Thursday, January 31, 2008

Berry Organized

Today we are definitely heading out. In fact, Katie and I already drove dad to work. ( make sure I remember how to drive!) Not sure what we'll do or where we'll go, but I'll let you know tomorrow.

To remind you (and me) that winter doesn't last forever...a close up of birthday flowers sent from Auntie Alli. Aren't they gorgeous?After looking at the flowers for a while, in an effort to keep the cabin fever at bay, I decided to organize/tidy Katie's bookshelf. We do a fair amount of reading, treating books like toys and bringing them out throughout the day...and not always putting them back. After a tidy, things looked much better.
And I took down a proper box to store some toys...better than in a corner of the room or in a saggy bag( could I not type that?).
I also took the liberty of doing a photoshoot...while cleaning up, I found this hat that I'd knit ages ago, pre-Katie. (it's amazing what you find when you clean up!)

A month or two ago, I had tried it on her head and it was way too big...and when Ben tried it on and it stretched to fit, I thought she wouldn't be wearing it until she was a teenager (and then she wouldn't want to wear it!) but to my surprise, now it's perfect!
The hat is called something like "Berry Tart Hat" and is supposed to look like a blackberry/raspberry tart...note the pie crust brim?

Anyway, just like Katie, I think it's too cute and babies should definitely wear cute hats., don't you think?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We have a fever...the cabin kind. It's still freezing and there's ice in the corner of the windows...inside that is. We're coping...playing and reading...even doing a bit of laundry (that's getting desperate!). I was hoping to go out today, but the forecast is for more bone chilling cold so I think we'll be staying in.
We have resorted to playing with empty popcorn tins.
When you put things in it, it's a musical instrument!
And nothing but severe cabin fever would have made me do the following...I shouldn't have done it, but I did. We were playing in Katie's room when I picked up a baby book...not FOR babies, but about them. And flipped innocently to the milestone section.

You know the one, the lists designed to make you think "my baby is not where they are supposed to be" when usually you think "my baby is perfect and learning new things every day and is so smart and perfect.". My official stance on milestones is that they are to be ignored and that Katie will do everything in her own time. Baby x at strollercize who is the same age could not sit up when Katie could, but is now crawling while Katie isn't. Perfect example of what a piece of hooey the lists are.

Anyway...where was I? Yes...what I did today. After reading the (evil) book that said Katie should have been pulling herself up to standing over a month ago, I decided to try and make Katie do it.

Sit beside the chair and tempting Cheerio on top of ottoman...wait...cover ears...
Smile of encouragement...see, it's not so bad!
What? You WANT the Cheerio? Really? That's it, stand up, you can do it...

Hey...what are you looking at?
It's about the Cheerio, not the ottoman, the Cheerio!
Ok, I get it, you don't care about the Cheerio and you're not standing up. Remind me that lists are garbage.

And later on all was forgiven as we cuddled together in a jacket. Like old times. Hope you're all warm and fever free.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miss Food

It's still mighty cold here and we're still hanging in there. Ben made it to school and reported that he was indeed toasty. Layers. Works every time.

I kept Katie warm in her purple fleece outfit (this has been a favorite for ages and we love'll be a sad day soon when this retires...please, if you see anything like this, snap it up for us will you? Fleece, sporty, top and bottom...what's not to love?). I had lost the pants for a while there but found them in the pajama drawer. Why didn't I look there sooner?!Although cold, it was bright and sunny yesterday.
Katie and Chickie had fun. And I swear, she played peek-a-boo with her Touch and Feel Christmas book...but when I took out the camera to make a video, she forgot all about the book. Someday I'll get a video and show you.
Grandma Cheryl picked up a cute new rubber bib to try.

We like catches all the food...
...So Katie doesn't miss any. She does hate to miss food. ('scuse the hair...that's quite the bed head!)

And special blog guest today...Dottie! Uncle Shannon and Auntie Alli emailed a cute picture of their sweet! Katie hasn't yet met Dot, but I know she'll love the picture. Yay puppy!

Monday, January 28, 2008

-46 (with windchill)

I'm not kidding. That's the actual temperature today.

See for yourself.
(edited to add: Apparently, this link changes day to day, trust me it was -46)

Needless to day, Katie and I are staying in today. Ben, who has to go to work, looked like this:...before he left for school today. It makes more sense for him to walk, even in the cold because we live so close the car wouldn't even warm up by the time we get there. And driving is iffy too. So, a million layers later, we're hoping he was toasty this morning.

Earlier in the weekend, Katie tried eating mango for the first time...yummy! I think she liked it. Kind of a pain to cut up though (you know, with that big stone?) and they're tough to figure out when they're ripe enough...Whenever I buy a few mangoes, I always end up sacrificing at least one because it's not ripe enough. Don't know if we'll eat these a lot. But it was good...!

And Katie was sporting some shoes that finally fit.

Aren't they adorable? They don't really say "It's January and Freezing" but frankly, I think that's kind of nice! (Spring's right around the corner, isn't it??) Katie hopes so.
Yesterday we had grandparents (minus G Ken because he was skiiing) and Andrea and Sheldon over for my birthday dinner. I tried making an Irish Stew...which was a little more soupy that I had expected, but the flavour was amazing. I doubled the recipe and used our biggest pot. It *almost* wasn't big enough!
It had snowed (and been blown around) a bit, so Ben was out shoveling before the guests came.

Andrea and Sheldon say Hi to Katie:Notice Katie's good use of the sippy cup? She's awesome at drinking from her sippy cup now. What's a birthday without cake and candles? Grandma Mary made my favorite toasted pecan cake. It's becoming a birthday tradition!Hope you stay warm wherever you are!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Big 2-9's my Birthday! First mom Birthday...woohoo!

Since I have no pictures of Katie from yesterday, and it's my birthday, (did I mention that it's my birthday?) I've decided to post a picture of myself. In my new hat! (Christmas yarn from Alli and Shannon...yes, A and S, I ripped out the first hat I made because it was yucky after all...this one is better!)

These are pictures freshly taken by myself 10 minutes ago using the camera timer and tripod.

Because Shhhhhhh...
Katie's sleeping...don't wake her up!

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Lunch Special

Yesterday, Ben was able to come home for lunch. What a nice treat! And it was such a beautiful sunny day too!

Ben and I ate pasta but Katie was lucky to be eating avocado as well as pasta. Although she has enjoyed eating avocado before, this time she wasn't so sure. Doesn't it look good to you?

That's a face that says "Yum...please feed me more!"
Here's what she really thinks about it:

And I snapped this excellent picture when dad and Katie were hanging out after lunch. (gosh she's pretty isn't she?) (I'm the mom I get to say that whenever I want!)
When we saw Jo Anne and her girls the day before they gave us a Christmas present. Some cute squirty bath toys and a bath book! Here's Katie studiously reading before bed (all kids should get in the habit of reading before bed...and it's never too early to start!)The book is "Water Water Everywhere". What are you reading before bed these days?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Camper Girl

Well hello there!

We've had a busy couple of days and I did remember to take a couple of pictures.

GG Lill picked up a couple of cute cute shirts for Katie. The other is a little big still but this one fits pretty well.
I call it the "Hippie Shirt" adorable!
We were busy doing some minor renos to the house this week...installing Katie's new tent (the gift from David and Neil). It's So Awesome!
The three tents are joined all together. And here's a close up of the print...Oscar from Sesame Street!

Katie really likes the tent...I see it'll get lots and lots of use this spring and summer. Both outside and perhaps in the basement. (after doing all the reno, we decided to undo it and take the tent down for a while because it's not fair that Katie's stuff takes up so much space. Ben and I still live here too!) =)
What's good is Ben can even fit in the tent (can you see him in there?).Katie's happy by herself......but happier with Dad!
Yesterday Katie was lucky enough to see Papa in the morning while I ran some errands and in the afternoon we got to see Those ______ Girls while Jo-Anne and I had a sanity/coffee break. We ended the day with a lovely visit with GG Mary. Yum...Katie doesn't know it yet, but GG Mary makes the best perogies (...not sure if there's a better, more Ukrainian way of spelling this) ever!
She gives good cuddles too!
We're still awaiting for some action with our microwave and Sears (they're supposed to call today with info on tomorrow's repair/replacement...apparently something will be done...we're not happy about the dela).

Today, we're going to drop by the library and then off to strollercize this afternoon.

Hope you have as nice as day as we will!