Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So normal

Apologies...life has gotten so much more normal, including irregular blogging. We are in a groove with diabetes, within our normal schedule anyway. I'm sure when we have a playdate or dinner out etc things we be hard for a moment.
Sam is doing amazingly. She's gotten her silly back in the past few weeks...I think we hadn't noticed that it had been missing for a while. Katie is being an awesome big sister...helping out Sam when needed...getting toys, distracting with fun...they are playing so so well lately for the most part, including as I type this. As evidence, I present the picture below, with their "playdough machines".

This girls got their swimsuits on while I was out shoveling snow on Sunday and played "beach". Such wonderful imaginations.

It snowed more on one day this weekend than it has the whole winter. Cold but not too cold. It's really quite bright and beautiful...it helps knowing that it won't last too long...according to both the forecast and the calendar as we head into march already this week.

We are well...special thanks to the cards and thoughtful phone calls we received after word got out about Sam. I think feeling the love family and friends definitely has helped us get through this time.

Talk soon!