Twirling...we love twirling!

 The girls got haircuts last week and we visited Gram at work.  It was lots of fun...but I do hope that this isn't what Gram does every day at work. 
 And we brought out playdough another day...hours of play fun.  Katie made a cherry cake and it was delicious!
This weekend the girls also saw their very first in theatre movie!  The Arctic movie in the IMAX at the Science Centre.  It was a great movie and the girls really enjoyed it. Our friends C and G and their Dad, Mike, invited us and it was a really nice visit.

We also went to a party for my Auntie Dianne's 70th Birthday...apart from the challenge of keeping the activity down, the girls had a great time playing with their cousins.

August is definitely coming to an end...the mornings and bedtimes are getting darker, the nights are cooling off and we have school on the brain.  Ben goes back on Thursday this week.  Sam starts on September 4th and Katie, whose school does a staggered start, has her first day on the 7th.  We bought the girls (incredibly adorable) school shoes and a couple of new shirts.  I'm trying not to panic as I am bracing for the challenges of getting kids ready for school every day of the week...Will Sam wear pants this fall/winter?  Will Katie let me do cute things to keep the hair out  of her face?  Will my kids show their teachers how smart and funny I know they can be?  Only time will tell.  

This week we have a playdate planned on Tuesday morning and a "learn to ride school bus" event for Katie in the afternoon.  Really looking forward to that...Katie especially.  We have our 2 week followup at the diabetes clinic on Wednesday morning, where we learn the more about fine tuning insulin doses for changes in our schedule and lifestyle...should be interesting! 

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