Monday, January 28, 2008

-46 (with windchill)

I'm not kidding. That's the actual temperature today.

See for yourself.
(edited to add: Apparently, this link changes day to day, trust me it was -46)

Needless to day, Katie and I are staying in today. Ben, who has to go to work, looked like this:...before he left for school today. It makes more sense for him to walk, even in the cold because we live so close the car wouldn't even warm up by the time we get there. And driving is iffy too. So, a million layers later, we're hoping he was toasty this morning.

Earlier in the weekend, Katie tried eating mango for the first time...yummy! I think she liked it. Kind of a pain to cut up though (you know, with that big stone?) and they're tough to figure out when they're ripe enough...Whenever I buy a few mangoes, I always end up sacrificing at least one because it's not ripe enough. Don't know if we'll eat these a lot. But it was good...!

And Katie was sporting some shoes that finally fit.

Aren't they adorable? They don't really say "It's January and Freezing" but frankly, I think that's kind of nice! (Spring's right around the corner, isn't it??) Katie hopes so.
Yesterday we had grandparents (minus G Ken because he was skiiing) and Andrea and Sheldon over for my birthday dinner. I tried making an Irish Stew...which was a little more soupy that I had expected, but the flavour was amazing. I doubled the recipe and used our biggest pot. It *almost* wasn't big enough!
It had snowed (and been blown around) a bit, so Ben was out shoveling before the guests came.

Andrea and Sheldon say Hi to Katie:Notice Katie's good use of the sippy cup? She's awesome at drinking from her sippy cup now. What's a birthday without cake and candles? Grandma Mary made my favorite toasted pecan cake. It's becoming a birthday tradition!Hope you stay warm wherever you are!

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